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Rossina 05-17-2013 09:22 AM

Sharif Nasser bin Jamil (1927- 1979)
HH. Lieutenant-general Sharif Nasser bin Jamil is queen Zein's brother & nephew of queen Musbah ( wife of King Abdullah I of jordan). He was born in Amman on August 7th, 1927 & died in 1979. Sharif nasser was married 1st to his cousin sharifa Fatima bint Rakan & 2nd to Hind Mango Nasser. He had 8 children:
Sharif Jamil bin Nasser (by 1st wife).
Sharif Hussein bin Nasser (by 1st wife), was married to Sima Tabbaa sister of princess Alia Tabbaa.
Sharifa Zein al-sharaf bint nasser (by 1st wife).
Sharifa Nur bint Nasset (by 1st wife).
Sharifa Rajha bint Nasser (by 1st wife).
Sharif Nasser bin Nasser (by 2nd wife).
Sharifa Zeinab bint Nasser (by 2nd wife).
Sharifa Nofa bint Nasser (by 2nd wife).

Rossina 12-29-2015 07:00 PM

I found this page on Facebook. It contains alot of photos for the late Sharif Nasser bin Jamil.

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