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Mashka 07-10-2005 06:07 PM

Sean- Anything. Up until a few days ago, I didn't even know they exist.

Sean.~ 07-10-2005 08:37 PM


Originally Posted by Mashka
Sean- Anything. Up until a few days ago, I didn't even know they exist.

Well, "anything" is still quite vague! Do you have a particular area of interest (geneology, who is who, etc.?)

For geneology and and a who's who see:

For a synopsis on the current RF see the following discussion

And an article on how the current claimant's rather colourful ex wife was kicked out of her Paris apartment for not paying her bills:,00.html

Hope that this answers some of your questions

Rossina 02-22-2006 07:51 AM

Fuad I (Ahmed Fuad Pasha), 18681936, first king of modern Egypt, son of the khedive Ismail Pasha. Educated in Europe, Fuad returned to Egypt in 1880. He was particularly concerned with military and cultural affairs and founded the Univ. of Cairo in 1906. He succeeded his brother Hussein as sultan in 1917. Fuad took the title king in 1922, although the final dissolution of the British dominion in Egypt was delayed until 1923. Fuad's difficulties with the Wafd party led him, in 1928, to abrogate the constitution of 1923 and substitute a new constitution providing for a parliament with advisory powers only. Great agitation compelled him, in 1935, to restore the earlier constitution. He was succeeded by his son, Farouk.
The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright 2005, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

King Farouk I (Fouad's son) He was born in 1921. When King Fouad, his father died, Farouk was still under age, and accordingly a regency council was formed of Prince Mohammad Ali, Aziz Ezzat Pasha and Sherif Sabry Pasha to run the scene until his constitutional powers were completely handed over to him on July 29, 1937. During his reign, Egypt was in a state of incomplete independence and suffered from chaos and corruption.
On July 23, 1952, the revolution erupted and King Farouk was forced to abdicate the throne to his son Ahmed Fouad II who was a child then. The abdication document was signed in Ras El Teen Palace on July 26, 1952, and Farouk left Egypt to Italy where he died in 1965 and was buried in Egypt in El Refai mosque.

King Ahmad Fouad II (son of King Farouk)
He was born in Cairo in January 16, 1952 and ruled nominally from July 26, 1952 until the declaration of the Republic. His father King Farouk abdicated the throne to him, under the pressure of the revolution, on July 26, 1952. A regency council, however, was formed of Prince Mohammad Abd El-Moneim, Bahei El Din Barakat Pasha and Lieutenant Rashad Mohanna until the Republic was declared on June 18, 1953.
anather bio
Born at Abidin sarayi, Cairo, on 16 January 1952, educated at Le Rosey School, in Switzerland. Succeeded on the abdication of his father on 26 July 1952 under a Council of Regency headed by HRH Prince Mehmet Abdulmunim. His Majesty now lives in Territet-Veytaux, Canton Vaud, Switzerland.

Wife Married at Paris (civilian) on 16 April 1976, Dominique-France Robert Loeb, and at Monte Carlo (religious) on 5 October 1977, after converting to Islam under the name of Fadila. She was deprived of the style and title of HRH Princess by HM King II. Fuat's Royal decree dated 6 March 2002.

Children HRH Prince Mehmet Ali, Prince of Saiid. Born at Cairo on 5 February 1979. HRH Princess Fevziye-Latife. Born at Monte Carlo on 12 February 1982. HRH Prince Fehrettin. Born at Rabat on 25 August 1987.

Rossina 02-22-2006 08:06 AM

queens of egyptThe 17-year-old bride was stunningly beautiful, with a shy charm. Her dashing groom, only 18, was head of one of world's mightiest kingdoms at the time. The glamorous couple delighted a nation. She had the kind of breeding that takes generations to achievepoliteness, friendliness and confidence. She also benefitted from a good education at Alexandria's Notre Dame de Sion; with emphasis on manners and fluency in languages.

She was Safinaz Hanim Zulfikar and he was HM King Faruk, Head of the Mehmet Ali dynasty. Their glittering wedding, was on 20 January 1938 at the Kubbe sarayi in Cairo.

Eleven years later, and after the birth of her third daughter, sorrow abounded. When it became apparent that HM the King was unable to return the affections of the lonely Farida, she delicately encouraged their divorce which took place on 19 November 1948. From her private Pyramids Villa, her favorite refuge, which later on she could not recapture from its agressors, to Lebanon, Paris and Switzerland, a collection of her paintings and letters revealed her misery.

HM Queen Farida was born at Alexandria, 5 September 1921, daughter of HE Yusuf Zulfikar Paşa and Zeynep Hanim Mehmet Sait. She died at Cairo on 16 October 1988 and was buried at her family's mausoleum in Cairo.

Children HRH Princess Feriyal, born at Alexandria, 17 November 1938, married Jean-Pierre Perreten. Her Royal Highness now lives in Le Chatel, Bex, in Canton Vaud, Switzerland. HRH Princess Fevziye, born at Alexandria, 7 April 1940. Her Royal Highness remained unmarried and lives at Villa La Crtaz, Chernex, in Canton Vaud, Switzerland. HRH Princess Fadia, born at Abidin sarayi, Cairo, 15 December 1943, died at Pully, Switzerland, 28 December 2002 (buried on 4 January 2003 at Rifaii Royal Mosque, Cairo), married Pierre Orloff at London, 17 February 1965

Wedding Invitation
Monte Carlo, 1977
The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright 2005, Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

hilal 03-18-2006 05:59 AM

Pictures from the Royal Family

Vanesa 09-18-2006 02:19 AM

This link is great Hilal, and I think that Mohammed Ali Pasha is an historical character that deserves to be discussed, and maybe having a thread of his own! ;)


Royalist0007 02-25-2007 11:26 PM

Queen Narriman died in 2005.Here's a link in English; Queen Narriman .


hoda 08-25-2007 02:01 PM

[ I found avery lovely site about the late Queen Farida,but it is in Arabic.The site talks about the wedding,the honey moon,and many lovely thing with lots of photos.

An article about the death of Princess Fadia: Al-Ahram Weekly | Egypt | Death of a princess

I als o found avery lovely photo for Prince Mohammed Ali ,prince of said,son of King Fuad II in this site: The Royal House of Mehmet Ali

magnik 08-26-2007 08:18 AM

What are doing the present members of the RF?

Rossina 09-22-2007 07:00 PM

King Ahmed fuadwith his bride Fadila
narriman_09.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Queen Nariman with her grand daughter princess Fawzia latifa
29.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Prince Mohamed ali and prince Fakhruddin ( sons of king Ahmed Fuad )
48.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

hoda 10-05-2007 07:43 PM

Here are very lovely videos of the Egyption royal family on this site - 116k

King Farouk
Two Women destroyed his life on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

On this link u will find lovely videos for King Farouk through his whole life period.
YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

Joumana 10-19-2007 07:30 PM

Please , does anyone has a picture of Princess Fawzya daughter of "King Farouk" not his sister the Queen? I have a picture of his sister as avatar.

Does anybody knows what kind of the relationship is between Queen Dina ( ex- wife of King Hussein of Jordan) and King Farook of Egypt?

hoda 10-20-2007 10:13 AM

Reply to Jomanaa
U will find aphoto for the late princess Fawzia Farouk at this

Famille souveraine4

In this photo u will see the late queen Farida with her daughter princess Fawzia

Avalon 10-20-2007 10:22 AM

Here are two pictures of Princess Fawzia, the daughter of King Farouk. Probably not the best of her, but the only I have.
Picture 1 ; Picture 2 ;

And here is a nice abituary article about the Princess: A daring princess

hoda 10-20-2007 01:09 PM

Many thanks to Avalon for such lovely photos

An article about the Toussoun family, a branch from Mohamed Ali family.They are also related to the Cheirine family from which Colonel Ismail H. Chirine second husband of princess Fawzia Foad.


The family tree of the Chirine family


I found this lovely article about the son of princess Fatma Toussoun from her second husband Prince Joao of Braganza.Princess Fatma was Fatma Chirine before her marriage to prince Hassan omar Toussoun who died in acar accident.She had adaughter from him her name is Princess Melelkper who lives in france.

Postcard From Brazil: Family Tree: The New Yorker

I found these lovely articles about Mohammed Ali the founder of modren Egypt and the great grand father of king Farouk.

Al-Ahram Weekly | Muhammad Ali (1805-2005)

Muhammad Ali Pasha

hoda 10-23-2007 02:42 PM

HRH Princess Neslişah Osmanoğlu, born at the Dolmabahe sarayı in Istanbul on 4 February 1921, is the daughter of both the last Ottoman sultan, Vahideddin's daughter Sabiha Sultan and the last caliph of the Muslim world, Halife Abdlmecid Efendi's son Şehzade mer Faruk Efendi.

On March 1924, the young Neslişah Sultan was forced to exile, and in 1940 married the Egyptian Heir Apparent HRH Prince Abdlmunim who later (in 1952) become the Regent of the Egyptian Kingdom and thus HRH Princess Neslişah Osmanoğlu was considered as Egypt's "First Lady".

Again forced into exile in 1953, HRH lived for a short period of time in Europe before finally returning to her ancestors land Turkey, where she is currently residing at Istanbul's Ortaky district making her the eldest member of the Ottoman dynasty currently living in Turkey

For a video about the princess
YouTube - Princess NesliŸah OsmanoŸlu

Egyptian Royal Family album
Famille souveraine4

Her Royal Highness Princess Neslisah Osmanoglu

hoda 10-26-2007 03:42 PM

King Farouk Serial
U are more than welcome dear Joumana.Thanks to u and to every person around the world who give alittle part of his time to read about the Royal Family of Egypt. For all those people ,and for u too Joumana i invite u to watch,and listen to the real( king Farouk) Through the latest serial that shows his life .The serial could be watched through most of the Arabic channels these days.I found some articles about it.

Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture | A monarch rehabilitated

Gulfnews: Television serial challenges image of Egypt's former monarch

For watching some parts of the serial

YouTube - …ش‡د إبداعŠ ˆرائع …† …س„س„ ا„…„ƒ فارˆ‚

YouTube - ا„…„ƒ فارˆ‚ تتر ا„بداŠة

This last link is considered the best by the hero who plays the rule of king Farouk,he talks about his mom ,and the troubles that she causes to him.It shows that Farouk really suffered from his mom's actions.

To view the whole serial follow this link:

hoda 10-26-2007 03:58 PM

H.R.H Princess Ferial Farouk on her first ever Tv interview
H.R.H princess Ferial farouk gave a chance to all people to know more about her late father through a tv interview to MBC the arabic channel.The host is Ricardo karam.

YouTube - Princess Farial Farouk of Egypt - PART (I)

YouTube - Princess Farial Farouk of Egypt - PART (II)

hoda 10-31-2007 12:49 PM

The Fake Princess
The latest story about king Farouk life is a very funny one ,a woman suddenly appears to the whole world claiming that she is the daughter of king Farouk.She even made a web site for her self,her daughters,and her latest husband.She gives her self the title of H.I.R.H ,and to her friends the tiltles of the duke of Alex,and Aswan.I don't know from where did she got thoses titles.In Egypt we don't have the title of duke at all.

Princess Liala Farouk

hoda 10-31-2007 01:11 PM

join the Egyptian Royalists - The House of Mohamed Ali at the Facebook
Agroup of Egyption youth from Egypt and all around the world gathered at the Facebook on a speical group dedicated to the royal house of Egypt.They have lots of rare photos never shown before on the internet,they even paid avisit to King FAROUK tomb with exclusive video for this lovely moment.

They have the great Egyption historian Mr Maged Farag whom is best known for recording this lovely period of the Egyption history:

Facebook | Login

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