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annaelfka 09-19-2014 07:11 PM

HRH Countess of Wessex: Earl & Countess of Wessex visit Canada for the DofE Award scheme - Day 7
I managed to get pic from HRH's visit. Earl's part of the day will be updated tomorrow.

annaelfka 09-20-2014 08:59 AM

HRH Countess of Wessex: Earl & Countess of Wessex visit Canada for the DofE Award scheme - Day 8

Miss Hathaway 09-20-2014 02:44 PM

A very low neckline on Sophie's dress. She should have pinned it up a bit.

annaelfka 09-20-2014 04:25 PM

I think she looks fine, seen much lower necklines on other royals.
1929 Treaty site - YouTube - Kitchenuhmaykoosib Welcome Distinguished Guests to First Nation
Royal visit to remote Ontario reserve was ‘moving, enlightening and uplifting,’ Countess says | National Post

PrincessOfPeace 09-20-2014 05:22 PM


NORTH BAY, Ont. -- Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne continued her tour of the province's north Friday with a royal guest.

Fresh from an overnight visit to the remote fly-in First Nations community of Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI), the Countess of Wessex, Sophie Rhys-Jones, arrived in North Bay with Wynne and a delegation of high-profile women to speak about aboriginal issues.
Sophie, Countess of Wessex, pledges to help bring attention to aboriginal issues

MagMil 09-20-2014 08:00 PM

great tour
amazing as always

roseroyal 09-22-2014 01:35 PM

That first photo- awww...

annaelfka 09-22-2014 05:07 PM

How we build a new relationship with Ontario’s First Nations - The Globe and Mail

Mbruno 09-22-2014 05:57 PM


Originally Posted by AdmirerUS (Post 1704363)
Well, I have never read anything about how the First Nations feel about the Monarchy and (bad on me) I have never thought about it.

So Sophie speaking on reconciliation is a revelation to me. Keep it coming - the more we learn, the more we ARE, the more we CAN BE. :flowers:

I believe the First Nations of Canada have traditionally seen the monarch as a defender of their rights against the narrow interests of the white European settlers. I suppose that is also true for the Maoris in New Zealand.

To be fair though, what the native peoples historically saw as the "Queen" or the "Crown" in that context should be more properly interpreted as the imperial British government in London, which was generally more sympathetic to aboriginal rights than the local dominion governments. Once the dominions became independent and the monarch ceased to follow imperial advice on dominion affairs, transferring instead all royal prerogatives to the Governor General acting on the advice of the dominion government, the distinction became moot.

CATS 09-23-2014 02:11 AM

Well I never got the chance to go see the Earl of Wessex, I do have a friend who drives bus for Ecole Centennial School. She said the kids were dressed up and really excited before school. After school all she heard about was how many bodyguards there were, some said 2, some said 6 , some said 12, and they had guns.

Molly2101 09-24-2014 06:53 AM

Video of Sophie's speech during her first Duke of Edinburgh Award Ceremony. She sounded so good and so confident. You can tell she has been public speaking for many years now.

Her little giggle at the end when she is saying it's her first one was so cute.

HRH The Countess of Wessex

Marty91charmed 09-24-2014 08:05 AM

Awww she sounds so sweet:flowers:

Thank you for posting it!

Molly2101 10-01-2014 07:32 PM

Video of Sophie's other speech during her visit to Canada. This was when she was at Nipissing University.

Royal Visit

They introduce Sophie with a lovely little speech about her. =] I love that she whipped out her iPad for the speech. I imagine the screensaver to be Lady Louise and James....and I bet they FaceTime when they are travelling away from them.

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