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tonywoof 07-23-2013 04:01 PM

Greeting to all, I was born in Peterborough, England on April 20, 1946, the son of an American father and a British mother. I arrived in the US in February of 1947 and was raised in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating college with a degree in accounting I was drafted into the army and served in Vietnam as a scout with an armored cavalry unit. My wife and I have been married since 1968 and have no children. After working in various companies, primarily food and wine I am now retired.

Baroness of Books 07-23-2013 04:08 PM

Hello and welcome to the forums. You'll find yourself addicted to this site and will most likely spend most of your retirement here! I hope you enjoy yourself.

tonywoof 07-23-2013 04:32 PM

Thank you for the welcome

Daria_S 07-23-2013 05:03 PM

:welcome: Enjoy your stay.

HereditaryPrincess 07-23-2013 07:02 PM

Hello and :welcome:. I hope you enjoy your time here!

AdmirerUS 07-23-2013 07:14 PM

What a day to join. :baby: Welcome!

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