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JessRulz 10-29-2014 09:13 PM

Crown Princess Victoria, Current Events Part 10: October 2014 - September 21, 2017

Crown Princess Victoria's Current Events, Part 10

Commencing October 2014

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LadyFinn 11-07-2014 01:40 PM

Victoria met today at the Royal Palace Jan Eliasson, the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. The court hasn't put any photos to the website yet.

LadyFinn 11-13-2014 12:26 AM

Crown prncess Victoria attends at the Future Forum in Hanasaari in Finland on 27th November. The chief executive officer Gunvor Kronman tells that Victoria arrives to the Forum at 12.00. During the first hour and a half she has tandem leadership -discussions with young people about the future of Finland and Sweden. Also Björn Wahlroos and Antti Herlin take part at the discussion. The forum starts at 13.30. At 15.15 there is a coffee social where Victoria talks more with young people. Kronman says that Victoria's attendance wasn't a surprise, she has been there before (with Daniel when they visited Finland in 2010). Kronman says that they invited Victoria to the Forum, Victoria was very impressed on her last visit. The cooperation between Finland and Sweden is important for the royal family and Victoria is interested in activating her own generation. Victoria has 3 people with her.
Victorian Suomen-vierailusta lisätietoa – Danielia ei nähdä Espoossa - Viihde -

LadyFinn 11-14-2014 10:01 AM

Victoria met on Friday 16-year old Felicia Kostenius. Through the Foundation My Big Day Felicia got a dream come true - to meet the Crown Princess.
Felicia goes to school in Örebro. She is very fond of Princess Estelle and the Crown Princess couple, and has followed them through the television programs "The year with the royal family" and "Haga Palace - a royal home".
Victoria met Felicia and her mother, father and older sister at the Royal Palace. Princess Madeleine is the patron of Min Stora Dag (My Big Day) Foundation.
Kronprinsessan träffade Felicia, 16 år - Sveriges Kungahus

Marty91charmed 11-14-2014 10:10 AM

what is the purpose of the foundation?

LadyFinn 11-14-2014 10:13 AM


Originally Posted by Marty91charmed (Post 1719983)
what is the purpose of the foundation?

The goal of Min Stora Dag, (My Big Day), is to grant wishes to critically ill children (3-18yrs) who are suffering from life-threatening diseases. The foundation’s work is unique as each child is actively involved in planning his or her own wish. In addition, the foundation makes it possible for smaller groups of children to attend pop concerts, circus-shows, motor-shows and other special events. They also arrange camps which include sailing and other sporting activities.

Victoria and Daniel met on November 2012 two young people who had wanted to meet them My Big Day foundation, so this wasn't the first time for Victoria

Marty91charmed 11-14-2014 10:23 AM

thanks LadyFinn!

LadyFinn 11-14-2014 12:43 PM

Victoria attends as patron of WaterAid this evening at opening of WaterAid's I Love Toa exhibition. The campaign is going on 14 to 23 November as a tribute to the toilet with the aim to increase knowledge about sanitation crisis in the world and raise money so that more people have access to toilets. On opening day are shown the first time show this year ten specially-designed toilets. Victoria's friend, interior designer Andrea Engsäll has designed one of them.

Victoria with her friend Andrea Brodin Engsäll (r)

The ten toilets


LadyFinn 11-15-2014 01:27 AM

Kronprinsessan vid invigningen av WaterAids*kampanj #ILoveToa - Sveriges Kungahus

GALLERY Victoria looks at artistic toilets Royalista

Victoria gick på kändistoa-vernissage Nyheter Expressen


redtulip 11-18-2014 12:43 AM

Victoria always appears very pleasant, and she seems a very down-to-earth royal comfortably mixing with whoever. I wish all royals were like that. :)

LadyFinn 11-18-2014 03:20 AM

A gallery from "I love Toa" exhibition
IBL Bildbyrå

From ParisMatch
Photos - Royal Blog - Victoria lance #ILoveToa

LadyFinn 11-19-2014 09:01 AM

Victoria visits her duchy Västergötland on Friday and Saturday. On Friday she visits the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås.
Hållbarhet i fokus när Kronprinsessan besöker högskolan - Högskolan i Borås

And on Saturday Victoria visits Skara and Skövde in Västergötland.
An addition to Victoria's calendar on Saturday: She was told to attend at the Swedish Women's Voluntary Defence Service's national conference and 90th anniversary celebrations in Skövde. Now she visits before that also Jula's head office and central warehouse in Skara. Photopool at 12.20. Jula was newly appointed as Super Company for the ninth consecutive year (by Veckans Affärer). It makes Jula unique among Swedish companies. Crown Princess Victoria is interested in seeing the business with her own eyes and take note of what has made Jula successful, and get information of the future plans and the continued expansion.
H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria besöker Jula i Skara

On Friday evening the governor hosts a dinner in Mariestad.
Kronprinsessan besöker Västra Götalands län - Länsstyrelsen i Västra Götalands län

Blog Real 11-19-2014 01:33 PM

Snövit och Rosenröd – Bildextra från galamiddagen | Svensk Damtidning

LadyFinn 11-21-2014 07:20 AM

Victoria visits today Högskolan in Borås (Borås University), the Swedish School of Textiles.
Hållbarhet i fokus när Kronprinsessan besöker högskolan - Nyheter - Högskolan i Borås

Victoria arrived to the Borås University. She is first having a private lunch without the media.
Victoria at the Textile Fashion Center
She could see her's and Daniel's wedding present - a dress sculpture with frogs ("Cloned frogs on galadress") designed by William Sweetlove.

Crown Princess Victoria at the Swedish School of Textiles today! She was lovely and said hi to everyone and smiled for all the cameras.

Just nu Kronprinsessan på plats i Borås - P4 Sjuhärad Sveriges Radio


Här besöker Victoria sitt eget Västergötland Svensk Damtidning

LadyFinn 11-21-2014 12:28 PM

IBL Bildbyrå

Short video

Retailing Research Kronprinsessan och drömmar om hologram

Blog Real 11-21-2014 05:34 PM

Kronprinsessan besökte*Textile Fashion Center och Textilhögskolan i Borås - Sveriges Kungahus [NS4 version]

LadyFinn 11-22-2014 03:35 AM

Governor Lars Bäckström hosted a dinner in honour of Victoria at his residence in Mariestad. The governor told in his speech that Victoria had informed them that she wanted to know more about her duchy Västergötland. Mariestads municipal commissioner Johan Abrahamsson was one of the guests. He said that for him it's a boyhood dream come true, he really likes the royal family and has Victoria and Daniel's wedding card on the wall at home. It's an exciting mix of people, he thinks it will be a great evening. Also the speaker of the Riksdag Urban Ahlin was among the guests.
Kronprinsessan gästade middag - Mariestads-Tidningen - din lokaltidning!

LadyFinn 11-22-2014 09:39 AM

Victoria visited today Jula's head office and central warehouse in Skara. The director of the Jula corporation Karl-Johan Blank with family showed Victoria around. Mattias Holmén, a truck driver from Lidköping, was one of the few employees who were given the opportunity for a quick contact with Crown Princess Victoria. It resulted in no more than a "hello", but seemed to still give a positive feeling.
- It's positive to showcase Jula with the expansion of the company and the visions that we have here. That should be good for the whole Skaraborg. Then it's good that she is interested in what happens at the company and that she doesn't just visit big cities, said Holmén.
Kronprinsessa spred guldglans över Jula - Lidköping -

H Ä L L E K I S * K U R I R E N - Kronprinsessan Victoria besökte Jula i Skara

Celeber gäst hos Jula Skaraborgs Läns Tidning


"It has been a very enjoyable and rewarding visit. We have had the opportunity to showcase our business and what we are planning for the future. The Crown Princess was very interested and well-read", said Joachim Frykberg, CEO Jula AB. After the lunch Victoria got a gift from the director of the Jula corporation, Karl-Johan Blank. A painting by artist Goran Löfwing. "It is a special piece of art that is given to all employees who are celebrating ten years in Jula. The Crown Princess will has now the original", explained Blank at the handover of the gift. Even Princess Estelle got a gift from Jula. A toy chainsaw for children.
H.K.H. Kronprinsessan Victoria besökte Jula

LadyFinn 11-22-2014 10:50 AM

In the afternoon Victoria attended at Swedish Women's Voluntary Defence Organization's national conference and 90th anniversary celebrations in Skövde. Victoria is the patron of the Organization and she delivered the royal gold medals at the event. The Organization is Sweden's largest defence organisation open only to women.
About | English | Start |

Victoria was wearing the Swedish Women's Voluntary Defence Organization's festive uniform.
Kunglig glans när Lottakårens firade - SLA - din lokaltidning!
Lottakåren firade kungligt Skövde Nyheter



Kronprinsessan besökte Jula och svenska Lottakårens riksstämma - Sveriges Kungahus

LadyFinn 11-23-2014 03:15 AM

Victoria on Saturday in Jula with Fredric Blank.

The director of the press department, Margareta Thorgren said that Victoria in a traditional "Lotta uniform" wanted to show sympathy and also highlight the Swedish Women's Voluntary Defence Organization's important mission, and respect for the work that they carry out. It has been a good and intense Saturday, and the crown princess was very satisfied with her visit.
Kronprinsessan delade ut medalj Nyheter Expressen

Video of Victoria arriving the Swedish Women's Voluntary Defence Organization's event

Victoria i mina hoods Hovbloggen

Kronprinsessan Victoria spred kunglig glans - SLA - din lokaltidning!

Kuninkaalliskuvat Vickan lottapuvussa Ruotsin naisten vapaaehtoisen maanpuolustusjärjestön tilaisuudessa Lehtikuva

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