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iceflower 09-15-2017 07:56 AM

Sarah, Duchess of York's Fashion and Style Part 2: September 2017 - October 2019
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Welcome to Part 2 of the thread for Sarah, Duchess of York's Fashion and Style!

You can find the old thread here:

** Sarah, Duchess of York's Fashion and Style: October 2004 - September 2017 **

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eya 09-20-2017 02:43 AM

Sarah last night at Tommy Hilfiger party

iceflower 09-20-2017 11:31 AM


Sarah wearing a blue dress and black jacket today, September 20, while visiting the William Harvey Heart Centre in London:

** Full view ** Full view 2 ** Upper part **

eya 09-24-2017 06:32 AM

Sarah with a blue outfit Seen Leaving Harry Restaurant, London on 24 September

HereditaryPrincess 09-24-2017 02:47 PM

:previous: Sarah's outfit is nice but not for her as it looks a little too tight, particularly in the first photo.

Elly C 09-24-2017 05:13 PM

How many plain blue and black outfits she must have. Yawn!

M. Payton 09-24-2017 07:29 PM

A bit tight on her, and the color is dull and boring as she wears lots of dark clothes it seems. Please Duchess get a comb and comb that hair, it used to be so beautiful and gorgeous, now it is a mess.

Leopoldine 09-24-2017 09:35 PM

I think she intentionally tries to wear dark similar outfits most of the time as sort of a uniform so that her clothing doesn't generate negative press. There's one jacket silhouette that she must own in twenty colors, and she always wears it over black with black tights and those orthopedic-looking flats.

eya 09-26-2017 03:07 PM

Sarah attends at a charity event today

Elly C 09-27-2017 02:08 AM

Sarah, Duchess of York's Fashion and Style Part 2: September 2017 -
A cheerful, bright colour - perhaps she's been reading her fashion thread [emoji1] Pity about the shoes.

LauraS3514 09-27-2017 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by Elly C (Post 2022126)
A cheerful, bright colour - perhaps she's been reading her fashion thread [emoji1] Pity about the shoes.

Not everyone can wear heels, especially as we get older. Heels are hard on the ankles and toes are squished into unnatural positions due to gravity, often exacerbating or even causing bunions. Hips can hurt from the wobbly ankles and backs can ache from the sciatic nerve pulling. And if your balance starts to get a little shaky, you can stumble and twist your back or even fall right off your shoes and twist or break your ankle. When we are younger and are conscious of fashion, we deal. At my age, I refuse to deal any longer - and I'm younger than Sarah. Inch and a half is as high as I'll go these days, and even those hurt after a while. Sarah was wearing perfectly lovely ballet flats - and her feet probably didn't hurt when she got home, unlike those who tottered off on their 4" stilts.:biggrin:

M. Payton 09-27-2017 10:20 PM

I like the *style* of the dress on her, not the color block. I do not like color block on anyone or anything for it does nothing for a person. She could wear this style in a solid color like the blue in the dress and look great. The flats are perfect and as said before she might be at that stage of not wearing heels for they hurt like crazy, been there done that and wear flats now all the time. Only wish is she would do something with her is awful and needs a trim and conditioning.

eya 10-03-2017 06:31 PM

Sara very elegant at BFI Luminous gala tonight

QueenPenny 10-03-2017 08:24 PM

She does look very elegant! But she needs lipstick.

Mirabel 10-03-2017 10:36 PM

I don't like it at all.

It looks like a snake trying to strangle her!

Pranter 10-03-2017 11:19 PM

I think that piece of material is very odd ...don't like that either.


eya 10-19-2017 05:24 PM

Sarah at a Mayfair exhibition opening tonight

iceflower 10-19-2017 05:35 PM


Once again lipstick would have helped to freshen up her look..

Sarah in London on October 4, with a nice recycled jacket and dress combination:

** Full view **

QueenPenny 10-19-2017 05:52 PM

I really like her jacket, and her make-up looks nice, except I agree that lipstick is needed.

The heart on her shoes is a little too precious for my tastes, but I can understand her wanting to jazz things up a little since she is wearing flats. And I do love that she does not feel that she must wear heels if she is not comfortable doing so.

eya 11-02-2017 08:24 AM

Sarah leave Loulou's last night

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