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eya 03-29-2017 02:18 AM


Originally Posted by Alisa (Post 1972027)
I apologize if this was asked already. But why was Máxima not given an Argentinian order?

She answer that above EmmaNL


Originally Posted by EmmaNL (Post 1971520)
Yes, it's a Dutch order.
The Argentinan Orders a President can award are only for foreigners (like the one Letizia wore). Queen Máxima is, as was mentioned here before, still Argentinan, since she can't renounce her citizenship, so she can't have this order and she is still wearing her Dutch order.

For the record: she always says she feels Dutch and is Dutch, however, the Argentinan law says that a citizen can't renounce his or her citizenship and can't surrender his or her passport. In the Netherlands, you can have two passports, so Queen Máxima both has a Dutch and an Argentinan passport. She is Dutch since 17th of May 2001 (her 30th birthday).

Alisa 03-29-2017 05:19 AM

Thanks for the reply!

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