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LadyFinn 09-14-2011 10:31 AM

Princess Victoria & Prince Daniel's Visit to Turku, Finland: September 19-20, 2011
The Crown Princess couple will visit Turku, European Capital of Culture on 19-20 September. They were invited to this two-day visit by the City of Turku, Turku 2011 Foundation and the Baltic Sea Action Group, which works for the Protection of the Baltic Sea. The visit is their first visit to Turku.

The Crown Princess couple arrives to Turku with the brig Tre Kronor, which attaches to the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre at about 10.45, there will be an open, official reception for them..
Crown Princess Victoria reveals in front of Forum Marinum a title plate of the protection of the Baltic Sea. She will receive a a fiberglass sculpture of a seal – from the HejHylje! Charity project.
The visit also includes a visit to the main auditorium of the Culture City year, the Logomo and its exhibitions, the new Main Library of Turku and its children's department as well as and a visit to the Carl Larsson exhibition at the Turku Art Museum.

Crown Princess couple will also meet with young adult leaders and experts from the Åbo Akademi University's premises. The talks, in particular through the creative industries and the importance of culture in Finland, and Sweden's success now and in the future. Debate is being held under the theme "Re-Imagining Turku / Åbo - The Creative Generation and the Challenges of Tomorrow."

Hosting the visit to the City of Turku, mayor Aleksi Randell says he is very pleased of the Crown Princess Couple´s visit to Turku during its Capital of Culture year:

The public can follow the visit on Monday morning at the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre and on Tuesday at midday at Square Vähätori.
Reception and festivities at the Forum Marinum, start on Monday approximately at 10:45 and last for about half an hour. After the celebration of Crown Princess couple participates in the Baltic Sea Living Room ceremony Forum Marinum premises. After the event, they go walking to lunch to the full-rigger Suomen Joutsen, where the public has the opportunity to see them.
On Tuesday, the Crown Princess couple walks in the Main Library to the Western Shore about 12.00.

The program:

Monday 19.9.
10:45 The Crown Princess couple arrives in Turku with the brig Tre Kronor, the vessel attaches to the dock in front of the Forum Marinum Maritime Centre
- Reception, inauguration of the park and the Crown Princess' signature plaque unveiling and donating the sculpture HejHylje! to the crown princess
◦ Baltic Sea Living Room occasion, discussion organized by the Baltic Sea Action Group
12:45 Crown princess couple walks from the Forum Marinum to the full-rigger Suomen Joutsen to a lunch offered by the city of Turku
15:00 Visit to the Art Museum
19:00 Gala dinner in Turku Castle, hosted by the city of Turku

Tuesday 20.9.
09:15 Crown Princess Couple visits the Logomo
11:00 Visit to the main library
12:00 Transition to square Vähätori via Itäinen Rantakatu (East Beach Street)
14:00 Visit to the Åbo Akademi Arken
16:15 Departure from the airport of Turku to Stockholm

Ruotsin kruununprinsessapari vierailee kulttuuripääkaupunki Turussa 19.-20.9. -
Sveriges ambassad Helsingfors - Nyheter -

Turku is my hometown, here are some links to the places Victoria and Daniel will visit.
Forum Marinum
Full-rigger Suomen Joutsen
The art museum
Turku Castle
Main library
Square Vähätori

Duke of Marmalade 09-14-2011 10:32 AM

Thanks Lady Finn - will you go and try to see them at some of the locations? How exciting!

LadyFinn 09-18-2011 03:06 PM

Victoria and Daniel will arrive to Turku, to their visit´s official reception with the brig Tre Kronor. The brig arrived this evening to Turku, it stays overnight in Pansio.
Victorian purjealus jo Turussa, kruununprinsessa saapuu vasta aamulla - Kotimaa - Turun Sanomat
Victoria ja Daniel maanantaina Turussa - Ilta-Sanomat
Victoria and Daniel will arrive to Turku in the morning and go to the brig.

Victoria will get this Hope-seal -sculpture tomorrow. Designer Stefan Lindfors designed the seal. It was made 40 seals, and artists painted them. The sculptures have been all over Turku for over a month, and they will be sold in an auction soon, 50 % of the income will be donated to the protection of the Baltic Sea. Victoria´s seal is painted by Camilla Hackman. I´ve seen many of the seals at the city, they have become a real success, people like them very much.

Finally the city of Turku has put an english version the press information to their website:
The Swedish Crown Princess couple to visit Turku, European Capital of Culture 19-20 Sept. -

iceflower 09-19-2011 04:27 AM


Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of disembarking from royal vessel Tre Kronor in Turku
September 19, 2011.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** belga gallery ** daylife gallery, September 19 **

** IBL gallery ** stella/belga gallery **

** : Kruununprinsessa Victoria ja prinssi Daniel laskeutuivat Turkuun **

** gallery 1 ** gallery 2 **

** Jubel för kronprinsessan Victoria och prins Daniel i Finland **

** Kronprinsessan i Finland… **

Marika86 09-19-2011 08:06 AM

Isopix photogallery

swedish-royal-visit-to-turku-finland-19-sep-2011-827438 - Foto's, pers en stockbeelden, Videos - Photos de presse, banque d'images et Vidéos :

LadyFinn 09-19-2011 11:56 AM

As Turku is my hometown and Victoria and Daniel are my favourite royals, I went to see them when they arrived from the brig to Forum Marinum.
It was a very windy, rainy and very cold morning in Turku. I used my umbrella as much as I could, before Victoria and Daniel came closer, but after that - without a hat and umbrella - my hair was a mess!
Victoria and Daniel arrived from Pansio to Forum Marinum with the brig. They had been much out on the deck at the wind and rain. A woman, who had been as their guide on the brig and told about the history of Turku, said that she had never believed before, how cheerful the trip with Victoria and Daniel could be!

I went there at 10.25 and at 10.35 the brig started to show, and the s/s Bore gave three loud peeps with its bugle. The Finnish Navy Band started to play a great march. The ship passed the full-rigger Suomen Joutsen and attached behind it. I didn´t see Victoria and Daniel to step to the land, but there were a lot of people watching them. The Navy band continued playing. Then it took about 15 minutes when I saw the first glimpse of Victoria and Daniel, when they started to come nearer. Their walk took a lot of time, because they stopped all the time to greet people and shake hands. And to chat with people, especially children. They also stopped all the time to pose for people. Finally, they came nearer me and I got some photos - and I saw them about a metre from me! They looked great. Victoria was beautiful and Daniel looked more handsome in nature than in many photos. They walked beside me and greeted people at the backside and then came back close to me. Victoria saw a little girl in the arms of her mother quite near to me, she said: "Oh what a beautiful dress you have underneath your coat!" She cuddled the child and Daniel smiled gently beside her.
Then they went in front of restaurant Daphne, where the official ceremonies started. Victoria was given flowers by a lovely little girl. The mayor of Turku, Aleksi Randell spoke. Then the ceo of Forum Marinum, Jaakko Tikka, spoke. Victoria and Daniel got their own plate at the Saaristomeriaukio (The plates are sold at the price of 30 euros, the money goes to the protection of the Archipelago Sea of Finland. Anyone who wants can by a plate and get his/her name on it, and the plate will be put at the yard of Forum Marinum).
The designer of the HejHylje! -seal Stefan Lindfors, artist Camilla Hackman and her daughter donated one of the seals to Victoria and Daniel.

Although it was a lousy weather, seeing Victoria and Daniel alive made my day, my week, my month and maybe the whole year! They looked so warm, tender, genuine and happy to be in Turku, to spoke with people and to pose to a numerous of people (and almost hundred journalists + photographers). Victoria was as happy as always, and Daniel, he was smiling and many times he looked tenderly his wife. To see that real love just in front of you - it makes you smile and something warm gets to your heart.
Victoria and Daniel were very tender to eachother, they looked eachother many times lovingly, took hands and put their hand on eachothers waist. When Victoria was speaking with children just near me, I could see the love in Daniel´s face, when he looked to Victoria and then the child.
To me Victoria looked great at her coat, it was tailored great, you could hardly see that she is pregnant. And the women near me (aged 15-80) said: What a wonderful shoes she has! How she smiles! Daniel, he is such a gentleman!
I was impressed about how Victoria and Daniel genuinely seem to care for people. It was very cold in Turku. They said to people: You must be freezing, how long have you been here? And when the organizers tried to get them to go to the official reception, they showed to a group of at least a hundred people: We havent´t greeted them yet, and went there.

Here is some photos I took:

LadyFinn 09-19-2011 12:24 PM

Victoria and Daniel took part in the Baltic Sea Living Room, a seminar on the theme of the Baltic Sea area. The topic interested them both. One speaker was a schoolgirl, who told about the measures her school does in the Baltic Sea protection.
- Really good, Daniel whispered to Victoria.
There was a funny episode when there was a little girl who yawned quite thoroughly. This spontaneous reaction made Victoria and Daniel laugh. Victoria and Daniel received the Guardian of the Baltic Sea -jewelry made from recycled silver, designed by Noora Kunttu and Heini Lehto. Victoria received a necklace and Daniel cufflinks.
- Many thanks, wonderful, Victoria praised on several occasions.
Daniel presented the people his cufflinks with enthusiasm, and changed them to his shirt immediately.
Daniel sai kalvosinnapit | Viihde |

Photos from today:

LadyFinn 09-19-2011 01:38 PM

Arriving to the dinner at the Turku Castle
At the dinner, talking with Björn Wahlroos, the managing director and CEO of Sampo Group, king Carl Gustaf´s good friend.

It was funny when Victoria shook her hand with Daniel after placing their plate to the ground.
The children sang a Moomin-song for Victoria and Daniel.

Daria_S 09-19-2011 02:00 PM

LadyFinn, thank you for sharing your experience and pictures :cool:. I love reading ordinary citizens' reactions to seeing/meeting royals. They're always more personable than those of the reporters.

ursulajohanna 09-19-2011 02:15 PM

LadyFinn, thanks very much for your detailed informations of the visit and the beautiful pics from the first day - great work!

LadyFinn 09-19-2011 02:50 PM

From the dinner:
Video, arriving to the Art Museum

iceflower 09-19-2011 03:15 PM


Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences and pics, LadyFinn, such reports are always great!

Here are two additions from today:

** ppe gallery **

** purepeople: Victoria de Suède : Une future maman engagée au côté de son époux Daniel **

LadyFinn 09-19-2011 03:44 PM

Photos from the site of City of Turku
Leaving the dinner
This is cute; Victoria shook hand with Daniel after she had put their plate on the ground to the place deserved to it.

stellad 09-19-2011 10:23 PM

Thank you Ladyfinn, a most memorable day for you.

LadyFinn 09-20-2011 12:20 AM

A big photogallery
Victorian vierailu kuvina: Näin päivä eteni | Viihde |

Victoria and Daniel stayed the night at the Hotel Marina Palace. They arrived to the hotel at ten o´clock in the evening. Despite the busy day, they seemed both very lively. Victoria said: "I´m not tired at all. We had a wonderful night. We had a especially good dinner and it was great to have dinner at the Turku Castle."
The couple ordered chocolate and fresh blueberries for the night.
Victoria ja Daniel yöpuulle: Sviittiin suklaata ja mustikoita | Viihde |

Soli Deo Gloria 09-20-2011 03:53 AM


Originally Posted by LadyFinn (Post 1317940)
As Turku is my hometown and Victoria and Daniel are my favourite royals, I went to see them when they arrived from the brig to Forum Marinum.
It was a very windy, rainy and very cold morning in Turku.

;) please notice the beautiful (woolen?) mitten to the right in the picture :smile: .... I beleve you: a very cold morning!

Duke of Marmalade 09-20-2011 04:08 AM

Thanks for sharing, Lady Finn :flowers:

Marika86 09-20-2011 04:42 AM

Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel visit the exhibition "Logomo" for the European Capital of Culture in Turku. September 20, 2011 Daniel och Victoria roade sig kungligt På Åbo Slott ** Belga Picture

iceflower 09-20-2011 06:37 AM


Overview of day 1 from the official website:

** Kronprinsessparet besöker Åbo, dag 1 ** translation **

And some pics from Day 2 without watermarks:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** gettyimages/reuters/daylife gallery - September 20, 2011 **

** gallery **

** Massor av kärlek för Daniel och Victoria **

LadyFinn 09-20-2011 10:08 AM

Photos from today:

Two young men had a guitar at the square Vähätori, they sang a song of Daniel. Victoria and Daniel liked it a lot, they were laughing cheerfully.

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