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curious 03-07-2003 01:37 AM

Meaning of Infante/a and Who Gets to Use It
All's quiet on the Felipe front. Is he on vacation or something? By the way, I read somewhere that he was an Infante(?) before he was made Crown Prince. I also noticed that his sisters are referred to as Infantas. What exactly is the difference between a prince/princess and and infante/infanta?

Oh and just as an aside, I saw the queen during her visit to Manila this week. She was at this school for streetchildren I was volunteering at. She had this really nice suit on and it was a very hot day but she still managed to look sooo regal and cool. She also seems like a really nice person. I think Felipe looks like her.

samitude 03-07-2003 10:40 AM

That's very nice that you were able to see the queen. I would love to have the opportunity of seeing any royal. She always manages to look very well even if she's in disagreeable circumstances, ie: hot weather.

Felipe does indeed look like his mother, but has the build and basic appearance of his father when his father was young.

Here's a picture of Felipe taken yesterday. He's definitely out and about.

Felipe Photo

Teresa 04-20-2003 12:21 PM

Infante/Infanta is the title for the monarch's children that are not the 1st in succession to the throne. It is the same as Price/Princess in other countries.
Felipe's title is Prince of Asturias, as he is the heir to the throne.

mashed potatoes 08-12-2004 01:26 PM

meaning of "Infante"
what is the difference between infante and princess? why are elena and christina infantes? and not princesses? Are infantes higher or lower than the title of princess? what is the history behind this title and what does it mean?

carlota 08-12-2004 02:30 PM

the word infante is only used in spain to describe the other children of the king and queen of spain that do not inherit the throne. it means "son/daughter of spain". i think it's the same title as prince or princess...

mashed potatoes 08-12-2004 04:46 PM

thank you for a very swift reply.

elenaris 08-13-2004 07:43 AM

Felipe is an infant too
I think that Felipe is to be considered as an Infant too, as son of King... It is not limited to the others children of the royal couple.

Alexandria 08-13-2004 10:58 AM


Originally Posted by elenaris
I think that Felipe is to be considered as an Infant too, as son of King... It is not limited to the others children of the royal couple.

As Felipe is the eldest son and will succeed his father he bears the Prince of Asturias title. But if there had also been a younger son, he, like his sisters would've had the Infante title. In the King's case he had a younger brother (now deceased) who was Infante Alfonse, while their sisters were Infantas Pilar and Margarita (brain block-- is that his dark-haired sister's name?).

CathyEarnshaw 08-13-2004 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by elenaris
I think that Felipe is to be considered as an Infant too, as son of King... It is not limited to the others children of the royal couple.

felipe was an infante of Spain until he was created Prince of the Asturias. He is no longer styled as an Infant of Spain

CathyEarnshaw 08-13-2004 11:44 AM

Children of the King (apart from the heir, who would be styled Prince of the Asturias, or Princess of the Asturias - yes, a female heir is known as this) are Infants of Spain - and the children of the heir - are Infants of Spain.

Conde Valleverde 08-17-2004 10:10 PM

Yes, Infante means son of the King (Infanta in case of a daughter), whereas the title of Príncipe de Asturias is reserved for the Crown Prince. A person is not entitled to hold both titles.

King Alfonso XIII (1886-1941) had six children born of Queen Victoria Eugenia. The eldest was Príncipe de Asturias and the rest were Infantes or Infantas. Nevertheless, King Alfonso XIII had an extramarital relationship with actress Carmen Ruiz-Moragas. Leandro, one of the children of that relationship, born in the 1920s, has successfully claimed his last name as Borbón (he used his mother´s last name until 2003, when the Spanish Supreme Court acknowledged that he had the right to use Borbón as his last name). After that, don Leandro de Borbón apparently claims that he is an Infante too, because all the recognized children of Spanish monarchs are Infantes.

BaylorBear06 06-24-2005 01:01 PM

Hi im new, but i was under the impression that "Infante/a" was kind of equivalent to the Grand Dukes and Duchess of Russia like the children of the KING/RULER are infante and infantas (grand duchess), whereas a "prince or princess" are a step below.

anyways im not sure just a question i had thanks guys!

MoonlightRhapsody 06-24-2005 05:45 PM

Here's my impression:

Infante/a = Prince/Princess = Grand Duke/Duchess = Lala/Prince

carlota 06-24-2005 06:07 PM

it's only the title for the children of the king until the heir to the throne receives the title of prince of asturias. the future newborn of felipe and letizia will be "infante/a" before he or she receives the title of prince or princess of asturias.

TatoďPalace 08-31-2005 03:35 PM

Infante/Infanta (in Portugal and Spain) = Grand Duke/Grand Duchess (in Russia) = Archduke/Archduchess (in Austria) = Duke/Duchess (in Württemberg) = Prince/Princess (in other Royal Families).

Also in Portugal, the Crown Prince/Crown Princess as heir/heiress to the throne beared the title "Duke/Duchess de Bragança" and the other members of the Royal Family beared the title "Infante/Infanta of Portugal".

RoyalEnquirer 12-28-2005 01:28 AM

The use of Infanta
Hello, I am just curious as to why the Spanish Royals use Infanta instead of Princesa. I took 4 years of Spanish, and I know that it means infant in English. If anyone could enlighten me I would appreciate it!

Emily :)

Lord Williams 12-28-2005 03:23 AM

I really have no idea but in france, the royal children were called the Children of France I may be similar since the Spanish royal family has Bourbon blood...this is a huge

Elsa M. 12-28-2005 07:57 AM

Please, read the posts above, if you don't mind.

Infanta Paulette 12-29-2005 12:46 PM

In the Spanish and former Portuguese monarchies, Infante (masc.) or Infanta (fem.) is the title given to a son or daughter of the reigning monarch who is not the heir-apparent to the throne. Other, more distantly related, members of the Spanish and Portuguese royal families are also granted the title.
The name derives from the same root as "infant," but this means simply "child" in Romance languages, and in this case indicates that the Infante or Infanta is the child of the monarch.

As per Wiki

El título de Infante lo introdujo la reina Leonor de Inglaterra (casada con Fernando II de León, siglo XII), tal y como se usaba en este país. Sus hijos, Sancho y Fernando fueron los primeros hijos de reyes en ostentar dicho título.

CrownPrinceLorenzo 02-03-2006 12:12 AM


Why is she called Infanta? Is that her name or a title? Thanks.

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