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micas 02-20-2005 08:25 PM

Thanks so much!!!!
I normally jump crox like Char is doing in the last pics, a litle hy than that, but i can not wait for jump something like 1.30cm.....
Go on posting pics are great...

nina86lila 02-21-2005 05:00 PM

Char jump
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Congratulation for your jumping micas !!!!:) I hope you succeed ???:)
It was hard ??
I add char jumping pics

micas 02-21-2005 07:43 PM

About my competion? I tell you on saturday night. BUt jump is not hard just demand a lot of atention.

iceflower 02-23-2005 04:54 PM

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I found two more and apologize that the horse is not visible on one of them :)

nina86lila 02-23-2005 05:39 PM

Beautiful pics
GREAAAAAAAT PICS !!!!:) :) :) :)
Congratulation for your search !! I love the one !:p

Charlotte82 02-24-2005 12:41 PM

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princess Charlotte and she´s horse

iceflower 02-24-2005 04:23 PM

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The last one is quite funny :)

towsend 02-25-2005 06:21 PM

Andrea, Pierre and Charlotte doing sports
When I look at the pictures I notice that they doing lots of diffrenfts sport as children.

nina86lila 02-25-2005 06:32 PM

Great idea
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Great Idea Towsend ! ....but in your thread do yo include Charlotte when she'riding and when the trio is in winter holiday ??:confused:

.........Sorry my pics aren't so great...I will search more !:o

towsend 02-25-2005 06:41 PM

Yes, of course . All pictures were they are going to do a sport. Horse ridding is a sport and also any winterholiday sports.....I like you pics, and so quick!!! GREAT.

nina86lila 02-25-2005 06:51 PM

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Some more......tomorow Iwill more !:)

towsend 02-25-2005 07:15 PM

Ohh.. I love thr tree ski vacation pictures!!! Never saw them. Have you more????
The last one is Great! Thanks

micas 02-26-2005 01:42 PM

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Ok, for all the nice and swety members that want to now how rune my competition i informe: The competition gona pass for the next week because all contry is pray for rain....and it work is raining :) :p Soo....for next week i say something.Is just peat the traing that i did that fall for grown, but i like so much that i don't care...

Well,back for the topic nice pics from polfoto.
Some1 now is Charlotte gona have some competition???

Just now some1 now the name of the partes of the horse and the name from the things we use to ride them? I mean in inglish or in other language. I now in portuguese.Oh, i now what are hoses is the same that "cascos".

micas 02-26-2005 01:45 PM

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And the rest of the pics...

nina86lila 02-26-2005 05:13 PM

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WOOW! so beautiful pics Towsend !:) :)
I'm totally agree with you caroline and char are so cute !:p
I have others pics of The first and some others pics......

iceflower 02-26-2005 06:00 PM

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You'll make it next saturday :)
But I did not understand your last question, maybe someone
else can help you..

towsend 02-26-2005 06:03 PM

Yes, Ghostly he just looks like he thinks he's a real Beckham. Very funny.. :D You did it again, never saw those ski pictures, Nina:p

nina86lila 02-26-2005 06:24 PM

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Great photos !!! I love particularly pics of Andrea and Caroline !:) Did they participate at a game together ??:confused:
....I say that because Caroline wears sportwear and Andrea do hard thing !!!
It's a real pleasure to exchange pic with you and others menbers !;) :)
......Some other and thanks for your pics !!

hillary_nugent 02-26-2005 10:13 PM

Pierre use to play soccer whatever happened to that? He would be one hella sexy soccer player if he still played ^____^

micas 02-27-2005 10:09 AM

I am refering to the members of the horse. We have legs, arms,etc, and horses have names of that to. And for the material that we use for riding him, lige reids.... maibe some1 that ride can help me.
Thanks any way.
How many horses Char have??

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