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ericat 08-01-2013 02:40 PM

Edwin de Roy van Zuijdewijn
Today the Dutch TV program "Een Vandaag" had a 20 minute insert where they interviewed Edwin de Roy van Zuijdewijn.

He does not want to reveal where he is living, but appears to be southern Europe (Spain / Portugal maybe) and how he is destitute and lives off monies sent by family or odd friend. He does not interact at all with others, and lives totally alone with his dog. It appears that he is writing a book, appears to be in English.

They showed a letter written by King WA (and signed by himself) to say that Edwin and his then wife Princess Margarita were not really welcome at WA&M wedding in Feb 2002. Yet on the broadcast of the wedding it was mentioned that due to financial reasons they did not attend.

I guess where there is smoke there may be fire.

Wonder really what actually is the truth. It is mentioned a few times in this program that Prince Bernhard Senoir (who died in 2004) was behind some of the troubles...

The book may be interesting....

Marengo 08-02-2013 05:56 AM

He has become a sad figure. I don't doubt that esp. prince Bernhard worked against him. I think it also quite clear that the research of the secret service was done illigally on Bernhards request. But in the end he proved to be his own biggest enemy. In the interviews on tv he seemed the ultimate snob and deranged, megalomanic and insane almost. I think that if he would have appeared more normal on tv he might have found a job (there are enough republicans around). But after the very odd appearances and tv interviews, Mc. Donalds wouldn't hire him to work in their kitchen even.

Tuesday the court in Amsterdam demanded a punishment of 240 hours of community service due to him allegedly fabricating a fake invoice of 238.000 guilders (+/- 100.000 euros) in 2001.

Eis: werkstraf maar geen cel voor de Roy van Zuydewijn - Binnenland - VK

The book may have some interesting details, but Edwin's contact with the RF has been very limited to say the least. And his chief enemy, prince Bernhard, has been dead for years and that the prince abused his influence won't come as a surprise to anybody. Bernhard's way of handling things has caused so much problems for his wife and daughter over the years, he has been the greatest risk for the monarchy in the 20th century IMHO. And yet many still seem to adore him, over the last years many tv series appeared about (parts of) his life.

The broadcast:

EenVandaag: do 1 aug 2013, 18:15 - Uitzending Gemist (item starts after 5 minutes)

'They can't find me here' ... why on earth would anybody still want to find him?

The question remains: why was prince Bernhard so much against him? I have never read an explanation for that. The prince called him a 'hostile projectile that needs to be made harmless'. But why Edwin was a hostile projectile (before he went public) is still a mystery to me. I suppose that we will never know, as the RF is unlikely to shed light on their version of the events.

Anyway, I wish they would settle this somehow, otherwise this will drag on for decades more like the case with Willem Oltmans (a journalist whose reputation and credibility was actively broken by the dutch state & esp. foreign minister/NATO secretary Joseph Luns). Despite Edwin appearing to be a rather odd figure who has lost touch with reality, it is still clear that the man has been mistreated by the state, as the many documents that he has dug up show. This could mean that even a Queen Catharina-Amalia will still need to handle problems that were caused by prince Bernhard. Again: that man was the worst thing that happened to the monarchy in the 20th century, he has harmed the monarchy over and over again. It is a pity that Juliana was not allowed to seperate/divorce him when she tried to curtail him in the late 40-ties/ 50-ties. He was actually supported by the government and it was Juliana who was defeated while she actually was very accurate in noticing that the prince's behavior would (and did) cause great problems.

ericat 08-02-2013 10:30 AM

Marengo you really have given a lot of very interesting information here. I am Dutch born but lived 99% of my life outside the country but follow it closely - much easier now with internet and this sort of website.

however it is so interesting what you write about Bernhard Sr. Are there books, Dutch ones, which spell this out clearly. Would love to read up more and get a clearer picture of what has happened. History is so interesting as after the fact, years down the line things do become clearer to many (eg is even Diana in UK, what we think now is different to 20 years ago).

I am sure Edwin has many facts which are correct and he feels he has been wronged (might well have been too) but how could he fight the whole organisation. Just shows what power Royals have / can have. They are so well connected!

I was honestly fascinated when I saw the Een Vandaag program, and thanks for adding it here, I can relook at it.

maria-olivia 08-02-2013 04:52 PM

Very interesting Marengo.
Why did Queen Wilhelmina nothing in the years 40-ties/50ties , She was Queen ?

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