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Australian 12-06-2004 02:25 AM

Haunted Royal Residences
What royal palaces are haunted and by whom? I know just about every palace/ castle in Britain is haunted. Queen Elizabeth I haunts Windsor Castle Library, And Henry VIII wives haunt numerous places. What about other countries?
any Danish royal hauntings? Swedish, Monaco etc?

GrandDuchess 12-06-2004 11:16 AM

The Royal Palace of Stockholm has at least three known ghosts:

The white lady - dressed in a white dress, a veil over her dark hair, black gloves and holding a chain of keys in her hand; all that can be heard when she walks the rooms of the palace is her dress. When the white lady appears, it means a member of the Royal Family will die. Many royals and staff of the Royal Court have seen her through the years.

The grey man - it is said that he appears before every reigning King at leat once in their life time.

The invisible person in Gustav VI Adolf's old library - many people (and staff), often feels an invisible presence there.

betina 12-06-2004 11:31 AM

Dragsholm Castle in Denmark is also a haunted castle.

The White Lady: She was imprisoned in a brick-wall and only one brick was missing so she could have food, but then the people on the castle forgot her and she died. In the 1970īs under a restoration of the castle they found a skelleton of a yong girl in a brick-wall. The history about her is that she fell in love with a stable boy (peasant) and that was not acceptable, so her father imprissoned her.

The Earl of Bothwell: Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, 3rd husband was imprissoned here when he tried to escape from Scotland. He became mad and he is a wery unfriendly ghost.


royal_sophietje 12-06-2004 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by GrandDuchess
The Royal Palace of Stockholm has at least three known ghosts:

The white lady - dressed in a white dress, a veil over her dark hair, black gloves and holding a chain of keys in her hand; all that can be heard when she walks the rooms of the palace is her dress. When the white lady appears, it means a member of the Royal Family will die. Many royals and staff of the Royal Court have seen her through the years.

Isn't this a common story???

GrandDuchess 12-06-2004 05:22 PM


Originally Posted by royal_sophietje
Isn't this a common story???

Yes, I guess it is - but it has been at the Royal Palace for a long time. There's a few accounts of her appearances, and some past royals has also seen her. But I guess if you then believe the written down stories and accounts that are left today, is up to each an everyone.

Josefine 07-24-2005 07:24 AM

anyone who knows about more hunted castles

Australian 07-24-2005 08:45 AM

here is a website about haunted Scottish castles:

Danielle 07-24-2005 09:12 AM

I hadn't seen this thread before, but what a great idea Australian! :) Thanks everyone for the information. I love watching documentaries about old haunted houses and castles and I saw one on Corvin Castle in Romania. Isn't that too supposed to be haunted?

Danielle 07-24-2005 09:25 AM

Here's a site which houses photos "specialising in the fantastic and the supernatural" (their words, not mine): They remind me of "Rebecca". Ooh, scary! :)

Australian 07-24-2005 10:04 AM

thanks for the website danielle! Yeah i think i have heard of the Corvin Casltle one.
I like watching those sort of documentaries as well, they're so interesting even for people who dont believe in ghosts.

portergirl 07-24-2005 03:21 PM

Kensington Palace is haunted
Having visited Kensington Palace several times, I can assure you it's haunted, too! I've been there with my fiance psychic/medium Kenny Kingston while he's been giving readings to "certain" members of the Royal Family...have wandered around (not into private or off limits places, naturally) and can tell you it's very heavy feeling. Kenny thought so, too, and in fact thought some of the problems Diana had were from the heaviness of the vibrations at KP.

Australian 07-25-2005 12:42 AM

I didnt know that about Kensington Palace, maybe its the ghost of Queen Victoria's mother the Duchess of Kent :)

Angela - Natalia 07-25-2005 02:06 PM

I've felt that at KP aswell. It's a VERY strong presence and not a good one. I really think it was nothing to do with Diana but I agree, in that she was perhaps sensitive enough to be influenced by the badness that this thing is and it made her a bit depressed perhaps.

What I felt was that it was something that came and went, a dark spirit that still feels anger from it's time there during life. I felt it was probably female and the mother of Queen Victoria crossed my mind too as a possibility, I don't know much about her life but what I felt was a connection to the 1850's and a lot of anger. It passes like a dark shadow or cloud or smoke (not one you can see with the eye) and hangs over the Palace, then goes in to see what's going on with people. It perhaps doesn't remember it's own name in life even, but it's bad and it lingers there still. Apparently the Royal Family will have left there in another 2 years as KP becomes a museum. This is good a thing believe me. I would not live there. It's not like seeing the odd ghostie around this thing is really vile. It may be gone for period of months between visits but it always returns and it watches who lives there. What it wants I have no idea. When the current Royal Family members who live there leave it may begin to loose it's focus, I'm not sure.

My free opinion from an amature.:)

Also, I thought this was just me so I'm gla someone else has felt it, the next time I'm around KP I will try to see if I can feel anything again. You don't necesarily have to be there though. I wouldn't recommend ANYBODY channels whatever this is becasue it borders on the genuinly evil, I don't say that lightly.


portergirl 07-25-2005 02:18 PM

Kensington Palace
Quick response to Angela-Natalia: glad you confirmed what I felt there. There's one bedroom in particular (I'm bad on history so don't know if it's Mary's or Victoria's -- think it's Mary?). Please, history buffs or royalty buffs - help me out if you've been to Kensington Palace. Anyway - that bedroom in particular is dark. I think you may have gotten the wrong impression from what I said. I said my fiance Kenny Kingston thought the negativity there might have been difficult for Diana to take - didn't in any way mean the negativity came FROM Diana. And poor Princess Margaret lived there, too -- I'm sure she was influenced by it, too.

Thanks for the concern about people trying to channel the energy there - don't worry, Kenny has been doing this all his life and contacts spirits on a daily basis for radio, television, books, clients, etc. So he knows how to protect himself, and I do too, by now. But you're right - someone shouldn't just go there for fun to see who they could conjure up!

Angela - Natalia 07-25-2005 02:32 PM

I think Queen Victoria was born there, her mother Victoria lived there on and off untill she dies but spent time in Germany with her other family perhaps. Victoria's grand daughter in law and cousin Queen Mary was born there and her parents lived there aswell. It used to be called the 'Auntie Pile' because so many relatives of the family lived there apparently. I think it would be very difficult to pin point this to an individual. I'd rather not know anyway eeeeewww (shudder):) . It is probaly a blood relative of the family I feel because what I senced had a continuing interest in them to an extent (like when it gets past it's own grievences etc).

Australian 07-26-2005 11:16 AM

interesting information everyone, thanks :)

I would like to visit Kensington Palace to see if I can feel any presence lol

Here is a website about royal ghosts, it says that Kensington Palace has no fewer than 3 ghosts,

Harry's polo shirt 08-02-2005 10:24 AM

Its not really a residency but the Queen Mary ship. now located at Long Beach, California. Was launched on September 26 1934 by Queen Mary and made its maiden voyage on May 27 1936. It has an interesting history.

this site is great:

Ghost ratings and Spooky Experiences:
- Strange rapping sounds.
- Objects moving of their own accord.
- Disembodied voices.
- Ghostly apparitions.
- A ghost thought to be that of Senior 2nd Officer William Stark is often seen.
- In the now-dry First Class Swimming Pool, two women have been seen, one in 1960's clothing, one in 1930's clothes (both are said to have drowned in the pool).
- The girl in '60's clothing is seen in the pool area and balcony above in a green bathing suit and walks straight through the support columns.
- A ghostly little boy is seen in the passageway here (it's thought that he fell overboard in the area near the pool)
- A tour guide and her entire tour group once saw a see-through Naval Officer wearing his dress whites walk straight past them.
- Splashing and laughter is heard coming from the empty pool.
- Wet footprints seen leading from the deck to the changing rooms.
- Changing Rooms - people experience strongly negative feelings here.
- In the Queen's Salon, a beautiful woman in a flowing white dress is often seen dancing alone (once by a young girl on a tour who knew nothing of the sightings, she insisted the woman was there and described her exactly as others had).
- Unexplainable balls of light are also seen.
- In the First Class Suite area, a man dressed in a 1930's suit has been seen by tour guides in this area (one caught his image in a mirror in a photo, and lights turn on and off.
- Passengers report heavy breathing and tugging on bed covers.
- In the forward Storage Room, there are sounds of children playing.
- In the Bosun's Locker there have been unexplained pounding sounds heard and voices.
- the Tourist Class Swimming Pool, the presence of a woman who drowned in here is seen and felt. - In the kitchen, screams are heard, a man dressed as a ship's cook is seen to enter the kitchen and then disappears, dishes move on their own, lights turn on and off all by themselves, kitchen utensils disappear.
- In the Engine Room, a male apparition wearing a white Boiler Room uniform is seen working on the engine
In 'G' Deck (which is thought to be the location of the ship's morgue), lights flicker and doors slam.

Australian 08-02-2005 10:32 AM

thanks for that information Harry's polo shirt

Very interesting.

BeccaLynn07 08-22-2005 02:51 AM

Haunted Palaces of London

Hampton Court Palace's most notable spirits are the unfortunate wives of Henry VIII. Catherine Howard (Katherine Howard) is sometimes seen in the Haunted Gallery. Usually, however, it is just her screams that are heard. Jane Seymour walks from the Queen's Apartments to the Silver Stick Gallery, carrying a taper. The ghost of Mistress Penn, foster mother of Edward VI, has been seen in her former apartments in the south-west wing. In 1917, a policeman saw a group of ten ghosts at the main gate. The palace has other ghostly but usually unidentified inhabitants, some of them apparently connected with skeletons occasionally found during alterations or maintenance. The Old Court House at Hampton Court is haunted by Christopher Wren, architect of St. Paul's Cathedral, and by the spirit of a seventeenth-century page.

Kensington Palace , once the residence of Princess Diana (technically Lady Diana, the Princess of Wales), is haunted by the ghost of George II, who may speak with a German accent.

St. James's Palace , the city residence of Prince Charles, is haunted by Sellis, a valet who took his own life after trying to kill the Duke of Cumberland. He believed that his master had seduced his daughter. The Tower of London

The Tower of London is probably the world's most famous haunted place. With or without her head, Anne Boleyn (Ann Boleyn) is seen in the White Tower. She is also seen in the Tower church, St. Peter-ad-Vincula, where she is interred. Her other haunts include Tower Green and the King's House.

The young princes, whose mysterious deaths enabled their uncle to become Richard III, haunt the Bloody Tower.

The Martin Tower has a number of hauntings. Ghosts include that of Lord Northumberland, alleged conspirator of Mary Queen of Scots, who was mysteriously shot dead while a prisoner. A strange floating cylinder, apparently filled with blue and white liquid, has been seen, and a phantom bear haunts the area near the Jewel Room.

Another of Henry VIII's victims who haunts the Tower is Lady Salisbury, who died an agonising death as a result of her struggles and an incompetent headsman. Of slightly later vintage is another woman who lost her head, Lady Jane Grey. Her reign lasted only a few days, but her spectre may still be seen. Less famous or unidentified phantoms have also been encountered.

Supernatural beings that you will definitely see are the Tower ravens. Disaster befalls anyone who harms them, and their very presence protect s the Tower. For that reason, some of them sometimes have their wings clipped, so that there will never be a time when there are no ravens at the tower. Other London Hauntings

The Unknown Warrior of the First World War is interred in Westminster Abbey , and his spectre is sometimes encountered. The deanery is haunted by John Bradshaw, who condemned his king, Charles I. The cloisters are the haunt of Father Benedictus, who died in the reign of Henry VIII. He floats above the ground, probably because the floor has been lowered. No visit is complete without a visit to a haunted London pub. Haunted pubs of London include The Spaniards , at Hampstead heath, haunted by the highwayman Dick Turpin and even by his horse, Black Bess. The Grenadier , a Knightsbridge pub, is haunted by an officer who was fatally beaten after being accused of cheating at cards.

Harry's polo shirt 08-22-2005 02:58 AM

Are there any instances where a member of the royal family had an encounter?

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