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MAfan 12-21-2012 04:29 PM

Noble Deaths Announcements 2013
Welcome to the thread for Noble deaths announcements in 2013. The 2012 version of this thread can be found HERE.

Please feel free to contribute to this thread.

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The original posts will be updated with news as soon as the information is made public.

MAfan 12-21-2012 04:30 PM


01 January: Prince Sergei Obolensky, aged 94.

06 January: Saturnino Zemborain y Dose (husband of Countess Olga Maria de las Mercedes von Dietrichstein).

07 January: Baroness Franziska Rukavina von Vidovgrad, née Countess von Clary und Aldrigen, aged 93.

10 January: Fürstin Christiane zu Eulenburg und Hertefeld, née Pollay, aged 71.

14 January: Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, née Natalie Wales, aged 103.

16 January: Countess Alice Mailáth de Székhely, née Princess Sulkowska, aged 79.

19 January: Countess Monique de Bousies, aged 90.

21 Janaury: Donna Raffaella Cenci Bolognetti of the Princes of Vicovaro, née Belardinelli.

MAfan 12-21-2012 04:30 PM


23 February: Count Pongracz Somsich de Saard, aged 92.

25 February: Don Francesco Ruffo of the Princes della Scaletta, Marquess Ruffo, aged 87.


03 March: Don Filippo Caracciolo of the Princes of Castagneto and Dukes of Melito.

05 March: Nigel Forbes, 22nd Lord Forbes, Chief of Clan Forbes, aged 95.

09 March: Countess Ruth von Almeida, née Lankes, aged 91.

10 March: Anita Charles, née Princess von Lobkowicz, aged 75.

21 March: Princess Napoléon Murat, née Ines d'Albert de Luynes, aged 73.

MAfan 12-21-2012 04:30 PM


05 April: Marchioness Maria Luisa Pallavicino, aged 85/86.

08 April: Anne Fitzalan-Howard, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, née Constable-Maxwell, aged 85.

10 April: Count Don Giuseppe Lanza di Mazzarino, of the Princes of Trabia and of Butera, 2nd Count of Assaro, aged 87/88.

13 April: Marquis Jean-Louis de Ganay, aged 91.

22 April: The Hon. James Bruce, of the Earls of Elgin and of Kincardine, aged 85.

25 April: Baron Jean d'Anethan, aged 89.


06 May: Diana Keppel, Dowager Countess of Albemarle, née Grove, aged 103.

14 May: Baron Fabio Galli Zugaro, aged 85.

17 May: Count Antoine de Dreux-Brézé, aged 84.

26 May: Count Peter Wolff Metternich zur Gracht, aged 84.

27 May: Sofia Pratolongo, née Hardouin of the Dukes of Gallese, aged 82.

28 May: Princess Renée de la Tour d'Auvergne-Lauraguais, née Oster, aged 93.

30 May: Countess Marie Brandolini d'Adda, née Angliviel de la Beaumelle, aged 50.

MAfan 12-21-2012 04:31 PM


05 June: Count Charles-Antoine de Liedekerke, aged 89.

12 June: Don Briano Castelbarco-Albani-Visconti-Simonetta, of the Princes of Montignano, aged 88.

21 June: Countess Christian de Quatrebarbes, née Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès, aged 100.

22 June: Carla Gavazzi, née Gallarati Scotti (of the Dukes of Molfetta), aged 83.

27 June: Cornelia Kirpicsenko-Meran, née Countess von Meran, aged 49.


01 July: Princess Louise Lobkowicz, née Brooks, aged 80.

11 July: Prince Michał Ksawery Sapieha-Kodeński, aged 83.

12 July: Dagmar Castenskiold, aged 81.

13 July: George Paget, 7th Marquess of Anglesey, aged 90.

17 July: Donna Maria Angelica of the Princes Lancellotti, aged 94.

20 July: Count Andreas von Bismarck-Schönhausen, aged 72.

MAfan 12-21-2012 04:31 PM


09 August: Don Pietro Paolo Sallier de la Tour Beccadelli di Bologna, 7th Prince of Camporeale, 7th Prince of Castelcicala, 6th Duke of Calvello, aged 85.

10 August: Countess Christa zu Erbach-Erbach und von Wartenberg-Roth, aged 65.

18 August: Doña Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba y Fernández de Henestrosa, Duchess of Medinaceli, aged 96.

29 August: Countess Alice Formenti di Tolmino e Biglia, née Baroness Taxis von Bordogna und Valnigra, aged 77.


02 September: Duke Don Ferdinando Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona, 9th Prince of Piedimonte, 14th Duke of Laurenzana, aged 89.

26 September: Donna Fiammetta di Sangro, Princess of Fondi, née of the Princes Caracciolo Carafa, aged 101.

MAfan 12-21-2012 04:31 PM


08 October: Countess Damien de Fontaines Maillard de La Gournerie, née Claire de Lévis-Mirepoix (of the Dukes of San Fernando Luis), aged 50.

12 October: Prince Bernard de Broglie, aged 66.

19 October: Fürstin Sophie von Hatzfeldt, Duchess von Trachenberg, née Baroness Spies von Büllesheim, aged 86.

20 October: Countess Ursula von Hochberg, née Countess von Schmettow, aged 87.

24 October: Don Gherardo, 19th Prince of Porcia, Count of Mitterburg, Ortenburg, Porcia and Brugnera, aged 68.

25 October: Alfred de la Rochefoucauld, Duke de la Roche-Guyon, aged 85.


10 November: Duchess Elena von Leuchtenberg, aged 91.

13 November: Ruth Gräfin von Hochberg, née Reuther, aged 73.

16 November: William Ward, 4th Earl of Dudley, aged 93.

19 November: Duchess Olga von Leuchtenberg, née Wickberg, aged 87.

MAfan 12-21-2012 04:31 PM


04 December: Henry Cubitt, 4th Baron Ashcombe, aged 89.

07 December: Countess Gilberte d'Oultremont, née Lierneux, aged 87.

11 December: Zofia Lichniak, née Princess Czartoryska, aged 86.

18 December: Count Bent von Platen-Hallermund, aged 91.

Biri 01-03-2013 03:55 PM

First death of 2013:

Prince Sergei Obolensky died in Paris on 1 January.

He was born in Essentuki, Caucassus, on 9 February 1918, as second child of Prince Sergei Obolensky (1886-1964) & his wife Catharina, nee Countess Ouvarova (1893-1975). He was their only surviving son; their firstborn son, Feodor, died on 2 March 1917, aged five weeks; later on they lost another son, Michael, who was born and died on 6 November 1923; other children were daughters: Elizabeth (b.1921), Warwara (b.1922) and Catharina (b.1925).
He married in Grenoble, on 26 April 1946, Elisabeth Voitekhovich (1923-1997). They had six children: Olga (b.1947), Michel (b.1948), Elisabeth (b.1951), Helene (b.1953), Tatiana (b.1955) & Catherine (b.1963).
He is survived by all of them and their families.

Source: Obolensky

MAfan 01-09-2013 09:12 AM

Baroness Franziska Rukavina von Vidovgrad, née Countess von Clary und Aldrigen, passed away on 7 January 2013, aged 93.

She was born on 15 October 1919, the eight and youngest of the children of Count Edmund von Clary und Aldrigen and of his wife, née Countess Margarita zu Lodron-Laterano und Castelromano.
She married at Buenos Aires on 10 March 1949 to Baron Alfred Rukavina von Vidovgrad (1907-1969); they had issue together.
She is survived by her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Clary und Aldringen
Todesanzeigen, Traueranzeigen und Sterbefälle - Das Trauerportal der Salzburger Nachrichten*-*SALZBURG.COM


Saturnino Zemborain y Dose died on 6 January 2013 at Buenos Aires.

He was the second husband since 2003, as well as her maternal first cousin, of Countess Olga Maria de las Mercedes von Dietrichstein.

Royal News of 2013, Section III

MAfan 01-17-2013 11:33 AM

Fürstin Christiane zu Eulenburg und Hertefeld, née Pollay, died on 10 January 2013, aged 71.

She was born at Lüneburg on 16 August 1941. She was the wife, since 1964, of Count (later Fürst) Philipp zu Eulenburg und Hertefeld, by whom she had two sons.
She is survived by her husband, their sons Friedrich and Botho, their daughters-in-law and by five grandchildren.


Biri 01-25-2013 05:34 AM

Countess Alice Mailath, née Princess Sulkowska, died at Peterborough, Ontario, on 16 January.

She was born at Vienna on 15 June 1933 as a daughter of Prince Edgar Sulkowski (1905-1997) & his wife Ilse, née Freiin von Lichtenberg (1910-1999). In 1956 she married Count Peter Mailáth de Székhely (1929-2001). She is survived by their three children, and five grandchildren.

Lady Natalie Douglas-Hamilton, née Wales, died on 14 Jaunary.

She was born at Cohasset, Massachusetts, on 6 August 1909. In 1953 she became the second wife of Lord Malcolm Avondale Douglas-Hamilton (1909-1964) [son of Alfred, 13th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon (1862-1940) & his wife, Nina Mary Benita Poore (1878-1951)]. No children were born of this marriage. She is survived by three of her four stepchildren: Diana (b.1932), Fiona (b.1935) & Alasdair (b.1939) as well as their families; the youngest of them, David predeceased her in 1964, aged 21.

Source: Royal News of 2013, Section III

MAfan 01-25-2013 01:04 PM


Originally Posted by Biri (Post 1509078)
Lady Natalie Douglas-Hamilton, née Wales, died on 14 Jaunary.

Her correct style is Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, being she the wife of a younger son of a Duke. Lady Natalie would be the style of a daughter of a Duke.

MAfan 02-04-2013 08:30 AM

Countess Monique de Bousies passed away at Uccle, Belgium, on 19 January 2013. She was 90.

She was born at St. Gilles, Belgium, on 11 December 1922, daughter of Count and Countess Jean de Bousies.
She married firstly in 1946 to Prince Baudouin de Ligne (1918-1985), at the time the eldest son and heir of the 11th Prince and Princess de Ligne. Their marriage was childless and ended in divorce in 1954.
She later remarried to Jacques Swaters (1926-2010), by whom had a daughter, Florence.
She is survived by her daughter, her grandchildren Félix and Prune, her sister Anita, Countess des Enffans d'Avernas, with her family.

Monique DE BOUSIES de Uccle - Annonce de décès sur | en mémoire - Monique de Bousies

MAfan 03-10-2013 06:54 AM

Nigel Forbes, 22nd Lord Forbes, Premier Lord of Scotland and Chief of Clan Forbes, died on 5 March 2013, aged 95.

Lord Forbes was born on 18 February 1918, son of Atholl Forbes, 21st Lord Forbes, and of his wife, née Lady Mabel Anson (daughter of the 3rd Earl and Countess of Lichfield).
He married in 1942 to the Hon. Rosemary Hamilton-Russel, daughter of the 9th Viscount Boyne and of his wife (née Lady Margaret Lascelles, daughter of the 5th Earl of Harewood). They had three children together, sons Malcolm and Jonathan and daughter Gillian.
His eldest son Malcolm succeeds him as 23rd Lord Forbes and Chief of Clan Forbes.
From 1958-1959 he served as Minister of State for Scotland during the ministry of Harold Macmillan.

Lord Forbes - Telegraph
Obituary: Nigel Ivan Forbes, Lord Forbes, KBE, JP, DL, farmer and politician - Obituaries -

Biri 03-23-2013 05:40 AM

Princess Napoléon Murat, née Ines d'Albert de Luynes, died at Buenos Aires on 21 March.

She was born at Paris on 28 July 1939, daughter of Philippe, Duc de Luynes et de Chevreuse and his wife, Juana Maria Diaz Unzue. In 1960 she married Prince Napoléon Murat (1925-1998), and is survived by their children and their families.

Source: Royal News of 2013, Section III

Countess Ruth von Almeida, nee Lankes died this year.

She was born in 1921. In 1947 she married Paul, Count von Almeida (1909-1959) [oldest son of Otto, Count von Almeida (1881-1956) & his wife, Countess Marie-Sophie von und zu Arco-Zinneberg gennant Bogen (1882-1965). In 1962 she married again first cousin once removed of her late husband, Count Hieronimus von Almeida (1923-2006) [oldest child of Count Carl von Almeida (1885-1975) & his wife, Princess Gabriele of Lobkowicz (1895-1969).
She is survived by her daughter Nicolette (b.1948), her son Peter, Count von Almeida (b.1952), grandchildren Fabian (b.1975), Anne (b.1977), Hubert (DOB unknown) [children of Nicolette & her former husband, Baron Eberhard von Waechter (b.1946)] and Selina (b.1981) [only child of Peter & his wife Agneta, nee Brudin (b.1943) as well as one great-granddaughter Clara (b.2011) [daughter of Anna von Waechter & her husband Miroslaw Mathyl]
She experienced suffering in her life; she lost untimely not only her first husband, but also a son Mario, who died in 1976 (aged 26) and a granddaughter Sophie [daughter of Nicolette] who died as a baby in 1980.


Biri 03-26-2013 05:56 AM

Marchese Don Francesco Ruffo della Scaletta, dei principi della Scaletta died in Florence on 5 February.

He was born in Naples in 1924, son of Don Michele Ruffo dei principi della Scaletta, III Marchese Ruffo della Scaletta (1892-1970) and of Donna Maria Cristina dei conti Capece Galeota (1903-1984). He was unmarried.

Donna Raffaella Cenci Bolognetti dei principi di Vicovaro, née Belardinelli died in Rome on 21 January

She was the wife of Don Alessio Cenci Bolognetti dei principi di Vicovaro (b.1973), himself son of Don Stefanello Cenci Bolognetti dei principi di Vicovaro and of Donatella Camilletti. They had no children.

Don Filippo Caracciolo dei principi di Castagneto died in Pisa on 3 March

He was the son of Don Nicola Caracciolo, Xth Principe di Castagneto, Vth Duca di Melito (b.1931) & his second wife Rossella, née Sleiter. He married on 3 March 2003 Fabrizia Casagrande, herself daughter of Dr. Guido Casagrande and of Donna Raimonda Lanza Branciforte dei principi di Trabia. He was survived by her and two daughters: Matilde (25-11-2005) and Raimonda (DOB unknown)

Two last cases are so sad...Young people...and Filippo bereaved two little daughters...

Source for all: Royal News of 2013, Section III

MAfan 04-11-2013 05:26 PM

Her Grace the Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, née Anne Constable-Maxwell, passed away on 8 April 2013, aged 85.

She was born on 30 August 1927 and married to the (then) Hon. Miles Fitzalan-Howard in 1949. Her husband was to became in 1971 the 12th Baron Beaumont (at the death of his mother, the 11th Baroness), the 4th Lord Howard of Glossop in 1972 (succeeding his father) and the 17th Duke of Norfolk in 1975 (succeeding his cousin once removed Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, the 16th Duke).
She and Miles became parents of five children, three daughters (Lady Tessa, Lady Carina and Lady Marcia) and two sons (Edward, now the 18th Duke of Norfolk, and Lord Gerald).
Her husband died in 2002. She is survived by their five children and their families.


Biri 04-24-2013 04:11 AM

Marchesa Maria Luisa Pallavicino died in Civitella d'Agliano, near Viterbo, Italy, on 5 April.

She was born in 1927, daughter of Marchese Alessandro Pallavicino (1898-1965) and of Marie Henriette Gnf von Schönborn-Bucheim (1897-1992). She was unmarried and adopted her nephew, Balthazar Bellos-Pallavicino (b. 1963), son of Christos Bellos and of Marchesa Gabriella Pallavicino, sister of Marchesa Maria Luisa.

Source: Royal News of 2013, Section II

Count Don Giuseppe Lanza di Mazzarino dei principi di Trabia e di Butera, 2nd Conte di Assaro died in Palermo on 10 April.

He was born in 1925, son of Don Giuseppe Fabrizio Lanza di Mazzarino dei principi di Trabia, 1st Conte di Assaro (1896-1967) and of Donna Conchita Ramirez y Camacho dei marchesi di Villa Urrutia (1897-1990). He was unmarried.

Source: Royal News of 2013, Section III

MAfan 04-24-2013 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Biri (Post 1530996)
Countess Ruth von Almeida, nee Lankes died this year.

She passed away on 9 March 2013 in Starnberg.
Ruth Gräfin Almeida

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