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Mandy 01-05-2005 03:56 PM

Crown Prince Haakon Picture Thread: Part 1
In this thread, we can post and discuss old pictures of Crown Prince Haakon. Have fun!

Josefine 02-27-2005 07:20 AM

i saw photos of his 18th birthday balls I think there was two balls

where can one find photos of theguests at this ball and more photos of Haakon at this event

LaMinka 11-05-2005 11:50 AM

3 pictures Haakon earlier this year from Isifa

LaMinka 11-05-2005 11:57 AM

I didn't know that Haakon has worn glasses: from Getty

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 06 1995: Heads Of State Banquet At Guildhall, London To
Commemorate 50th Anniversary Of End Of War In Europe. Prince Haakon Of Norway.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 07 1995: Crown Prince Haakon Of Norway At A Service To
Commemorate The 50th Anniversary Of The End Of The War In Eruope At St Paul's Cathedral, London.

rchainho 03-01-2006 12:46 PM


rchainho 03-01-2006 12:49 PM


fortimo 09-30-2013 03:45 AM

"The day before Christmas Eve (2002), just before closing time, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway was seen shopping his last christmas presents. He was carrying cross country skis in "Mette-Marit size".
All Over Press Finland

Skiing with Marius after Christmas 2002:
All Over Press Finland
All Over Press Finland
All Over Press Finland

fortimo 10-01-2013 07:53 AM

IA with Papa Haakon, 2005:
All Over Press Finland

fortimo 10-08-2013 08:03 AM

Haakon and the father of Marius (with Celine, his wife):
All Over Press Finland

fairy tale 12-12-2013 09:38 AM

2 pictures when Haakon was 18 years old

IloveCP 02-18-2015 02:45 AM

Photo of a young Haakon:

The Royal Watcher

He looks very handsome here.

fairy tale 04-10-2015 01:55 PM

New photo of CP Haakon published with an article about him, that can unfortunately only be read when you pay...
Hva gjør en kronprins når han får servert både narkotika og tobakk? - Dagbladet Pluss

fairy tale 07-12-2016 03:36 PM

"HRH Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. We quickly did this shot between takes while making a film for TRH CRown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s Foundation. The film was commissioned through TRY.
Photo Pål Laukli
Art direction Marianne Eskeland, groomed by Trude M.Laukli."

It's beautiful shot!

wartenberg7 07-14-2016 06:10 AM


Originally Posted by IloveCP (Post 1751274)
Photo of a young Haakon:

The Royal Watcher

He looks very handsome here.

Never seen a photo of him he would not look handsome!

CyrilVladisla 12-16-2017 03:52 PM

Darling childhood pictures of Haakon Magnus

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