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polyesco 12-15-2014 12:18 PM

:previous:I think so too Roskilde

I'll put this note we know Frederik and Mary were suppose to do a trip to Japan with a special Greenland Delegation, due to some special elections the trip was canceled,
Nevertheless, On 6 December 2014, The 4th International Forum, Future City Initiative was held in Japan an international conference to discuss green energy and sustainability, here the Ambassador of Denmark to Japan delivered a speech that included a message from Frederik (who we know visited Japan in 2011 after the Tsunami)

Crown Prince Frederik stated that he would never forget his visit in 2011: “Meeting the people of Higashi-Matsushima and listening to their heart-breaking stories of personal losses deeply moved me deeply”. He added that he was also “amazed by the stoic determination of the city’s inhabitants to move on and rebuild their lives as well as their city”. He concluded his message by expressing the hope that the Future City Forum would be successful – “to the benefit of a rebuilt Higashi-Matsushima and all other cities of the future in Japan”.

article and speech
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik sends message to Japanese city

polyesco 01-08-2015 03:02 PM

Not sure why this is not on the official DRF calendar :bang: but tomorrow, January 9th, the queen will hold an audience with the new minister for Domestic Affairs of Greenland.
After the audience with the Queen, the new minister will pay a visit to Frederik.

Nanoq - Høflighedsvisit hos HKH Kronprinsen


Roskilde 01-10-2015 10:24 AM

:previous: It's nothing new, isn't it... I still don't understand the idea of not writing all his events in the calendar. But nor is Margrethes audience written in the calendar. Don't know for what reason.

Anyway, Frederik will tonight participate in DR's live television show "Sport 2014" and he will during the show hands out the prize "Denmark's Olympic hope" to a young Danish sports talent. "Sport 2014" celebrates Danish athletes and awarded prizes to the athletes who have excelled in the past sport year.

?Sport 2014? - Kongehuset

There's just one little thing... Denmark is currently affected by severe storms and hurricanes. And Frederik will have to travel from Zealand to Jutland where the show takes place. I heard on the news that the Storebælt Bridge is closed (the bridge you have to pass to get from Zealand to Jutland), and the ferry route between Zealand and Jutland has been canceled due to the weather as well. Perhaps he's lucky to catch a flight.

Muhler 01-10-2015 11:12 AM

:previous: You are right. He may have to cancel.

Vejrkort: DMI While there is a lull over Herning from 16.00-19.00 or so, there is still storm over Kattegat and I would think it irresponsible to launch a helicopter for such a non-essential flight.
But perhaps he managed to slip across the bridge before they closed it, but I think he will have to spend the night at Marselisborg.

FasterB 01-10-2015 12:04 PM

Perhaps the wholw CP-family left yesterday to spend the weekend at Marselisborg :)

Roskilde 01-10-2015 01:39 PM

You were right, Muhler.
According to this article Frederik managed to cross the bridge just before it was closed so he has reached Herning in time: - Nyheder - Sport - Sport 2014: Camilla Pedersen hilser på Kronprins Frederik

A large picture of Frederik when he arrived to the show:
Hvad 2015 gerne må bringe i sportens verden - Sport

Frederik has just been on stage to present the award "Denmark's Olympic hope."

Muhler 01-10-2015 02:47 PM

Thanks, Roskilde.

But he ain't going back this side of midnight at the very earliest.
It's pretty windy around here now - a neighbor down the road has lost parts of the roof.

BB has some more on Frederik:
Here presenting a prize to a cyclist, Camilla Pedersen, who has returned, and returned very well indeed, after a nasty fall just a little over a year ago.
Frederik said: "You (informal you) have been an inspiration for many".

Camillia on the other hand think Frederik is pretty cool.

polyesco 01-10-2015 03:36 PM

thanks everyone for the information. Hopefully everyone is safe from the storm.

Here is some more information about the prize Frederik will hand out

"- I am both honored and touched that the crown prince follows up with what I'm doing. He's even tough when he has completed an Ironman, said a still impressed Camilla after his first meeting with sport prince."

Two more pictures of Frederik

Muhler 01-11-2015 04:01 AM

Another picture of Frederik from Herning:

Was he on TV last night?

More on Frederik in Herning: Vidner: Kronprinsens bil kørte over stormlukket Storebæltsbro - Danmark |

According to BT several motorists waiting for the Great Belt Bridge to be opened saw Frederik's car drive across the bridge at around 02.29. The bridge was opened for traffic again at 04.00.

The bridge was closed Saturday afternoon because some cars had been blown up to a meter to the side by the wind while passing the bridge.
We have later learned that Frederik passed the bridge shortly before it was closed.

People observed Frederik's car (Crown 7) arrive at the bridge escorted by patrol cars. They stopped at the bridge and Frederik's car and the escorting PET car continued over the bridge. But these cars are fairly heavy with very experienced drivers, so I doubt Frederik was in any particular danger.
However this is one of the longest periods the Great Belt Bridge has been closed due to bad weather.

The agency responsible for the bridge will not comment.
The police responsible for closing the bridge will not comments.
PET will not comment.

- It was a pretty windy storm we had yesterday and this night, but fortunately without causing too serious damage. The rising water will cause a lot of damage in the day to come, but that's another matter. After half the North Sea has blown into the Baltic Sea.

ashelen 01-11-2015 05:06 PM

I am glad he made it safe! and he went anyway with bad weather , this tell us something! he didn't said "oh it is too windy , im not going!"
good for him! although I think Mary was nervous!

polyesco 01-11-2015 09:17 PM

is there any controversy over Frederik's car been allowed to go through? Was it on his way to the event or after?

video of the intro to the show
we can see Frederik receive a high five
VIDEO Se den storslåede åbningsceremoni fra Sport 2014 | Sport | DR

video of the end of the show
VIDEO Takkesangen til de frivillige | Sport | DR
Frederik covered in confetti checking his phone

frederik on stage

Muhler 01-12-2015 09:53 AM

:previous: Oh yes, there is! - Well, at least in the tabloids. I don't know how many ordinary people cares.
As I see it. If Frederik wish to risk his neck to get home by insisting on driving across a closed bridge in the middle of a storm it's his neck and his problem.

Kronprinsen lægger sig fladt ned efter BTs afsløring: Undskyld - Danmark |
Actually, the court has issued a statement saying that it was a wrong decision by Frederik to drive across a closed bridge, not once but twice. Because he also crossed the bridge in the afternoon when it had just been closed.
The statement reads: The Crown Princee is sorry that it happened and (he) can well understand that the situation caused additional frustrations and anger among the people who had been waiting for many hours to cross the bridge. It was a wrong decision to accept te opportunity for the car to continue and the Crown Prince regrets that".

- Excellent! In my opinion that was the best possible thing he could do.

More so because Frederik actually, shall we say, interpreted the truth upon arriving in Herning where he told reporters that they made it (crossed the bridge) just before closing.
Kronprinsen fanget i at tale usandt om brotur: 'Vi nåede det lige et minut i lukketid' - Danmark |

Frederik crossed the bridge twice: Nye oplysninger: Kronprinsen kørte TO gange over Storebælt - første gang uden tilladelse - Danmark |
At 15.15 where he proceeded across the bridge without formal permission.

And again at night where he had been given permission by the local police to cross.

- Now you perhaps begin to understand why we Danes are often labelled the happiest people in the world. If a thing like that can cause headlines, our problems are few indeed. :tongue:


PET will now review the procedures ensuring that in the future there will be no crossing of closed bridges during a storm. - If for no other reason than not to endanger rescue workers should there be an accident on a bridge during a storm, presumably. But also, I guess, to ensure the person they are protecting isn't killed by mother nature.


More details are emerging. It turns out that PET was in contact with the local police when the Saturday afternoon arrived at the bridge. The local police prohibited Frederik and his escort from crossing the bridge and said so to the PET officers. They were however allowed to cross the barriers for safety reasons. (more room to manouvre). But once they had crossed the barrier, both cars sped up and continued across the bridge.
The same thing apparently happened at night on the way back. Once past the barrier the cars sped up and continued over the bridge.

- Whether that happened because the PET officers on duty were too obliging towards Frederik or whether Frederik asked the PET officers to "fix it" is an open question.

FasterB 01-12-2015 11:29 AM

I truly believes that it wasn´t up to CP Frederik to decide whether to drive across the bridge or not.

I think it was PET´s choice.

wyevale 01-12-2015 12:18 PM

Bad boy Frederick has [probably for the very first time] made it onto the BBC radio 4 news, with this latest escapade...

polyesco 01-12-2015 12:22 PM

I guess some in the media love to jump on anything Frederik does wrong.
Another article
Borgerlige forsvarer kronprinsen: - Hvad er problemet? | Politik
I agree with some that say this is no big deal, and there are more important things to worry about.

I guess the easy thing would have been for him to cancel his visit (but of course some in the media would have love to criticize him for that) or stay at a hotel for the night (which im sure he would have also been criticized for as well)

Whether it was his decision or PET, its nice that the court made a statement, hopefully some in the media can move on ;)

another pic of him on stage

Another article, which i only bring because of the picture of Frederik (lovely smile) and this fine statement
"Trine Villemann, an author who has written critically on the Danish Royal House, said the crown prince made an epic blunder. "

this is "epic"? lol
Prince Frederik slammed for 'irresponsible' trip - The Local

reading the danish media, its a little frustrating that this has some great coverage, even on Politiken online, and yet many of his other events are left without a note : ( :bang:

its like they are making a mountain over a molehill. On twitter and reading the comments many people seem to agree that coverage on this has been ridiculous, right or wrong, the court made a statement on Frederik's behalf (which i think was good)

on twitter many Danes seem to make fun of the situation and poking fun of the media coverage, people have been saying stuff like "first world problems" and "never forget" :tongue:

I like these pictures poking fun of "storm bridge gate"

Lee-Z 01-12-2015 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by wyevale (Post 1740180)
Bad boy Frederick has [probably for the very first time] made it onto the BBC radio 4 news, with this latest escapade...

...and onto the dutch (gossip) media as well... :lol:

amaryllus 01-12-2015 12:34 PM

The only issue I have is he potentially risked the lives of rescue personnel. I bet his wife and mother gave him a earful for this stunt though. Upset Mothers and wives have a way of making you not do dumb things again:rofl:

MidwestMom 01-12-2015 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by amaryllus (Post 1740188)
The only issue I have is he potentially risked the lives of rescue personnel. I bet his wife and mother gave him a earful for this stunt though. Upset Mothers and wives have a way of making you not do dumb things again:rofl:

Totally agree! I'll be interesting to see what, if anything, QMII has to say about it.

Admiral Horthy 01-12-2015 02:00 PM

Certain positions or jobs give a person certain privileges. Unless the crossing the bridge endangered the CPs life this is much ado about nothing.

As this individual said:

Leading opposition party Venstre, however, had no problem with the crown prince’s trip over the bridge.
“We should acknowledge that there is a difference between the royals and the rest of us,” party spokesman Karsten Nonbo told TV2 News.

amaryllus 01-12-2015 02:08 PM

I would venture to say she was more worried for the danger he might have put himself him than headlines...when you have been monarch for decades these kind of minor controversies and criticisms are par for the course and are will be forgotten soon enough.As a mother and human watching Beatrix lost her son through a foolish action Margrethe could easily put herself in B's shoes.

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