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Curryong 07-17-2017 09:19 PM

I agree that Dodi was a summer fling. She would have become bored by him very quickly, I think. However, it wasn't just the BRF who would have been perturbed by a match with Dodi or Hasnet Khan. It was said that Diana's mother Frances said a few things about Hasnet that deeply upset her daughter and caused a breach.

Denville 07-18-2017 03:51 AM

According to Frances she never said racist things.

Denville 07-18-2017 05:54 AM


Originally Posted by Osipi (Post 2003812)
When we think about it, there is nothing that would bar Diana from marrying anyone she chose to. She was no longer under any kind of jurisdiction of the UK government or the monarchy. They might not have liked the idea but there was nothing much they could have done to prevent it.

I also don't believe that Diana was anywhere near thinking of marrying Dodi. He was a "filler" for that summer and by the end of the vacation, she was looking forward to getting back home and back to her own life.

Yes I think that there was nothing they could do, as she was divorced, and would if she married Dodi be marrying into great wealth. I don't think her divorce settlement could have been removed, and she could snap her fingers at the RF's wealth anyway.
However I suspect that they might have been rather pleased, since the romance with the Fayeds, was controversial and it might have eroded Diana's popularity had she been seen marrying into that family, becoming a "rich idle woman" who was part of a dubious and nouveau riche family.
And since Dodi was half engaged it seems to another woman what would be the outcome in the end? Maybe a divorce a few years down the line and Diana looking as if she had moved into a messy vulgar lifestyle.
I dont know if she was seriously considering Dodi as a husband, Possibly, but I think that the more time she spent with him the more she found his haphazard ways annoying and if she began to suspect abot the other woman or feared that he would be back to his drug taking habits, I think she would have definitely ended the romance. but its possible that she was seriously thinking of a marriage, she would be very rich.. He was a nice guy if not very bright or active.. and his family seemed fond of her. She may have thought that he was raw material she could make into a partner, who would help with her charity work, but I feel sure that the longer she dated him, the more she'd have realised he wasn't likely to be much good at that sort of thing and that he was just a playboy, who was good natured and nice, not much use at anything, and while pleasant for a holiday romance, not really marriage material. I think she was fed up with the messy stuff with bodyguards, Dodis' changing arrangements all the time so that the bodyguards couldn't do mcuh to head off the press, and Dodi's making a fuss over lilte things..

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