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VictoriaB 05-17-2014 09:05 PM

Hi Clairegee. I will add my voice to those who saw nothing wrong in your post.

You should be proud of your mum because she is clearly very talented. The Queen has beautiful hats that always look elegant and absolutely appropriate for the occasion.

I hope you continue to be a part of these forums.

Osipi 05-17-2014 09:06 PM

Welcome to the Royal Forums Clairgee! I think you've probably realized by now that you've hit on a royalty message board that is not only fun and informative but also one that doesn't pander to gossip, respects and knows about copyright violations as well as confidentiality agreements and is based on factual more so than fictional information (well sometimes reposts of articles the Daily Mail can be quite laughable though).

HM has always been known for her hats and in my opinion, one thing I've really enjoyed about seeing photos of her in recent years is that her hats are totally gorgeous, unique and suit HM to perfection.

You should be very very proud of your mother and it is something that will stay with you for a lifetime and what a tale to tell your grandchildren!

padams2359 05-17-2014 10:15 PM

My grandmother use to wear hats, my wife wears them occasionally, I wear then frequently. We owned a dept store. That is the first thing I look at in any picture of QE2. They are great. Living in the south, one of the things I like most (and I mean this with NO disrespect) is the older black ladies that still wear hats to Easter Sunday mass. Some of the younger ladies do, but not the same. The only hat QE2 ever wore that I absolutely hate is shown fairly frequently. It is that yellow hat she wore for PC's ceremony to become the PoW. It may have been the style for about 15 sec at the time, but it is not a good look. Those tilted top, mad hatter type hats she wears now are just fantastic, and so age appropriate, just like the rest of her outfits.

Duchess of Durham 05-17-2014 10:43 PM

Clairgee, I too love your mum's work. She does a fabulous job. I particularly like that her hats tend to be exactly the same color as the outfit Her Majesty is wearing. Does your mum dye material to match her outfits exactly or does your mum have super special access to material that is the same color used to make Her Majesty's dresses?

Padams, I agree with you regarding that yellow hat. I also don't like the blue one once wore that blue things hanging off it. I think that hat was from the 70's. I hope your mum did not make that one Clairgee.

P.S. :welcome:

casualfan 05-18-2014 12:34 AM

Clairgee, just wanted to point out that I wasn't trying to make you feel unwelcome, and so if I've given that impression, I truly, truly apologize.

I am also a huge fan of your mom's work!

SElizabeth 05-18-2014 12:48 AM

Clairgee: A very hearty welcome here, and you have a wonderful story to tell your children/grandchildren later in life. Being a hat lady, and I am not in the process of storing winter hats and pulling out spring and summer hats and soon I will have to either give away hats or sell some, some are over 50 years old and I just love them all.

I go to Royal Hats Blog and there each day that Queen Elizabeth is out and about, it shows her hats and talks about her hats. I have often wondered over the decades what does she do with all these hats? If she keeps them, she will or already has an extra castle for just storing the hats......lololololo. She must have thousands of hats by now...........and I can't honestly remember a bad one in the group. Your mum is so talented and what an artist. You must be very proud of her and you must have some of the most beautiful hats in the world........what a great tradition to continue, making hats and for a royal family.............absolutely wonderful.

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