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Marengo 07-09-2013 12:15 PM

Abdication of Albert II and Oath of Philippe, 21 July 2013
In this thread you can post during the 21st of July. There will be an abdication, Te Deum, Oath in parlament and the military parade.

stephanievl 07-10-2013 02:24 AM

The government released the exact time sheadule for the 21st of july


9h Te Deum in the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral in Brussels

10h30. Abdication ceremony of King Albert II at the Royal Palace of Brussels

12h Swearing in of King Philip at the Palace of the Nation. After the oat gun shots are fired.

13h The Royal Family salute the people from the balcony of the Royal Palace on the Place des Palais

14h10. Tribute of the new king to the Unknown Soldier, Congress Column

16h05 King Philip inspects the civil and military forces

17h Military and civilian parade, Paleizenplein

19h Philippe and mathilde participate in the Party in the Park, in the Royal Park

23H. The Royal Family attends the fireworks at the Palace of Academies on the Place des Palais

Marengo 07-10-2013 06:27 PM

This thread will be closed until July 21st

Charlotte_Aster 07-21-2013 02:47 AM

The Royal Family has left Laeken now.

liv 07-21-2013 02:49 AM

Do we have a live stream?

stephanievl 07-21-2013 02:52 AM


Originally Posted by liv (Post 1577586)
Do we have a live stream?

Livestream Koning Filip | VTM NIEUWS video: LIVE: Koning Filip op Eén

Charlotte_Aster 07-21-2013 02:56 AM
Livecenter koning Filip

I don't think they expected so much interest, the livestreams keep buffering.

The Kings and the CP couple have arrived. I have to say they both look great.
Princess Claire arriving:

The congregation is applauding the Kings. The reports have mentioned that it is not normal (not becouse you do not clap in a church) but they point out that this is a special Te Deum. (Although the congreation also applauded the PM, so I wouldn't know..)
Queen Paola looks very touched.

The family during the Te Deum:

Also, the Princesses Elisabeth and Eleonor will be wearing read dresses from NATAN.

stephanievl 07-21-2013 03:04 AM

They all seem very nice dresses.
Queen Paola clearly emocionated

carlota 07-21-2013 03:16 AM

what a beautiful cathedral the brussels one is!

Charlotte_Aster 07-21-2013 03:23 AM

Queen Paola sat down during the Te Deum. Maybe her health is not as good as she looks. I suppose it is a good thing that they are retiring.

Edit: After sitting down for 5 minutes she stood up again. Myabe she needed the rest.

iceflower 07-21-2013 03:27 AM


Here are the first galleries from today - they will be updated during the next hours:

** belga gallery ** apa/picturedesk **

** gallery: Troonswissel in beeld ** gettyimages **

** zimbio/gettyimages: Abdication Of King Albert II Of Belgium, & Inauguration Of King Philippe **

** gallery: 21 juillet 9 heures : le Te Deum **

** parismatch gallery: Pour Philippe et Mathilde, la ferveur des Belges **

** gallery: Abdication du roi Albert II : 1er test de popularité réussi pour les couples royaux.. **

** ppe gallery 1 Cathedral ** pp gallery 2 Abdication ** ppe gallery 3 Natie **

** ppe gallery 4 ** ppe gallery 5 ** ppe gallery 6 **

** hellomagazine: King Albert II attends his last official engagement as Belgium's monarch **

** pp gallery: Albert II de Belgique a abdiqué : Beaucoup d'émotion et ''un gros kiss'' **

** gallery: Passation de pouvoir : une journée toute en émotion **

** gallery: Philippe 7e roi des Belges : le nouveau couple royal au balcon du palais **

** pp gallery: Philippe et Mathilde de Belgique : Le roi et la reine acclamés au balcon **

** gallery: Philippe et Mathilde, un premier bain de foule envoûtant **

** pp gallery: Philippe et Mathilde de Belgique : Un tendre baiser avant le feu d'artifices **

Charlotte_Aster 07-21-2013 03:32 AM

THe family is now leaving the cathedral. A big applause for the RF. People are wishing Filip well. Also, ALbert and Paola are making a little farewell tour among the well wishers. The abdication ceremony starts in about a hour.

carlota 07-21-2013 03:41 AM

the royal family went out of the cathedral after te deum to greet the crowds. paola is tearing up, the crowds are offering them presents and are all wishing them to "rest".

stephanievl 07-21-2013 03:47 AM

Emotional Queen Paola:

Eveline 07-21-2013 03:49 AM

I'm watching television and really regret I can't be in Brussels. The royals seem very relaxed and the crowd is cheering and singing. Very nice to see!

stephanievl 07-21-2013 04:25 AM

The abdiction ceremony starts.

Charlotte_Aster 07-21-2013 04:28 AM

Here they come...
A picture of the room:
Queen Paola is really emotional today. She cried as the King thanked her for her support during the past 20 years.

dazzling 07-21-2013 04:31 AM

I thought the children of the crown prince couple would be making an appearance at the cathedral today. Do we know when we will see them?

Queen and Mathilde looked lovely today. Emotional ceremony but so far its a nice one.

Eveline 07-21-2013 04:32 AM

On the left theres the minister of justice/law (she was responsible for the abdication document), on the right the prime minister. Albert has just thanked his wife, such a beautiful moment :D


Originally Posted by dazzling (Post 1577636)
I thought the children of the crown prince couple would be making an appearance at the cathedral today. Do we know when we will see them?

Queen and Mathilde looked lovely today. Emotional ceremony but so far its a nice one.

They will appear on the balcony :)

carlota 07-21-2013 04:36 AM

mathilde is crying after the speech of the king... bless her...

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