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JessRulz 02-06-2013 07:21 AM

2013 Calender of Royal Events
This calendar lists major royal events for 2013.


If anyone has suggestions for events that should be added, please let one of the blog editors (JessRulz, Marengo, dazzling and Princess Robijn) know.

JessRulz 02-06-2013 07:26 AM

Events and Birthday - January 2013
:daneflag2: January 1: New Year's Court for the Order of the Elephant (thread)
:japanflag2: January 1: Imperial Family celebrates the New Year
:luxflag2: January 5: Grand Duke Jean’s 92nd Birthday (1921)
:spainflag2: January 5: King Juan Carlos I's 75th birthday (1938) (blog)
:spainflag2: January 6: Pascua Militar (thread, blog)
:bulgariaflag: January 6: Queen Margarita's 78th birthday (1935)
:japanflag2: January 6: Anniversary of the accession of Emperor Akihito (1989)
:britflag2: January 9: The Duchess of Cambridge's 31st birthday (1982)
:britflag2: January 9: The Earl and Countess of St Andrews's 25th wedding anniversary (1988)
:austria-hungary: January 11: Archduke Karl's 52nd birthday (1961)
:monacoflag2: January 12: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's visit to the Vatican (blog)
:daneflag2: January 14: Anniversary of the accession of Queen Margrethe II (1972)
:twosiciliesflag: January 16: Infante Carlos, Duke of Calabria's 80th birthday (1933)
:britflag2: January 17-18: Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie visit Germany (blog)
:monacoflag2: January 17-27: 37th International Circus Festival of Monte-Carlo
:dutchflag2: January 19: Princess Margriet’s 70th birthday (1943)
:belgiumflag2: January 20: Princess Mathilde's 40th birthday (1973) (thread, blog)
:prussiaflag: January 20: Birth of Prince Carl Friedrich and Prince Louis Ferdinand, sons of Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie (thread, blog)
:bulgariaflag: January 21: King Simeon and Queen Margarita’s 51st wedding anniversary (1962)
:norwayflag2: January 21: Princess Ingrid Alexandra's 9th birthday (2004) (blog)
:hanoverflag::monacoflag2: January 23: Princess Caroline of Hanover's 56th birthday (1957) (blog)
:hanoverflag::monacoflag2: January 23: Princess Caroline and Prince Ernst-August of Hanover's 14th wedding anniversary (1999)
:bruneiflag2::dutchflag2: January 21-22: State Visit to Brunei by Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima (thread, blog)
:dutchflag2: January 24-25: State Visit to Singapore by Queen Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima (thread, blog)
:monacoflag2: January 25: Princess Charlene's 35th birthday (1978)
:monacoflag2: January 26-27: Festival of Saint-Dévote (Monaco) (blog)
:norwayflag2: January 28: Erling Sven Lorentzen’s 90th birthday (1923)
:bahrainflag2: January 28: King Hamad al Khalifa of Bahrain's 63rd birthday (1950)
:dutchflag2: January 28: Queen Beatrix announces her abdication (forum, thread, blog)
:kuwaitflag2: January 29: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Sabah al Sabah of Kuwait (2006)
:jordanflag2: January 30: King Abdullah II's 51st birthday (1962) (blog)
:spainflag2: January 30: Prince Felipe's 45th birthday (1968) (blog)
:dutchflag2: January 31: Queen Beatrix's 75th birthday (1938)
:austria-hungary: January 31: Archduke Karl and Archduchess Francesca's 20th wedding anniversary (1993)

JessRulz 02-06-2013 07:32 AM

Events and Birthday - February 2013
:dutchflag2: February 2: Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima's 11th wedding anniversary (2002)
:daneflag2::germanempire: February 3: Princess Benedikte and Prince Richard’s 45th wedding anniversary (1968)
:daneflag2: February 4: Princess Mary's 41st birthday (1972)
:kingdomofportugal: February 5: Hereditary Prince Peter’s 33rd birthday (1980)
:britflag2: February 6: Anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II (1952)
:jordanflag2: February 7: Anniversary of the acccession of King Abdullah II of Jordan (1999)
:uaeflag2: February 10: Sheikh Saud al Qasimi of Ras Al-Khaimah's 57th birthday (1956)
:thaiflag2: February 10: Prince Maha Vjiralongkorn and Princess Srirasmi's 12th wedding anniversary (2001)
:daneflag2: February 10: Photo Session in Switzerland with the Danish Crown Princely Family (thread)
:italyflag3: February 12: Princess Marina of Savoy’s 78th birthday (1935)
:italyflag3: February 12: Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy’s 76th birthday (1937)
:daneflag2: February 13: Photo Session in Switzerland with Prince Joachim's family (thread)
:liechtensteinflag2: February 14: Prince Hans-Adam II's 68th birthday (1945)
:luxflag2: February 14: Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa’s 32nd wedding anniversary (1981)
:bruneiflag2: February 17: Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah's 39th birthday (1974)
:luxflag2: February 18: Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie’s 29th birthday (1984)
:dutchflag2: February 18: Dutch Photo Session in Lech (thread)
:norwayflag2: February 21: King Harald V's 76th birthday (1937)
:bhutanflag: February 21: King Jigme Khesar’s 33rd birthday (1980)
:britflag2: February 22: The Duchess of Kent’s 80th birthday (1933)
:bruneiflag2: February 23: National Day (Brunei)
:japanflag2: February 23: Prince Naruhito's 53rd birthday (1960)
:swedenflag2: February 23: Princess Estelle's 1st birthday (2012)
:twosiciliesflag: February 24: Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro’s 50th birthday (1963)
:kuwaitflag2: February 25: National Day (Kuwait)
:britflag2: February 25-27: Prince Harry's visit to Lesotho (thread)
:hanoverflag: February 26: Prince Ernst August V’s 59th birthday (1954)
:romaniaflag: February 28: Princess Irina's 60th birthday (1953)

JessRulz 02-06-2013 07:41 AM

Events and Birthday - March 2013
:walesflag2: March 1: St David's Day
:houseoforleans: March 3: Prince Charles-Philippe, Duke of Anjou’s 40th birthday (1973)
:kingdomofgreece: March 6: Anniversary of the accession of King Constantine II (1964)
:bahrainflag2: March 6: Anniversary of the accession of King Hamad al Khalifa of Bahrain (1999)
:britflag2: March 6-7: Official Visit to Rome by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (thread)
:prussiaflag: March 7: Princess Sophie’s 35th birthday (1978)
:commonwealthflag: March 8: Commonwealth Day
:daneflag2: March 11-14: State Visit to Chile by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik (thread)
:swedenflag2: March 12: Princess Victoria's Name Day
:serbiaflag2: March 12: Prince Serge and Princess Helene’s 50th birthday (1963)
:russiaflag2: March 13: Grand Duke George Mikhailovich’s 32nd birthday (1981)
:monacoflag2: March 14: Prince Albert II of Monaco's 55th birthday (1958)
:russiaflag2: March 15: Anniversary of the declaration of a Russian republic (1917)
:dutchflag2: March 15-16: NL DOET Day in the Netherlands (thread)
:belgiumflag2: March 16-22: Economic Mission to Thailand by Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde (thread)
:bruneiflag2: March 17: Prince Abdul Muntaqim's 6th birthday (2007)
:houseoforleans: March 19: The Duke and Duchess of Vendome’s 4th wedding anniversary (2009)
:moroccoflag2: March 21: King Muhammad VI and Lalla Salma's 11th wedding anniversary (2002)
:luxflag2: March 22: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's 57th birthday (1956)
:romaniaflag: March 26: Princess Margarita's 64th birthday (1949)
:britflag2: March 28: Royal Maundy Service (thread)
:crown: March 31: Easter

:monacoflag2: TBD: Ball de La Rose

JessRulz 02-06-2013 07:46 AM

Events and Birthday - April 2013
:empireofiran: April 1: Anniversary of the declaration of the Iranian Islamic Republic (1979)
:italyflag3: April 3: Princess Clotide of Savoy’s 44th birthday (1969)
:monacoflag2: April 6: Anniversary of the accession of Prince Albert II of Monaco (2005)
:spainflag2: April 7: Don Jaime de Marichalar’s 50th birthday (1963)
:dutchflag2: April 8: Official Visit from the Russian Federation to the Netherlands (thread)
:britflag2: April 9: The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall's 8th wedding anniversary (2005)
:bruneiflag2: April 9: Princess Sarah's 26th birthday (1987)
:japanflag2: April 10: Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko's 54th wedding anniversary (1959)
:uaeflag2::jordanflag2: April 10: Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai and Princess Haya's 9th wedding anniversary (2004)
:belgiumflag2: April 12: Prince Laurent and Princess Claire’s 10th wedding anniversary (2003)
:liechtensteinflag2: April 14: Princess Marie of Liechtenstein's 73rd birthday (1940)
:belgiumflag2: April 15: Prince Philippe's 53rd birthday (1960)
:daneflag2: April 16: Queen Margrethe II's 73rd birthday (1940)
:luxflag2: April 16: Grand Duke Henri's 58th birthday (1955)
:hohenzollernflag: April 20: Fürst Karl Friedrich’s 61st birthday (1952)
:britflag2: April 21: Queen Elizabeth II's 87th birthday (1926)
:englandflag2: April 23: St George's Day / National Day (England) (Announcement of Knights of the Garter)
:belgiumflag2::austria-hungary: April 23: Princess Laetitia Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este’s 10th birthday (2003)
:jordanflag2: April 24: Princess Iman’s 30th birthday (1983)
:frenchbourbons: April 25: Luis Alfonso de Borbón, Duke of Anjou’s 39th birthday (1974)
:hesseflag: April 25: Hereditary Prince Donatus and Hereditary Princess Floria's 10th wedding anniversary (2003)
:dutchflag2: April 27: Prince Willem-Alexander's 46th birthday (1967)
:thaiflag2: April 28: King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit's 63rd wedding anniversary (1950)
:norwayflag2: April 29: Maud Angelica Behn’s 10th birthday (2003)
:britflag2: April 29: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 2nd wedding anniversary (2011)
:houseoforleans: April 30: Micaëla, Countess of Paris’s 75th birthday (1938)
:swedenflag2: April 30: King Carl XVI Gustaf's 67th birthday (1946)
:dutchflag2: April 30: Abdication of Queen Beatrix (forum, thread)
:dutchflag2: April 30: Inauguration of Queen Beatrix (forum, thread)

JessRulz 02-06-2013 07:51 AM

Events and Birthday - May 2013
:duchyofparma::italyflag3: May: Prince Michel and Princess Maria Pia's 10th wedding anniversary (2003)
:luxflag2: May 1: Prince Guillaume’s 50th birthday (1963)
:uaeflag2::jordanflag2: May 3: Princess Haya's 39th birthday (1974)
:dutchflag2::duchyofparma: May 3: Princess Margarita of Bourbon-Parma and Tjalling ten Cate’s 5th wedding anniversary (2008)
:dutchflag2: May 4-5: Remembrance and Liberation Day
:moroccoflag2: May 8: Prince Moulay Hassan's 10th birthday (2003)
:moroccoflag2: May 10: Princess Lalla Salma's 35th birthday (1978)
:swedenflag2: May 12: Countess Gunilla Bernadotte’s 90th birthday (1923)
:kingdomofportugal: May 13: Duke and Duchess of Bragança's 18th wedding anniversary (1995)
:spainflag2: May 14: King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia's 51st wedding anniversary (1962)
:daneflag2: May 14: Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's 9th wedding anniversary (2004)
:kingdomofportugal: May 15: Dom Duarte, Duke of Bragança's 68th birthday (1945)
:kingdomofgreece: May 15: Ana-Maria Morales y de Grecia’s 10th birthday (2003)
:norwayflag2: May 17: National Day (Norway)
:dutchflag2: May 17: Princess Máxima's 42nd birthday (1971)
:britflag2: May 17: Peter and Autumn Phillips’s 5th wedding anniversary (2008)
:daneflag2: May 18: Confirmation of Prince Nikolai (thread)
:houseoforleans: May 19: The Duke of Vendome’s 48th birthday (1965)
:kingdomofgreece: May 20: Prince Pavlos's 46th birthday (1967)
:spainflag2: May 22: Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia's 9th wedding anniversary (2004)
:monacoflag2: May 23-26: Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco
:liechtensteinflag2: May 24: Prince Joseph Wenzel's 18th birthday (1995)
:daneflag2: May 24: Prince Joachim and Princess Marie’s 5th wedding anniversary (2008)
:jordanflag2: May 25: National Day (Jordan)
:uaeflag2: May 25: Sheikh Hamad al Sharqi of Fujairah's 65th birthday (1948)
:daneflag2: May 26: Prince Frederik's 45th birthday (1968)
:dutchflag2: May 29: Prince Maurits and Princess Marilene's 15th wedding anniversary (1998)

JessRulz 02-07-2013 07:35 AM

Events and Birthday - June 2013
:swedenflag2: June 2: Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld's 75th birthday (1938)
:kingdomofgreece: June 2: King Constantine II's 73rd birthday (1940)
:britflag2: June 2: Anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953)
:japanflag2: June 4: Princess Mikasa’s 90th birthday (1923)
:britflag2: June 4: Thanksgiving Service to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation
:bhutanflag: June 4: Queen Jetsun Pema’s 23rd birthday (1990)
:daneflag2: June 5: National Day (Denmark)
:swedenflag2: June 6: National Day (Sweden)
:belgiumflag2: June 6: King Albert II's 79th birthday (1934)
:kuwaitflag2: June 6: Sheikh Sabah Al Sabah's 84th birthday (1929)
:daneflag2::germanempire: June 6: Princess Alexandra and Count Jefferson von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth’s 15th wedding anniversary
:austria-hungary: June 7: Archduchess Francesca’s 55th birthday (1958)
:romaniaflag: June 7: Prince Radu's 53rd birthday (1960)
:moroccoflag2: June 7-15: 19th Fez Festival of World Sacred Music
:monacoflag2: June 8: Andrea Casiraghi's 29th birthday (1984)
:swedenflag2: June 8: Wedding of Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill
:japanflag2: June 9: Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako's 20th wedding anniversary (1993)
:kingdomofgreece: June 9: Princess Theodora’s 30th birthday (1983)
:britflag2: June 10: Prince Philip's 92nd birthday (1921)
:romaniaflag: June 10: King Michael and Queen Anne’s 65th wedding anniversary (1948)
:daneflag2: June 10: Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik's 46th wedding anniversary (1967)
:prussiaflag: June 10: Prince Georg Friedrich’s 37th birthday (1976)
:jordanflag2: June 10: King Abdullah II and Queen Rania's 20th wedding anniversary (1993)
:belgiumflag2: June 11: Queen Fabiola's 85th birthday (1928)
:daneflag2: June 11: Prince Henrik's 79th birthday (1934)
:liechtensteinflag2: June 11: Prince Alois's 45th birthday (1968)
:houseoforleans: June 14: Prince Henri d'Orleans, Count of Paris’s 80th birthday (1933)
:britflag2: June 15: Trooping the Colour
:jordanflag2: June 15: King Hussein and Queen Noor’s 35th wedding anniversary (1978)
:bulgariaflag: June 16: King Simeon II's 76th birthday (1937)
:britflag2: June 17: Order of the Garter Ceremony
:britflag2: June 18-22: Royal Ascot
:swedenflag2: June 19: King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia's 37th wedding anniversary (1976)
:houseoforleans: June 19: The Duchess of Vendome’s 36th birthday (1977)
:swedenflag2: June 19: Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel's 3rd wedding anniversary (2010)
:britflag2: June 21: The Duke of Cambridge’s 31st birthday (1982)
:germanempire: June 21: Hereditary Prince Heinrich and Hereditary Princess Priscilla's 10th wedding anniversary (2003)
:houseoforleans::kingdomofportugal: June 21: Prince Charles-Philippe, Duke of Anjou and Princess Diana, Duchess of Cadaval’s 5th wedding anniversary (2008)
:italyflag3: June 22: Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy’s 41st birthday (1972)
:luxflag2: June 23: National Day (Luxembourg)
:norwayflag2: June 23: Anniversary of King Harald V's enthronement (1991)
:qatarflag2: June 27: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Hamad al Thani (1995)
:jordanflag2: June 28: Crown Prince Hussein’s 19th birthday (1994)
:britflag2: June 30: Prince and Princess Michael of Kent's 35th wedding anniversary (1978)

JessRulz 02-07-2013 07:43 AM

Events and Birthday - July 2013
:walesflag2: July 1: Anniversary of Prince Charles's investiture as Prince of Wales (1969)
:kingdomofgreece: July 1: Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal's 18th wedding anniversary (1995)
:belgiumflag2: July 2: King Albert II and Queen Paola's 54th wedding anniversary (1959)
:uaeflag2: July 2: Sheikh Sultan al Qasimi of Sharjah's 74th birthday (1939)
:bulgariaflag: July 2: Prince Kubrat and Princess Carla’s 20th wedding anniversary (1993)
:monacoflag2: July 2: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s 2nd wedding anniversary (2011)
:badenflag: July 3: Maximilian, Margrave of Baden's 80th birthday (1933)
:qatarflag2: July 3: Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim al Thani's 33rd birthday (1980)
:liechtensteinflag2: July 3: Prince Alois and Princess Sophie's 20th wedding anniversary (1993)
:norwayflag2: July 4: Queen Sonja's 76th birthday (1937)
:japanflag2: July 10: Princess Takamado’s 60th birthday (1953)
:bonaparte: July 11: Prince Jean-Christophe Napoleon’s 27th birthday (1986)
:bulgariaflag: July 11: Prince Kardam and Princess Miriam's 17th Wedding Anniversary (1996)
:swedenflag2: July 14: Princess Victoria's 36th birthday (1977)
:bruneiflag2: July 15: Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's 67th birthday (1946)
:hohenzollernflag: July 16: Fürstin Katharina’s 54th birthday (1959)
:serbiaflag2: July 17: Crown Prince Alexander’s 68th birthday (1945)
:britflag2: July 17: Duchess of Cornwall's 66th birthday (1947)
:britflag2: July 19: Lady Rose and George Gilman’s 5th wedding anniversary (2008)
:norwayflag2: July 20: Prince Haakon's 40th birthday (1973)
:belgiumflag2: July 21: National Day (Belgium)
:uaeflag2: July 22: Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai's 64th birthday (1949)
:omanflag2: July 23: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Qaboos al Said (1970)
:moroccoflag2: July 23: Anniversary of the accession of Mohammed VI (1999)
:houseoforleans::kingdomofportugal: July 25: Princess Diana, Duchess of Cadaval's 35th birthday (1978)
:empireofiran: July 26: Princess Yasmine Pahlavi’s 45th birthday (1968)
:empireofiran: July 27: Anniversary of the death of the last Iranian Shah, Shahanshah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi (1980)

:thaiflag2: July 28: Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn's 61st birthday (1952)
:liechtensteinflag2: July 30: Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie's 46th wedding anniversary (1967)

:britflag2: TBD: Swan Upping

JessRulz 02-07-2013 07:47 AM

Events and Birthday - August 2013
:bruneiflag2: August 1: Anniversary of the coronation of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (1968)
:saudiflag2: August 1: Anniversary of the accession of King Abdullah al Saud (2005)
:swedenflag2: August 3: Princess Christina, Mrs Magnuson’s 70th birthday (1943)
:saudiflag2: August 3: Anniversary of the enthronement of King Abdullah al Saud (2005)
:britflag2: August 8: Princess Beatrice’s 25th birthday (1988)
:belgiumflag2: August 9: Anniversary of the accession of King Albert II of Belgium (1993)
:thaiflag2: August 12: Queen Sirikit's 81st birthday (1932)
:liechtensteinflag2: August 15: National Day (Liechtenstein)
:norwayflag2: August 19: Princess Mette-Marit's 40th birthday (1973)
:moroccoflag2: August 21: King Mohammad VI's 50th birthday (1963)
:jordanflag2: August 23: Queen Noor's 62nd birthday (1951)
:norwayflag2: August 25: Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit's 12th wedding anniversary (2001)
:belgiumflag2::austria-hungary: August 26: Princess Maria Laura, Archduchess of Austria-Este’s 25th birthday (1988)
:prussiaflag: August 27: Prince Georg Friedrich and Princess Sophie’s 2nd wedding anniversary (2011)
:bulgariaflag: August 28: Anniversary of the accession of King Simeon (1943)
:norwayflag2: August 29: King Harald V and Queen Sonja's 45th wedding anniversary (1968)
:kingdomofgreece: August 30: Queen Anne-Marie's 67th birthday (1946)
:britflag2: August 31: Anniversary of Princess Diana's death (1997)
:jordanflag2: August 31: Queen Rania's 43rd birthday (1970)

:monacoflag2: TBD: Red Cross Ball

JessRulz 02-07-2013 07:52 AM

Events and Birthday - September 2013
:scotflag2: September 1: Braemar Gathering
:bulgariaflag: September 2: Princess Miriam's 50th birthday (1963)
:bonaparte: September 4: Anniversary of the declaration of the French republic (1870)
:romaniaflag: September 5: Anniversary of the accession of King Michael I (1940)
:uaeflag2: September 6: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Humaid al-Nuaimi of Ajman (1981)
:belgiumflag2: September 11: Queen Paola's 76th birthday (1937)
:twosiciliesflag: September 12: Princess Maria Cristina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies’s 80th birthday (1933)
:empireofiran: September 12: Princess Iman Pahlavi’s 20th birthday (1993)
:germanempire: September 13: Philipp, Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and Saskia, Princess of Hohenlohe-Langenburg's 10th wedding anniversary (2003)

:bulgariaflag: September 15: Anniversary of the declaration of the Bulgarian republic (1946)
:spainflag2: September 15: Princess Letizia's 41st birthday (1972)
:swedenflag2: September 15: Anniversary of the accession of King Carl XVI Gustaf (1973)
:swedenflag2: September 15: Prince Daniel's 40th birthday (1973)
:kingdomofgreece: September 17: Princess Marie-Chantal's 45th birthday (1968)
:dutchflag2: September 17: Prinsjesdag
:romaniaflag: September 18: Queen Anne's 90th birthday (1923)
:serbiaflag2: September 21: Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine’s 28th wedding anniversary (1985)
:romaniaflag: September 21: Princess Margarita and Prince Radu's 17th wedding anniversary (1996)
:italyflag3: September 25: Prince Emanuele Filiberto and Princess Clotilde of Savoy’s 10th wedding anniversary (2003)
:russiaflag2: September 26: Prince Nicholas Romanovich’s 91st birthday (1922)
:italyflag3: September 27: Prince Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta’s 70th birthday (1943)
:italyflag3: September 27: Prince Aimone and Princess Olga of Savoy-Aosta’s 5th wedding anniversary (2008)

:swedenflag2: TBD: Opening of the Swedish Parliament

JessRulz 02-07-2013 07:56 AM

Events and Birthday - October 2013
:bruneiflag2: October 4: Anniversary of the accession of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (1967)
:kingdomofportugal: October 5: Anniversary of the declaration of the Portuguese republic (1910)
:britflag2: October 8: Viscount and Viscountess Linley’s 20th wedding anniversary (1993)
:jordanflag2: October 11: Prince Faisal’s 50th birthday (1963)
:belgiumflag2::austria-hungary: October 11: Princess Luisa Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este's 18th birthday (1995)
:spainflag2: October 12: National Day (Spain)
:italyflag3: October 13: Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta’s 46th birthday (1967)
:bhutanflag: October 13: King Jigme Khesar and Queen Jetsun Pema’s 2nd wedding anniversary (2011)
:empireofiran: October 14: Empress Farah Pahlavi’s 75th birthday (1938)
:daneflag2: October 15: Prince Christian's 8th birthday (2005)
:belgiumflag2: October 19: Prince Laurent’s 50th birthday (1963)
:japanflag2: October 20: Empress Michiko's 79th birthday (1934)
:luxflag2: October 20: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie’s 1st wedding anniversary (2012)
:bahrainflag2: October 21: Crown Prince Sheikh Salman al Khalifa's 44th birthday (1969)
:frenchbourbons: October 21: Maria Margarita, Duchess of Anjou’s 30th birthday (1983)
:spainflag2: October 21: Prince of Asturias Awards Ceremony
:romaniaflag: October 25: King Michael I's 92nd birthday (1921)
:japanflag2: October 25: Princess Yōko of Mikasa's 30th birthday (1983)
:belgiumflag2: October 25: Princess Elisabeth's 12th birthday (2001)
:liechtensteinflag2: October 28: Princess Sophie's 46th birthday (1967)
:austria-hungary: October 31: Anniversary of the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1918)
:empireofiran: October 31: Prince Reza Pahlavi's 53rd birthday (1960)
:twosiciliesflag: October 31: Prince Carlo and Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Duke and Duchess of Castro’s 15th wedding anniversary (1998)
:spainflag2: October 31: Infanta Leonor's 8th birthday (2005)

:daneflag2: TBD: Opening of Danish Parliament
:norwayflag2: TBD: Opening of Norwegian Parliament

JessRulz 02-07-2013 08:01 AM

Events and Birthday - November 2013
:spainflag2: November 2: Queen Sofia's 75th birthday (1938)
:uaeflag2: November 3: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Khalifa of Abu Dhabi (2004)
:frenchbourbons: November 5: Luis Alfonso, Duke of Anjou and Maria Margarita, Duchess of Anjou’s 9th wedding anniversary (2004)
:britflag2: November 8: Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor’s 10th birthday (2003)
:bhutanflag: November 11: King Jigme Singye’s 58th birthday (1955)
:luxflag2: November 11: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's 32nd birthday (1981)
:japanflag2: November 12: Anniversary of the enthronement of Emperor Akihito (1990)
:serbiaflag2: November 13: Crown Princess Katherine’s 70th birthday (1943)
:uaeflag2: November 13: Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan of Dubai's 31st birthday (1982)
:liechtensteinflag2: November 13: Anniversary of the accession of Prince Hans-Adam (1989)
:britflag2: November 14: Prince Charles's 65th birthday (1948)
:belgiumflag2: November 15: King's Feast
:italyflag3: November 17: Princess Olga of Savoy-Aosta’s 42nd birthday (1971)
:germanempire: November 18: Anniversary of the declaration of the German republic (1918)
:omanflag2: November 18: Sultan Qaboos al Said's 73rd birthday (1940)
:monacoflag2: November 19: National Day (Monaco)
:britflag2: November 20: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's 66th wedding anniversary (1947)
:kingdomofportugal: November 22: Dona Isabel, Duchess of Bragança's 47th birthday (1966)
:twosiciliesflag: November 23: Princess Sofia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies’s 40th birthday (1973)
:serbiaflag2: November 29: Anniversary of the declaration of the Yugoslav republic (1949)
:scotflag2: November 30: St Andrew's Day

:britflag2: TBD: Remembrance Sunday

JessRulz 02-07-2013 08:04 AM

Events and Birthday - December 2013
:japanflag2: December 1: Princess Aiko's 12th birthday (2001)
:bulgariaflag: December 2: Prince Kardam's 51st birthday (1962)
:belgiumflag2: December 4: Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde's 14th wedding anniversary (1999)
:thaiflag2: December 5: King Bhumibol's 86th birthday (1927)
:dutchflag2: December 7: Princess Catharina-Amalia's 10th birthday (2003)
:japanflag2: December 9: Princess Masako's 50th birthday (1963)
:thaiflag2: December 9: Princess Srirasmi's 52nd birthday (1961)
:norwayflag2: December 10: Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo
:swedenflag2: December 10: Nobel Prize awards ceremony in Stockholm
:houseoforleans: December 11: Princess Claude d’Orleans, Mrs Gandolfi’s 70th birthday (1943)
:kingdomofgreece: December 13: Anniversary of the declaration of the Greek republic (1974)
:bhutanflag: December 14: Anniversary of the accession of King Jigme Khesar (2006)
:spainflag2: December 20: Infanta Elena’s 50th birthday (1963)
:japanflag2: December 23: Emperor Akihito's 80th birthday (1933)
:swedenflag2: December 23: Queen Silvia's 70th birthday (1943)
:russiaflag2: December 23: Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna’s 60th birthday (1953)
:crown: December 25: Christmas Day
:romaniaflag: December 30: Anniversary of the declaration of the Romanian republic/communist state (1940)

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