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FasterB 05-11-2011 01:20 PM

Queen Margrethe & Crown Prince Frederik visit Greenland; May 3rd-8th, 2011
HER&NU informs us this week that CP Frederik and QMI last week travelled to the eastern of Greenland.

The visit was so secret that not even the last communicationsworker, Christian Meyer, knew why the flag was up at Prince Joachim´s palace. Both Ove Ullerup, Chr. Eugen-Olsen and Lene Balleby was in the US to plan the programme for QMII and PH´s visit in June.

But Hennign Fode could tell HER&NU that CP F and QMII was in Greenland to take a closer look at the working conditions of the Defence. Originally the visit should have taken place last year in connection with the 60th anniversary of The Sirius Patrol.

Normally a regent will only be in question if QMII is out of the country, but since Greenland is a part of "Rigsfællsskabet", then she was in Denmark. But it was decided that Prince Joachim should act as Regent, because the communication (i.e. internet/cell phone aso.) in eastern Greenland can be very challenging and a lot af laws had and still has to be signed due the summer vacation of the parliament.

Muhler 05-12-2011 09:05 AM

Translation of article in Billed Bladet #19, 2011.
Mor og søn på eventyr – Mother and son on an adventure.
Written by Annelise Weimann & Anna Johannesen.

In the deepest secret Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik have just been together on a unique journey in one of the most desolate and strenuous areas of Denmark, (1) i.e. East Greenland. Last week the Queen flew to Mestersvig at the Greenland coast, 200 km north of Scorebysund, (2) in order to experience the working conditions of the Danish defense on the east side of Greenland. At the same time they wished to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Sirius Patrol. (3)
The journey was planned in the greatest secrecy and only a very few knew that mother and son was going. It’s very rare that Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik have a chance for going on a journey both of them.
- “It was their wish to go together to Greenland and it was possible for them to go on this trip just now”, says the courts communications director, Lene Balleby.
While the Queen was in Greenland with her oldest son Prince Joachim has been regent (rigsforstander). Normally a regent need not be appointed when the Queen and the Crown Prince is in Denmark, (4*) but because both of them were staying in an area where it was difficult to get in touch with a short notice (5) Joachim became a regent for almost a week while the Queen was away.
The journey to East Greenland fulfilled several purposes. First and foremost it was a unique opportunity for mother and son to be together in a big, special and fantastic experience. The Queen has said before that she was almost envious on Frederik when he for four months in 2000 traveled around on a dog sleigh with the Sirius Patrol. (6) She did however visit her oldest son, together with Prince Henrik back then but that was a very short trip, almost a tourist trip, where they among other things brought homemade crane cake for the team. (7)

This time the Queen wished to experience it all first hand together with Frederik and it was a big wish for her to travel in the right manner, i.e. by dog sleigh. After arriving at the small airport on Mestersvig which is only manned by two persons, the Queen and the Crown Prince therefore drove out on the ice to Kong Oscars Fjord on each their dog sleighs and there certainly wasn’t much comfort on the way. The Queen and Frederik spend the night, partly in the cabins (8) the Sirius Patrol use on the ice but they also lived in some of the cabins Greenlandic hunters have build and use when they are hunting. (9)
There was no luxury at all on the journey and it was in every way a very primitive way to travel, but that suited the Queen well and she enjoyed every moment. Because even though she turned 71 in April Queen Margrethe is still in fantastic shape and she has a good health. And that is needed in order to cope with the hardship that was part of the trip. For Crown Prince Frederik it was particularly moving to experience all the exciting things and the beautiful nature together with his mother and show her the part of Denmark he is so very fond of. For both of them it was as such one of the very best experiences they have had together.

A BB reporter asked Frederik while he was on the way to a lunch with the committee behind the 500th anniversary celebrations of the Danish navy.
Q: How did you experience the journey with your mother to Greenland last week?
F: “Well. All was well. – But one did get some bruises”.
He added that his mother had done fantastically: “But then she has tried it before”. There had been some problems with the dog sleighs due to 40 centimeters of freshly fallen snow.

- That is one cool Queen!
I have a feeling that QMII is enjoying life now and doing things she would have been hesitant to do beforehand. Should she die tomorrow she knows that the next generation is ready to take over. That must give some peace of mind.

(1) Not part of DK per se, but a part of the Danish realm and strictly speaking Danish territory.

(2) Outposts more than towns. I believe the total population of East Greenland is no more than a couple of thousand, max.

(3) All three branches have units stationed in Greenland. The Sirius Patrol is among the most unique military units in the world. The main purpose is by their presence to maintain Danish sovereignty in East Greenland, but also to enforce Danish legislation, as such they also act a magistrates and police and sometimes as paramedics.
They serve for 26 months at a time. They team up with a partner and two packs of dogs and about twice a year they go on a patrol lasting three or four months. They may not meet any other human being in that period. The Sirius Patrol use dogs rather than snowmobiles because dogs act as excellent burglar alarms against polar bears, they are very sensitive against cracks in the ice, they don’t run out of fuel and dogs can be eaten.
The dogs are put down at the age of five. All men have a favorite dog, with which he has a special relationship. The dog will accompany the man, when he is “going to the bathroom”. Both as a warning against bears but also to eat the man’s feces. It’s still full of nutrition and yum for a sleigh dog. – It may also reinforce the bonds between man and dog.
Members of the Sirius Patrol are very practical minded and after a tour in Greenland also very independent as such they are usually ill suited for continuing a career in the military afterwards. Some however stay in service for many years in East Greenland.
The Patrol use bolt action rifles, because they work in subzero temperatures, semi-automatic rifles may not. Some American members in particular may be familiar with the Krag-Jorgensen rifle. This very sturdy rifle was used up until recently. The rifle was the standard issue rifle in the Danish army until WWII.

(4) Not in Denmark, but within the Danish realm.

(5) It was not unlikely that the PM would have called for a general election last week.

(6) Not entirely correct. There were members of the Sirius Patrol attached to the expedition and it acted under the supervision and authority of the Sirius Patrol, but it was primarily a civilian expedition.

(7) That was during a resupply flight to the expedition. There are rarely such drops for the regular patrols. It’s simply too expensive and often impossible due to the weather.

(8) Such cabins are sometimes raided by hungry polar bears. They don’t use the doors; they go in through the wall. Inside each cabin there is always a box with matches on the table, with some of the matches sticking out so that frozen fingers can use them.

(9) Some older cabins were build and used by mainly Danish fur hunters up until the 1950’s.

stellad 05-13-2011 12:04 AM

Thanks Muhler, as always your translations make for interesting reading. So this trip was totally different to the last one the two of them took together. Lovely 'alone' time for mother and son.

dazzling 05-14-2011 02:27 AM

Queen Margrethe & the Crown Prince visit to Greenland: May 3-8, 2011


Queen and Crown Prince of Greenland

Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness Crown Prince was the third to 8 May 2011 visit by Defence guard Mestersvig in East Greenland.

The purpose of the visit was to look at the Armed Forces working in East and join in the celebration of the Sirius Patrol 60-year anniversary, which took place last year.

Photos from the visit can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

HM The Queen and HRH the Crown Prince on a dogsled in the bastion of Ella Ø

HM The Queen and HRH Crown Prince pauses at Narwhal Healthy

Pictures can be used in the declaration: Photo: The Royal Family.

Muhler 05-14-2011 02:35 AM

A minor correction, the you can delete this. :smile:

It's not Narwhal Healthy, it's Narwhal Sound.

Sund = healty, but it also means sound.

dazzling 05-14-2011 02:37 AM

Why was this an unannounced trip/visit?
I would understand trips to Afghanistan etc are kept secret but this was nothing like that.

Margaret and Frederick's secret trip to Greenland
Read it translated here ** Original article

dazzling 05-15-2011 01:58 AM

Crown Prince on the trip with mom: It was all good
Translated article

Kronprinsen om rejsen med mor: Det hele var godt
Original article

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