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Muhler 05-05-2011 10:27 AM

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog
Isn't there a thread about Dannebrog? She's a residence too.

In Billed Bladet #18, 2011 we are informed that there is a christening ceremony onboard Danneborg for those onboard who pass the polar circle for the first time.
It's pretty similar to passing the equator, just colder, a lot colder!

King Neptune pays a visit and those who are to be baptized are subjected to various mischiefs and baptized in ice cold water. Mary was exposed to that when she visited Greenland in 2005 I think.
Our Marie has yet to go through that experience.

Muhler 08-15-2012 03:14 PM

The Royal Yacht Dannebrog
To my surprise there doesn't seem to be a special thread about Dannebrog even though she is an official residence.

Let me start out with a few HQ pics of her:

And this smaller but beautiful picture of Dannebrog along side the school ship Danmark: (Notice the similar lines).

A HQ mood picture of Dannebrog in the evening, there is a reception taking place on the quarter deck:

And Dannebrog in harbour:
Notice the sentry at the foot of the landing. If we are to be pedantic, he is really called a phalarope's mate, and the thing with the stairs is called the phalarope.
The phalarope's mate is usually armed with drawn cutlass.

A picture of Dannebrog amidst the summer-ice off Greenland. Notice the Regent Couple on the bridge and QMII's pennant flying from the aft mast:

Danneborg was build in 1932 and Danmark in 1933.

Danmark incidentally served as a school ship for the US Coastguard during WWII.

Dannebrog is ship number one in the Danish Navy, she's officially classified as a hospitalship. (NATO classification A 540, I.e an auxillary ship).
Completed in 1932.
Length: 79 meters.
Width: 10.4 meters.
Depth: 3.7 meters.
Displacement: 1.130 tonnes.
Masts: 23 meters.
Speed: 14 knots (about 25 KM/H).
Crew: Around 55, of which roughly two thirds are conscripts. (There is at present a two year waiting list to serve as a conscript onboard Dannebrog).
Range: 3.800 nautical miles (6.480 kilometres).
She is propelled by two B&W Alpha Diesel engines, each producing 870 hp.

Being captain of Dannebrog is the most senior ship-command you can have in the Danish Navy. The captain is officially the Monarch's personal captain and as such he is also the first among the adjutants. It is also usually the last command before retirement.

She is an official residence when the Monarch's pennant is flying from the mast.

She has until now (2011) more than 300.000 nautical miles under her keel.

In front of the smokestack are the crews quarters, behind the smokestack are the quarters of the DRF.

Her homebase, outside the sailing season is Naval Station Frederikshavn.

polyesco 08-15-2012 09:22 PM

thank you for this.
what a beautiful ship

Tarlita 08-15-2012 09:59 PM

I have always loved this yacht, she is very graceful looking and I love the way the royal family use it as a residence like when they went to London. She seems cosy and relaxed from the interior pics I have seen from a Swedish site many years ago. Not at all lavish, just functional.:smile:
Thank you Muhler for the specifications about her. She is a quality ship.

ashelen 08-16-2012 01:31 PM

any pictures from inside? i love the ship wish i could visit inside!!!

Muhler 08-16-2012 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by ashelen (Post 1452543)
any pictures from inside? i love the ship wish i could visit inside!!!

I'm working on it. Patience. :smile:

You are welcome, Tarlita & Polyesco. :smile:

Muhler 08-26-2012 08:46 AM

Okay, let's have a look at Dannebrog inside.
(The links: Remember to always open in a full screen first, then use the slider to zoom in).

These pictures are from Dannebrog's homebase at Frederikshavn, where she was being prepared for this years cruises and the conscripts were being trained. The conscripts started their service in January.
When you walk up the gangway or phalarope or whatever you want to call it, you will meet the officer of the watch. He will enter your name on the duty roster/board, so that in case of an emergency he knows who is onboard and who is not.
The captain's cabin. He may hold the most distinguished ship command in the Danish navy, but it isn't exactly a luxurious accomodation. In fact he sleeps with his feet under his desk.
It is QMII, with her usual colorful taste, who have chosen the pattern for the captain's bunk.
The concript rating's mess.
The conscript's bunks. They stow away their belongings in the drawers.
The Danish nautical word for the crew's quarters is "banjer".
There are two toilets/heads for the conscripts and three showers. There is no distinction between men and women.
Conscripts, here in work fatigue, spend the late winter and entire spring training for the cruises. There is at present a two year waiting list to serve onboard Dannebrog, cooks and bakers are very much in demand.
A growing number of conscripts are women.
Men have a duty to serve as a conscript here in DK if need be, women have a right to serve as a conscript, if they wish to.
Every morning fresh bread is baked for the crew as well as the royals. However the dinners prepared by conscript cooks in the galley, both for the crew and the DRF, are different.
During the cruises the ship is cleaned every day between 08.00 and 09.30. The salt is particularly hard on the much brass onboard, so it is estimated that more than 200 litres of polish is used every year.
The officers mess. Conscripts who serve at dinners for the DRF and guests, practise their skills at the officers first.
A ship like Dannebrog, of course needs supplies, lots of supplies.
On trips abroad the escorting warship also serve as a tender for Dannebrog.
She is painted every year. Every surface that is white, grey or yellow is repainted. The sea takes it's toll and it's no use just to spot-paint her. That would be clearly visible.
The hall. As I understand it, it's the first room you go in to, when you enter the DRF section of Dannebrog.
Behind the painting on the wall is a TV-screen.
From here is also a stairway down to the private cabins (lukafer) of the DRF.
Then you walk down the corridor on a carpet that is also a chart of the eastern coastline of Zealand, form Copenhagen up past Kronborg Castle.
Along the corridor are "lukafer" = cabins for the personal staff of the DRF. I.e. the Lady in Waiting, adjutants etc.
At the end of the corridor, you come to the dining room. The table can of course be extended. You will notice that the carpets have been stowed away for the winter and so have the paintings on the wall. For the same reason the armchairs have been covered.
Close to the dining room is the pantry, in nautical terms called a "bestiklukaf", which I believe is translated to chartroom.
The china is secured as you can see, Dannebrog rolls a lot in the sea, not that it affects the DRF much, they are not prone to seasickness.
However, should you one day find yourself onboard Dannebrog as a guest of the DRF and you are sailing in the North Atlantic, you will almost with guarantee end up in this nook - wishing to die. Said to be the most stable place on the ship. At least in the DRF quarters. It is located in the corridor. This also used to be Queen Ingrid's favorite spot.
The lounge.
The little round table in the background is a well-used bridge table.
Notice the telltale-compass in the ceilling.
The piano (flygel) is very much used by Prince Henrik.
A closer look at the telltale compass. On this and an identical compass in Frederik's IX's study, now used by Prince Henrik, you can keep an eye on the heading of the ship.
Frederik IX, being very much a sailor king, was known to keep a very vigilant eye on the compass, if he noticed the ship had changed course, he contacted the bridge to ask why.
The smoking salon on the top deck. From here you have an almost panoramic view of the sea. It is a favorite place of Prince Henrik, who usually enjoys his morning coffee here, and who can blame him?
The smoking salon, inside. The pillows have been embroidered by QMII and the motifs are from Greenland and The Faroe Islands.
In the back is a small library. The books are changed every year and new books, especially about the places Dannebrog is to visit during the cruises are added. The library also functions as wardrobe for visiting guests.

ashelen 08-26-2012 10:01 AM

Muhler thank yo so much! stunning! wow the captain cabin! my dear how small! i wonder how big arethecabis for theQueen and Frederik when is mary and all the kids together?

polyesco 08-27-2012 12:02 PM


thank you Muhler for all the pictures and information.
What a great ship for the DRF to use

Muhler 08-31-2012 07:49 AM

You are welcome, Polyesco & Ashelen. :smile:

You can also find pictures on DanishRoyalWatchers Blog.
Like these pictures of M&F in the smoking salon on the top deck.
Danish Royal Watchers: Some new old photos from Bornholm...

And member Northern Light has dug up these pictures as well:

The Smoking Salon: - -

The lounge: - - -
Notice the heavy ashtrays between the chairs.

And the hall: -

All credit to Northern Light and DRW. :flowers:

ashelen 08-31-2012 03:32 PM

thank you so much the photosar gorgeous, it is incredible place! and Mary in that suit stunning!!!!

Muhler 11-21-2013 12:57 PM

Summary of a Q&A in Billed Bladet #47, 2013.

Where a Preben Kjærsgaard would like to know the purpose of the signal flags from fore to aft on Dannebrog when she enters a port:
As seen here:

Jon Bloch Skipper explains that "dressing the ship" as it is called, is an old tradition.
Beforehand it marked very special occasion, but today the navy, and civillian ships too, dress the ship to mark a festive occasion or to celebrate something. Dannebrog entering a port during the summer cruises is considered a festive occasion, hence the flags.

CyrilVladisla 09-13-2014 10:37 PM

It was interesting to learn that the Royal Yacht was built as a replacement for the previous royal vessel, the paddle steamer Dannebrog from 1879.

Muhler 11-15-2014 06:05 PM

Some of you may recall that it's a little dream of mine that king Frederik and queen Mary will some day visit Australia onboard Dannebrog.

As such I've tried to imagine how Dannebrog (and her escort) would look like in Sydney harbour.
Australian members will no doubt spot that I had to cheat a little to get the angle of the light right. ;)

BB is up.

ashelen 11-16-2014 11:52 PM

Muhler! I love it!!!1 may be it will come true!

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