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Rob57 05-17-2013 10:14 AM

Nassau Family genealogy

I have put the first edition of the genealogy of the Nassau family on my website. Itís a large file, so it is possible that you get a black screen. Most of the time it loads in 5 sec.

Iím still working on this genealogy to correct the names, if necessary, or Ďcompleteí them.

Can you please send me your response if you find mistakes or any other comment? You see now only the names and dates. The file is a lot bigger with the text I add, but they are in Dutch. I have, when I have them or find them on the internet, put the photos by the name and by some I have put the birth or death transcription.

You can choose the Dutch, English, France or German language.


You can find it here: Stamboom van deze familie

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