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Alexandria 06-24-2003 07:58 PM

News and Pictures of the Dutch Royal Family, pre-2005
1 Attachment(s) - 664811 , 1998 , Qeen Juliana, Pince Bernhard, Pincess Irene, Qeen Beatrix, Pincess Christina, Prince Bernardo, Prince Claus, Prince Willem Alexander, Prince Johan Friso, Prince Constantijn, Prince Carlos Xavier , prince Jaime , princess Margarita , princess Carolina , Princess Margriet, Prince Maurits, Prince Bernhard, Prince Floris, Prince Pieter Christiaan, Prince Pieter Christian, CHRISTINA /NL soeur de Beatrix (1947), GUILLERMO JORGE mari de Christina /NL, BOURBON PARME DE C/ARLOS HUGO chef maison (1930), VAN VOLLENHOVEN PETmari de Margriet /NL

What a great photo for the family album. What co-ordination and juggling of schedules this must've taken to get everybody together with all those royal duties to attend to! But worth all the trouble and headaches, I think!

Alexandria 06-24-2003 08:03 PM

2 Attachment(s) - 06/14/1998. Visit of Duke of Parma and family in Parma and Bardi Jaime, Margarita, Carlos-Hugo, Marie-Therese, Marie-Caroline, Carlos © De Bats-Deville / Gamma 663058 - 06/03/1997. The Bourbon Parme back to Madrid Jaime, Margarita, Carolina, Carlos Xavier © Eric Vandeville / Gamma 649451

Tina 07-26-2003 06:52 AM

10 Attachment(s)
1.1977 - Carel Hugo & Irene with Carlos jr., Carolina, Jaime & Margarita

2.1954 - Margriet - Soestdijk

3.unknown date.

4.1938-01-31 - Den Haag - first picutre of Beatrix, less than 24 hours old

5.De koninklijke familie te Soestdijk, 1953

6.5 year old Princess Margriet the puts her toy kangaroo into a pram -ca. 1950 - Soestdijk

7.1941 - Canada - Juliana with Irene & Beatrix

9.Kroningsportret Koningin Juliana en Prins Bernhard, 1948

10.1953-Juli - Juliana & Marijke vor dem Palast Soesdijk

Tina 08-04-2003 04:18 PM

6 Attachment(s)
1.1959-05- Soestdijk - Members of Dutch Royal Family Waving

2,3.January 7th, 1937. wedding Juliana & Bernhard

4.Juliana Wilhelmina & Hendrik

6.honeymoon Juliana & Bernhard

Alexandria 09-12-2003 10:07 PM

9 Attachment(s)
1.Netherlands Royal Family at Their Royal Villa
Original caption: Standing outside on the veranda of their Dutch royal villa, "The Happy Elephant," are (L-R): Prince Carlos Hugo (blue shirt); his wife, Princess Irene; Queen Juliana; and Prince Bernhard.

2.The Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands with their daughters Princess Irene and Princess Margarite at Porto Ercole, Italy.

3.A picture from my friend Marianne from some royal postcards she bought, Willem and his maternal grandmother, Queen Juliana.

4.From my friend Marianne, some royal postcards ... Beatrix

5.From Marianne, Queen Juliana with baby Beatrix.

6.Another one from Marianne, the card announcing the birth of Crown Prince Willem. The picture was taken by his father, the late Prince Claus. Marianne tells me that the Dutch royals have a history of taking the first pictures of their offspring: Queen Wilhemena (sp) took the first picture of her daughter Princess Julia, and (then) baby Princess Juliana took the first picture of (then) baby Princess Beatrix ... Perhaps we can expect to see the first picture of the next Dutch heir taken by Willem himself?

7.And a final one (for the night!) from Marianne, (then) Queen Juliana meeting an fan?! :P ... Or perhaps this is the very same skeleton from Prince Harry's Eton pictures?!

8.Courtesy of Marianne again, Beatrix with her mom.

9.And one of the then Crown Princess Beatrix with her father.

Josefine 10-16-2003 02:47 PM

Great pictures

jun5 11-15-2003 02:17 PM

4 Attachment(s)
These photographs are a little bit bad quality, and it is the too large character of the company name of a photo website. I think that it is hard to see these photographs for a character. Please overlook these photos' fault :flower:


1.With Japanese Crown Prince Akhito in Haneda airport in Japan

2-4.In Tokyo Olympic Games

xxPatrickxx 11-21-2003 02:42 PM

10 Attachment(s)
The RVD has make new picture's ow Princces Laurentien, Princces Margriet and mr. Pieter van vollenhoven. I like the pictures very mutch, enjoy! :heart:

1-3,7,8.Princces Laurentien

4,9.Princces Margriet

5,6.The couple Princces Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven.

10.And a solo picture of Mr. Pieter van Vollenhov

xxLindaxx 11-21-2003 02:53 PM

Nice pictures Patje!

Alexandria 11-21-2003 03:05 PM

Very nice pictures, patje. Espescially the ones of Laurentien. The ones of Laurentien in the salmon-coloured jacket and white shirt and pants are particularly lovely. That colour looks very nice on her.

I think the second picture you posted of Laurentien in the pinky/red top is an older picture as I've seen it before.

I hope we will see new pictures of the rest of the family soon, like the Queen, Willem and Maxima, Constantijn and perhaps a picture of Margriet and Pieter with their sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren. What a nice family portrait that would be!

paulette 11-23-2003 09:15 AM

nice pictures.

Princess Laurentien looks good on the 2 attires she wore.
Are the pictures new? Well, it isn't clear that she is pregnant.. :)
She looks gorgeous.

Among the sisters of Queen Beatrix, I find Princess Margriet the most beautiful. Her children are also handsome!

Alexandria 11-30-2003 06:43 PM

2 Attachment(s)
1.From the Benelux Royals Message board ... Queen Beatrix, Crown Princess Beatrix, Prince Claus and baby Willem.

Helena 12-01-2003 09:54 AM

Margriet has grown into a very beautiful lady who ages with grace indeed! I think that she is far better looking now then when she was younger. In her 20-ties she was a bit plum I think & Princess Irene was by far the most glamourus princess till the 80-ties I think (PS...Margriet was alwayss the nicest sister ;) .

Alexandria 01-10-2004 09:23 PM

Got an older picture of the Dutch royal family to share? Please post it here.

sky 04-17-2004 08:19 PM
What happened to them, they all were so handsome. Alex is still kind of cute, in some pictures.

The Watcher 11-29-2004 05:29 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Princess Christina visited her ill father yesterday, see picture :)

GrandDuchess 12-16-2004 12:01 PM

Article from Expatica
PM rejects demands to give royals more private freedom
15 December 2004

AMSTERDAM — Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende has rejected calls to ease the restrictions on members of the Dutch royal family making public statements. He has dismissed claims the royals do not have sufficient leeway to express their private opinions in public.

The issue arose as MPs spent Tuesday afternoon debating the in-depth interviews Prince Bernhard gave to newspaper De Volkskrant before he passed away earlier this month. De Volkskrant produced a special newspaper supplement and a book filled with startling revelations about Bernhard's life, including his confirmation that he had two extramarital children.

In response, the Democrat D66, Socialist Party and green-left GroenLinks demanded that members of the royal family be given greater personal freedom to express their opinion. "Especially if it is a response to accusations that are rude or wrong," green-left GroenLinks leader Femke Halsema said.

Balkenende responded by claiming the royal family already has enough room within the existing rules governing ministerial responsibility to issue statements outlining their private opinions. He asserted further that this responsibility was not a "straight jacket".

The prime minister admitted that Bernhard's interviews were "a surprise for all of us" as this was not the normal procedure. Generally, statements from senior members of the royal family have to be cleared with the prime minister before being made public.

But Balkenende said he would not comment further because he did not have the authority to discuss the contents of the interviews.

The restrictions placed on a Dutch royal are dependent on how close they are to the throne. Bernhard — the late husband of Queen Juliana, who died in March this year — was in earlier years closer to the throne than was the case when the interviews took place, Balkenende said.

Two of the coalition government parties — the Christian Democrats (CDA) and Liberals (VVD) — believe the existing regulations are in the interests of the royal family and should therefore be strictly adhered to. CDA leader Maxime Verhagen said Bernhard's statements were "a private matter".

In the series of interviews conducted since 2001, Bernhard admitted that he had two out-of-wedlock children. The existence of 37-year-old Frenchwoman Alexia Grinda-Lejeune has been widely known for years. But he also identified a second, previously unknown daughter, Alicia. She is aged about 50 and lives in the US.

The German-born prince — the father of present Dutch monarch Queen Beatrix — said the birth of Alicia was an "accident" directly related to his marriage crisis in the mid-1950s. He said his marriage to Juliana was a "challenge", despite the fact she welcomed his extramarital children into her life.

The crisis centred around faith healer Greet Hofmans, who exercised great influence over the Queen until then prime minister Willem Dress ordered Juliana to cut all ties with the woman.

Bernhard initially contacted Hofmans to "accommodate" his wife after their daughter Princess Christina was born with eyesight problems. He later told De Volkskrant that he would never have contacted Hofmans if he had known she would cause so many problems.

The Hofmans scandal eventually placed Juliana in danger of losing her throne, national archive documents released on Tuesday indicated. The Cabinet had been divided at the time over the question of whether to force Juliana's abdication. Eventually, Drees stepped in and ended the relationship between Juliana and Hofmans.

Meanwhile, Prince Bernhard also admitted US aircraft manufacturer Lockheed paid US$1 million into his Swiss bank account in the mid-1970s to get him to persuade the Dutch government to buy the firm's fighter jet. The prince was later accused of accepting bribes, but he told the newspaper that the money was intended for other people.

Of that money, NLG 750,000 was given to his friend and former Lockheed representative Fred Meuser, who had promised to pass the money on to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). But Bernhard said Meuser "took him for a ride" because the conservation fund never saw any of the money.

"I said; they've got me, who will believe me now? Who will believe that I intended that million for the WWF, who will believe that? My foot! They've got me now!"

In other statements, the prince estimated the fortune he shared with his wife to be around EUR 150 to 200 million. He dismissed claims the Dutch royals were one of the world's richest families. He also repeated his denial, with "his hand on the Bible", that he had ever been a member of the Nazi party.

The popular prince was interred in the royal family crypt in Delft on Saturday with full military honours in recognition of his service during World War II. The prince died on 1 December of cancer at the UMC hospital in Utrecht. He was 93 years old.

The Watcher 01-18-2005 02:47 PM

6 Attachment(s)
Gala dinner this evening.

bct88 01-18-2005 06:16 PM

What language was the speech by H.M. the Queen in? Was it Dutch? Or could it have been in English so the the President of Latvia could understand her? Also, what language was the speech delivered by the President of Latvia given in?

Are there any links where we can hear the speeches?

The Watcher 01-19-2005 03:52 AM


Originally Posted by bct88
What language was the speech by H.M. the Queen in? Was it Dutch? Or could it have been in English so the the President of Latvia could understand her? Also, what language was the speech delivered by the President of Latvia given in?

Are there any links where we can hear the speeches?

Language: English
And I can't find a link when you can hear the speeches, but here is the text of the speech.

Madam President,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and Professor Freibergs on this official visit to our country. When my son Alexander and Princess Máxima returned from their very successful visit to Latvia, some two years ago, they spoke of your country with great enthusiasm. Since then, I have looked forward with even greater anticipation to greeting you here in the Netherlands. I was therefore disappointed when your visit had to be postponed after the death of my mother. In the meantime, I have had the opportunity of receiving you on the occasion of your impressive address at the Nexus Conference.

So, this is in fact the first official visit to take place between our two countries. Our relations are, however, of very long standing and have sometimes even been particularly close. They date as far back as the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and formed part of the activities of that powerful organisation, the Hanseatic League. In the seventeenth century, our Golden Age, trade reached its highest point and thousands of Dutch ships sailed the Baltic Sea. This trade – especially that in grain – was the basis for our prosperity and was affectionately known as the ‘mother trade’. An exhibition on this period held in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam was thus entitled ‘Gold from grain’. Timber was also an important product at the time. The piles on which the city of Amsterdam was built and the masts of Dutch vessels were made of spruce from the Baltic area. From our country came the typical red bricks that can still be seen in old houses and buildings in Riga. The great importance of this trade also attracted considerable numbers of my countrymen to Latvia, many of whom actually settled there.

The Second World War brought our relations to an abrupt end. Your country fell victim to the political ambitions of the great powers. Like the Netherlands, Latvia was occupied, but did not regain its independence in nineteen forty-five. That only happened years later, in a peaceful struggle for independence that made an immense impression throughout the world. The images of the human chain that stretched from Vilnius via Riga to Tallinn, over a distance of six hundred kilometres, are unforgettable. The moral strength of the independence movement demonstrated how much the Latvian people had managed to preserve their own culture and identity during the years of oppression. The great five-yearly dance festival, a tradition dating from eighteen seventy-three in which you yourself took part and helped to maintain, acquired a special significance in the dark wartime years.

Indeed, your country is known for its love of music. In the Netherlands that reputation is reinforced by the numerous Latvian choirs, and opera and ballet companies that over the years have performed here. In fact, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam recently appointed a Latvian-born musician as its principal conductor. The works of your composers are played here and the art of your painters is exhibited. Many Dutch people travel to your capital to admire its wonderful architecture. In these different ways our country has become acquainted with the riches of Latvian culture. The success of the transition process in your country in recent years is rightly called the ‘Latvian miracle’. The perseverance, strength and drive shown by the Latvian people during those years, which were difficult in so many ways, also economically, evoked respect and admiration on all sides. Great sacrifices were made and much hard work was done to ensure that the transition ran smoothly. The presence of different population groups was a serious complication. It is gratifying that our compatriot Max van der Stoel was able to make a contribution to addressing this problem.

The result of all the efforts made by your country is impressive. The economy is growing steadily, inflation has been reduced and prosperity has visibly increased. Civil society is thriving, the rule of law has been firmly established and democracy, which was repressed for so many years, now rests on firm foundations.

Madam President, Latvia has clearly resumed its place in the community of nations. As a member of NATO, your country contributes to a number of international peace operations. Last year, we welcomed you as a member of the European Union. It is your task as President to lead the new Latvia within Europe. On many occasions you have already demonstrated your conviction that accession to the EU may not only bring material progress, but also expresses the willingness to stand up for common spiritual values. It is important for all of us to keep this in mind and we are grateful that you so strongly emphasise this fundamental dimension of the Union. May I invite all those present to raise their glasses and drink with me to your health, Madam President, to that of Professor Freibergs, and to a bright future for the people of Latvia in our common Europe.

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