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MagMil 03-05-2012 08:11 AM

State Visit from Finland to Sweden: April 17-18, 2012
President of Finland, Niinistö will pay State Visit to Sweden on 17-18 April,2012

Statsbesök från Finland 17-18 april 2012 - Sveriges Kungahus [NS4 version]

Kingen 04-11-2012 03:28 PM

This should be posted in the thread about the State visit from Finland, but it's closed. I post it here, and hope that it coult be moved.

From the royal court website: Statsbesök från Finland - program och ackrediteringsinformation - Sveriges Kungahus [NS4 version]

The (preliminary) prgramme for the visit of President Niinistö an Mrs Haukio to Sweden in April 17-18th.

Tuesday April 17th:
In the morning President Niinistö and Mrs Haukio arrive to Stockholm-Arlanda Airport and are greeted by Swedish Foreign Minister Mr Carl Bildt.

President Niinistö and Mrs Haukio are greeted by the King and Queen at the Royal Mews. They will travel in to the Royal Palace by horse and carriage.

At the Royal Palace there will be an official welcome-ceremony, and President Niinistö will inspect the Royal Guard.

The King and Queen host a private lunch in Princess Sibylla´s Apartment at the Royal Palace. (In the same time Mr Bildt hosts a lunch at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.)

In the afternoon President Niinistö vists the speaker of the swedish parliament (sv, riksdagens talman) Mr Per Westerberg in the House of the Riksdag.

President Niinistö will visit Prime minister Mr Fredrik Reinfeldt at the government offices Rosenbad. President Niinistö and Prime minister Reinfeldt will have negotitations and host a press conference.

President Niinistö will give a lecture at Stockholm School of Economics (Handelshögskolan) at the subject "Northern European Perspectives".

In the afternoon Mrs Haukio and Queen Silvia visit The Modern Museum.

Mrs Haukio and Queen Silvia visit the educational company Hyper Island.

In the evening the King and Queen host a Gala Dinner at the Royal Palace in honour of President Niinistö and Mrs Haukio.

Wednesday April 18th:
In the morning President Niinistö and Mrs Haukio visit the finnish-swedish school in Upplands-Väsby.

The programme continues with a visit to "Science for Life Laboratory" at the Karolinska Insitute in Solna.

City of Stockholm host a lunch on board of one Stockholm archipelago ferry.

In the afternoon President Niinisö and Mrs Haukio visit the Finland Institute (Finlandsinstitutet).

The state visit ends with areception hosted by President Niinistö at the residence of the Finnish Ambassador in Stockholm.

LadyFinn 04-16-2012 11:51 AM

About the state visit from Finland, which starts tomorrow (the thread is still closed):
The programme has been updated:
Prince Daniel and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Carl Bildt, will welcome President Sauli Niinistö and his wife Jenni Haukio at the airport.
Statsbesök från Finland 17-18 april 2012

President Niinistö and his wife will arrive to Sweden with a EADS CASA C-295M transport aircraft of the finnish Air Force, it can take 60 passengers.
Niinistö lentää Ruotsin-vierailulle sotilaskoneella - Ilta-Sanomat

Curriculum vitae of president Sauli Niinistö
Biography of Niinistö
Spouse, mrs Jenni Haukio
Biography of Haukio

The royal court told to Iltasanomat on Monday, that Victoria's participation to some event during this visit isn't excluded.
Tällainen on Niinistön ja Haukion vierailu Ruotsin hovissa - Ilta-Sanomat

LadyFinn 04-17-2012 05:21 AM

Prnce Daniel welcomed president Sauli Niinistö and his wife Jenni Haukio at the airport.
Prinssi Daniel otti presidenttiparin vastaan | Kotimaan uutiset |
Vau mikä edustusasu, rouva Haukio! - Ilta-Sanomat

According to the finnish press, crown princess Victoria will meet the presidential couple at the Royal Palace.

Catharina 04-17-2012 06:45 AM

I was hoping to see reports of the state visit in Swedish newspapers as well but not a word about it anywhere... Typical. :ermm: :sad: Hopefully later they might mention it somewhere briefly.

I can't wait to see more pics! It's great that Victoria and Estelle will be at the Palace too, I had a feeling they would be there. :smile: Mrs Haukio is looking stylish. I read somewhere that the flight to Stockholm was not exactly pleasant and the couple was freezing (army planes aren't very comfy) so Mrs Haukio had to change to her outfit (or "get refreshed") in the VIP room at the airport. If so, I'm wondering were these pics taken after she returned? It would be a bit strange to welcome the presidential couple and then the whole entourage would wait at the runway until the first lady has changed her clothes and returned to take pictures. :lol: Oh well...

MagMil 04-17-2012 06:59 AM

First picture
Royal couple , Crown Princess couple and president's couple :smile:
Victoria is there . All women look beautiful :flowers:

Lehtikuva gallery

Suomen kuningaspari Ruotsissa | Lehtikuva | **** translation

Marika86 04-17-2012 08:08 AM

State Visit from Finland - Day One

BelgaPicture - Category details

MagMil 04-17-2012 08:48 AM

State Visit from Finland - Kungahuset site with pictures and video :smile: **** translation

another belga gallery

and I like this pic.It's nice to see that Queen Silvia have great relationship with her son-in law :smile:

LadyFinn 04-17-2012 08:57 AM

Photo gallery from the website of the president of Finland
Valtiovierailu Ruotsiin 17.-18.4.2012 - Suomen tasavallan presidentti: Kuvat

It wasn't so easy to the First Lady to get out of the transport aircraft
My presidential couple
The First Lady, mrs Jenni Haukio
The king, the queen and the presidential couple
Queen Silvia
Crown princess Victoria

Catharina 04-17-2012 10:20 AM

Still no reporting from any Swedish news media... :ohmy: Only Finnish newspapers etc., the official sites and photo agencies are mentioning this. I think it is downright weird, maybe even a bit scandalous. Yes, I do know that there are lot of other things to report right now (and the Breivik trial in Norway is all over the news) but to leave an official state visit without any notice is rude IMO. :mad: Unfortunately I'm not surprised. Of course the Royal family have been kind and welcoming but otherwise I'm starting to think the first state visit should be done to Estonia instead... :ermm:

MagMil 04-17-2012 10:22 AM

Drottningen och presidentfrun på egna äventyr « Hovbloggen **** translation

http://kungligamodebloggen.svenskdam...k-i-stockholm/ *** translation


Mrs. Haukio and Queen at the Moderna Museet

LadyFinn 04-17-2012 10:23 AM

Lovely photos of queen Silvia and Jenni Haukio.
Finskt statsbesök i Stockholm | kungligamodebloggen
Lunch med Victoria | kungligamodebloggen

The clutch of Jenni Haukio is Rose Cluff Clutch designed by Minna Parikka.

Prince Daniel with his in-laws.


Originally Posted by MagMil (Post 1400770)
Mrs. Haukio and Queen at the Moderna Museet

These photos that the court publishes on the Facebook site are just ridiculous. Can´t they hire a good photographer?

MagMil 04-17-2012 10:40 AM


Originally Posted by LadyFinn (Post 1400771)
These photos that the court publishes on the Facebook site are just ridiculous. Can´t they hire a good photographer?

I agree with you :flowers: or King CG or Prince CP can give some lessons/tips to people who take pictures, how to take it ;):smile:

Two videos from iltalehti with bad quality
arrival in airport
Prinssi Daniel presidenttiparia vastassa Arlandan lentokentällä | IL-TV Uutiset |

official arrival in Stockholm's Royal Palace
Presidenttipari saapui kuninkaalinnaan | IL-TV Uutiset |

one more, article and video :flowers: ***** translation

Josefine 04-17-2012 11:49 AM

the little blue pin victoria wears i think she always use i when there is something to do with finland

MagMil 04-17-2012 01:15 PM

Bomb threat in Museum of Modern Art

Moderna museet utrymt efter bombhot | Nyheter | Expressen | Senaste nytt - Nyheter Sport Ekonomi Nöje ***** translation

Artemisia 04-17-2012 01:21 PM

I am glad it was only a scare and no one was hurt.

marine2109 04-17-2012 01:39 PM


Princess Victoria and Estelle leaves reappears in style for Sauli Niinistö
La princesse Victoria laisse Estelle et réapparaît en beauté pour Sauli Niinistö

Google Google Translate


Prince Daniel in Stockholm receives President of Finland on behalf of the Swedish Royal Family
El principe Daniel recibe en*Estocolmo al presidente de Finlandia en representaci&oac | Realeza | Noticias

Google Google Translate

LadyFinn 04-17-2012 01:40 PM

President Niinistö met prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt
Statsministern tog emot Finlands president
Video of the press conference
Pressträff med statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt och Finlands president Sauli Niinistö

Photo gallery of president Niinistö visiting the Parliament, meeting the Speaker and meeting with the prime minister
Presidentti Niinistö kävi tutustumassa Ruotsin eduskuntaan ja vierailemassa Reinfeldtin luona Rosenbadissa. | Lehtikuva |

Victoria edusti sutjakkana sinivalkoisessa - - Viihde - Uutiset
Jenni ja Victoria kuin kaksi marjaa hiuskoristeissaan - - Viihde - Uutiset

President Niinistö and mrs Haukio gave as gifts to the royal family:
To the king and the queen - Finnish design glass (Aalto Flower designed by Alvar Aalto), a book of finnish art, and a photo of the presidential couple
Aalto Flower
To Victoria and Daniel - The newest Nokia Lumia -phones
To Estelle - A pink mini-bag designed by Minna Parikka (she had designed the white clutch Haukio had during the day).

There were finnish school children at the palace yard, they met the king and the queen and the presidential couple. A woman said that "President Niinistö said Hello, the king took a distance, mrs Haukio spoke to the children and the queen said she was sorry that she doesn't speak finnish". Some school girls about 13-14 years old said that the president Niinistö looked like a true president and his wife had lovely clothes.

President Niinistö said to finnish TV, that the lunch was very nice, the atmosphere was very pleasant. They spoke about things which interest all of them. He and his wife congratulated Victoria and Daniel, of course, and Niinistö said that the couple is very, very happy of their child.

MagMil 04-17-2012 02:43 PM

Belga galleries
Queen Silvia and Mrs. Haukio visit Moderna Musee
BelgaPicture - Category details

Queen Silvia and Mrs. Haukio visit Hyper Island, education centre for interactive communication
BelgaPicture - Category details

LadyFinn 04-17-2012 03:00 PM

The queen and the First Lady

Video, beginning from the airport with a very warm hand shake between Daniel and president Niinistö.
Another video

Photos from the state dinner
Presidenttiparimme kuningasparin illallisvieraana Tukholmassa. | Lehtikuva |

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