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elladora 02-05-2012 06:16 PM

Hello from elladora
Hello Iím elladora but you can just call me dora or ella or whatever you want. Iím from the Netherlands so if I make any mistakes you can just correct me. I really like the Middle eastern and non European royals/royal families. Well seeing you are all sure used to the same introductions over and over I think I will add an extra. :whistling:Well I will give you 5 royals who I find hot/handsome/beautiful in no particular order. If you know someone tell me? ( with picture of course):tongue:

1 lalla Soukaina
2 prince Hashem :wub::wub:
3 queen Jetsun Pema
4 Grace kelly
5 Charlotte Casiraghi

ironical 02-05-2012 06:37 PM

Hi there! Welcome and join the forum!

Baroness of Books 02-05-2012 07:09 PM

Hello, Elladora, and welcome to the forums. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here and will get a lot of information on all your favorite royals.

elladora 02-05-2012 07:18 PM

Thank you so much!

Rhys82192 02-05-2012 10:17 PM

Hello and :welcome: :flowers:

Daria_S 02-05-2012 10:33 PM

Hello :wave: and :welcome:. This is a great place and I hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us do. Happy posting!

Patra 02-06-2012 05:29 AM

Welcome to TRF, I hope you enjoy posting as much as I do!

MagMil 02-06-2012 08:06 AM

Hi and :welcome: . Enjoy your time here :smile:

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