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dazzling 03-29-2011 01:36 AM

Queen Margrethe II’s 40th Jubilee Celebrations: January-February 2012
Three days of celebrations for Queen Margrethe’s forty years on the throne in 2012
Thanks to Mia for the link

JessRulz 11-14-2011 08:02 AM

Program for Queen Margrethe II's 40th Jubilee Celebrations

Tuesday January 10th, 2012
At 12:15, the Royal Family will attend a reception hosted by the Danish Parliament.

At 16:00, HM The Queen will hold a press conference at Christian IX's Palace, Amalienborg. HRH The Prince Consort will join her for a photo call before the press conference.

Wednesday January 11th, 2012
At 11:00, the Royal Family will open the exhibition "Regent of 40 Years - Queen Margrethe 1972-2012" at Frederiskborg Slot in Hillerød.

At 15:00, the Royal Family will open the exhibition "Royal Gala" at the Amalienborg Museum.

Saturday January 14th, 2012
At 09:50, the Royal Family will travel by saloon car to Roskilde, to lay wreaths at the graves of TM King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid, before heading inside Roskilde Cathedral.

At 12:40, the Royal Party will travel by coach through Copenhagen to the Town Hall, accompanied by the Royal Guardsmen Regiment.

At 13:00, there will be a reception at the Copenhagen Town Hall.

At 13:30, HM The Queen and HRH The Prince Consort will appear on the Town Hall balcony.

At 19:30, there will be a gala performance at the Danmarks Radio Concert House.

Sunday January 15th, 2012
At 10:00, there will be a state council meeting at Christiansborg Palace attended by HM The Queen and HRH The Crown Prince. The Queen will receive the government and the Folketing's gifts.

At 12:00, the Changing of the Guard will take place at Amalienborg, and the Royal Family will appear on the Palace balcony.

At 12:45, TRH the Crown Prince and Princess host a buffet lunch for the Royal Family and foreign guests at Frederik VIII's Palace.

At 15:00, there will be a service of thanksgiving at the Christiansborg Palace Chapel.

At 20:00, there will be a gala dinner held at Christiansborg Palace, attended by the Royal Family, members of official Denmark and foreign dignitaries.

Friday January 27th, 2012
At 17:00, the Regent Couple will open the exhibition "The Colour Soul - Queen Margrethe II's Art" at the Arken.

JessRulz 11-18-2011 07:58 AM

To mark the Queen's jubilee, the Royal Danish Mint is producing a commemorative coin in gold, featuring the number '40' and a wreath of daisies on one side and a crown on the other.

Article from Billed Bladet *** Translation

Information from the Mint

Muhler 11-20-2011 02:51 PM

(This belongs in the 40th jubilee thread, which is locked).

Frederik lokkede mor på glatis - Royale -

On the occasion of the jubille a book about QMII and her 40 years of reign is being published.
That book contains interviews with QMII herself and her family, as such it should worth reading. But it's a mastodont of a book! More than 500 pages!

Anyway here is a bit from the book about how Frederik lured QMII to go trekking with him in Greenland.
They did this for the first time in 2005 when Mary was pregnant with Christian. (And again in May this year).

And that was the reason why Frederik didn't go with Mary, but instead persuaded his mother to go.
Frederik said to QMII: Now, you reserve seven days in late April and early May, and then I'll arrange a trip up there.
Frederik goes on: "My mother got her monneys worth of an experience. It was fantastic to share it with her and being together out there in the rough".

QMII says: "It is so indesribebly beautiful - and so indescribebly big.
That my oldest son thought it's fun to have his old mother up there for something like this, and that we have some wilderness-hoolaa-baloo in common, which we really can't stay away from, that I think is so amusing".

QMII, just like Frederik, is fond of the cold and the snow.

Muhler 11-21-2011 09:41 AM

An amusing little piece from the portrait book about QMII, in connection with her jubilee.
I suggest the mods unlock that thread, as there will no doubt be more.

From BT: Ærlig Margrethe: Jeg er IT-analfabet - Royale -

Who admits that she is hoplessly left behind when it comes to technology.

She doesn't use computers, not even an electric typewriter.
She does own a prehistoric mobile phone, but she has never used it. She communicates via a stationary telephone. (*)
However, her staff is up to date, so she can manage.

Joachim explains: "My mother has simply opted to stay out of that IT-bobble. For her own part she has simply acknowledged that she has no desire to familliarize herself with that technology".

QMII says: "Things with buttons and thingies has always been something pretty far removed from me.
My sons have reconciled themselves with the fact that their mother is an illiterate in regards to IT.
Yes, I'm more lazy that than I appear to be". (In reference to her staff doing all the technology-stuff).

Princess Benedikte is just like her older sister. Except that she does use a mobile, but she doesn't send text messages (sms in Danish).
She adds: "Anne-Marie is very up to date and sometimes (she) can be in utter dispair and shake (her) head about her not being able to send us a text message. - But you are so afraid to accidentally delete all sorts of things or doing something wrong so it all blows up".

(*) Try explain kids under the age of twelve about stationary phones and their eyes go blank.


From TV2:

The author of this book, Jens Andersen, spend twelve hours in conversation with QMII, among others.
That led QMII to exclaim: "Why, I talk like a waterfall"! (Idiom meaning: a lot!)

Jens Andersen's personal impression of the coversations with QMII:
"If there is just as much life in me, when I reach her age, I can't ask for anything more.
When I forgot (about) my two taperecorders, because I was so preoccupied with our conversations, she always said: - Now, remeber your two little thingies. - We probably have the least on-line Regent on the planet, who still prefer to use a stationary telephone".

14th January 1972 where QMII's father died and she became Regent is also mentioned:
"When she during the course of one day has to be there to close her father's eyes (*) and then being recieved as the new Regent. We both shed a tear there".

QMII has recieved a copy of the book, which will be published next Monday: "I was in there Wednesday, but she is after all wise enough not to review it before the reviewers".

(*) To close someone's eyes = to say a proper goodbye or to be present when someone dies.

Muhler 11-22-2011 02:13 AM

More about the portrait book which is looking more and more interesting. Ærlig margrethe: J

This time about how Prince Henrik got his fit and ran off to France, because he felt demoted in regards to his son Frederik and in general.

QMII says: "Perhaps I wasn't so good at helping my husband back on track as I should have been. I probably missed that a bit. I thought that - well, I don't know what I thought. I don't think I thought enough, as simple as that.
Now we are fine. There is no crisis amymore. My husband has gotten through his part of it and we have gone through it together - and a marriage doesn't get any worse from that".

- I must admit that I've really been able to understand why it was so important for PH not to be superceeded by his son. That is after all one of his missions in live. To ensure that Frederik grew up to become a competent Crown Prince and later king. After all the Constitution is the Constitution and that's it.
In his place I would have had problems keeping myself from tapdancing with pride.

The new portrait book is getting more and more interesting!

Here is something from Politiken about Prince Henrik's issue in 2002 and how she was as a mother for her children.
Dronningen i ny bog: »Jeg var måske ikke så god til at hjælpe min mand« -

About Frederik and Joachim growing up without their mother being around that much:
"Frederik and Joachim were after all two little kids back then. Of course they didn't sort of get the same childhood as their own children have today. Partially because the times were different, but also because I suddenly became a very busy mother. However, I'm afraid that I might have been anyway (busy/preoccupied). I've enjoyed having my children all the time, it's not that, but there were so much to preoccupy me back then. I have to admit that".

Joachim talks about their childhood. When QMII was around she was either reading out aloud or encouraging them to play in a creative way:
"It always had to be something you liked to do. Presumably to give us the opportunity to go on a (creative) discovery in the whith, rather than seeking that within a narrow confine. My mother is after all a multi-artist, so she could in that way sense, which way we thought was most fun. It was mostly on holidays and things like that, where she could use away of her own time. She was always interested in what we were doing.
We grew up in a time where many boys were crazy about model kits. We preferred making model planes, my brother and I. So that also interested our mother, because that was also a creative way of expressing yourself, even though the parts can only be put together in one particular way. She was very interested in that process, no matter what her interest in warplanes and things like that might have been".

- Unfortunately children don't build as many model kits as beforehand. A pity, they learn patience, dexterity and reading drawings in that way. Our own son, to my delight, took up modelling a few years back, but that interest has faded, the computer being much more alluring.

Muhler 11-24-2011 12:49 PM

Summary of article in Billed Bladet #47, 2011.
Jeg ville gerne have haft flere børn - I would like to have had more children.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

This is about the new portrait book of QMII which will be published tomorrow Friday.
Which is full of anecdotes and quotes from QMII and her family.

About having M&F living next door at Amalienborg.
QMII: "I so much enjoy having the CP-couple as neighbors. You can sense that they thrive living at Amalienborg and for the children it's perfectly normal to run around there. Except that they came in from Fredensborg where all doors are small and low. The children actually can't reach the doorhandles at Amalienborg".

About her New Year speeches, which have sometimes been controversial.
QMII: "Even though not everyone will think you said quite the right thing, it certainly shouldn't be like people thinking: What's that got to do with me"? (Actually the expression QMII is using here is harder).

About Queen Ingrid.
QMII: "My mother has meant a lot all the way through as the wise woman (*) she was. With her I could ask directly for advise".

About skiing in Norway.
QMII: "I've always said no to my Norwegian friends when they have asked me whether I would like to go up in the mountains during the summer as well. Reallt, I don't mind walking up a hill, when I'm skiing down but walking down hill, that I can't be bothered to do"!

When QMII turned 40, she said at a pressmeeting: "I would terribly like for Frederik and Joachim to have a brother or sister - preferably a sister! - But that is beyond one's control and both my husband and I would terribly like another child, so we hope for that".

About her as a mother of small children: "Some women are baby-mothers, others are not. I'm not an obvious babymother, even though the relationship to ones children start in that end. We can't sort of taking them over at 21, can we? I'm a very bad peadagogue. I'm very impatient. And that's not so good". - So it was Prince Henrik who took over the upbringing in the family.
Joachim: "My mother's absense was a simple consequence of her being a young lady when she became Queen, and that suddenly completely other matters entered her head. That of being a feeding-mother (homemaker/housewife) and a raising-mother, that didn't work out anymore. If she had become Queen in 1982, then the world would have looked very differently for the Crown Prince and me".

There is more, but let us leave it at that for the time being.

(*) This expression has a deeper meaning. More like a wise elderly in a tribe or village, whom you consult.

Muhler 12-15-2011 09:08 AM

To be moved.

Summary of a Q&A in Billed Bladet #50, 2011.
Where a Karin Kjelsmark would like to take her grandchild (barnebarn) the next time there is a balcony scene at Amalienborg.

Jon Bloch Skipper replies that the next balcony scene at Amalienborg will take place on the 15th January at 12.00. QMII and her family will be there.

However the Regent Couple will wave from the balcony at Copenhagen Townhall at 13.30 on the 14th January.
On that day they will ride in a carriage from Amalienborg to the townhall at 12.40. Escorted by the Guards Hussars.

- After that there will be a balcony show at Amalienborg at QMII's birthday on the 16th April, at 12.00.

Muhler 12-21-2011 02:34 PM


Billed Bladet has an article about the celebrations in connection with QMII's 40th jubilee.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #51, 2011.
Gigantisk fest for Margrethe - Gigantic party for Margrethe.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

The celebrations take place over three days.
Friday, 13th January:
The Parliament will host a reception in honor of QMII, presumably in the forenoon.
The entire DRF will be present, perhaps with the exception of our Marie.
Afterwards the family will gather for a lunch at Amalienborg.

Saturday, 14th January:
This is the date of the death of King Frederik IX.
At 12.40 the Regent couple will ride in a carriage from Amalienborg to Copenhagen Townhall, escorted by Guards Hussars.
Here the entire DRF will meet. - The SRF and the NRF with their CP-couples may be there as well.
The Regent Couple will appear on the balcony at the townhall at 13.30, before enjoying a lunch.

In the evening there will be a gala show at Danmarks Radios Koncerthus = the DR1 Concert Hall.
It's supposed to be a musical journey throughout the four decades QMII has reigned.
1.500 guests are invited.
During the intermission there will be novel thing. The Regent Couple will "court" the guests. At similar event at the Royal Theathre, the Regent Couple "court" the guests by going for a stroll in the corridors greeting as many guests a possible.
How this will take place is still being planned.
We are talking major bling bling at this gala! Tiara event and gowns - so for those who love this, look out for the live feed on that day.
Afterwards the royals will return to Amalienborg. The Swedisg and Norwegian royals will spend the night in the guest-mansion of Amalienborg, Christian VII's Palais.

Sunday, 15th January:
This is the date QMII was officially proclaimed Queen from the balcony at the Parliament, Christiansborg.
There will be a State Council at 10.00 at Christiansborg, where the government will congratulate Her Majesty.
At noon there will be a family performance at the balcony at Amalienborg.
At 15.00 there will be a service at the castle-church at Christianborg.
At 20.00 there will be a galadinner at Christianborg for the official Denmark, foreign dignitaries and family. - A very grand affair with even more bling, bling, guaranteed to be shown live on TV.

Muhler 12-28-2011 04:00 PM


This is the story about what happened in 1972 when QMII became Queen.
»Min elskede far, vor konge, er død« -
Told by people who experienced things close up.

The then Foreign Minister Kjeld Olesen recals how the first signs that something was wrong was seen when Frederik IX gave his New Year speech. It lasted four minuttes and the King was visibly ill, his hands shaking and only at the end did he look into the camera and said: "God save Denmark", they became his last word in public.
(QMII's speeches are longer ans she also ends her speeches with "Gud bevare Danmark = God save Denmark").

At the New Year Court on the 1st January Queen Ingrid aplogized for her husbands absence. "In her always dignified way Queen Ingrid conveyed her greetings from the King, who had fallen ill and as such could be present. That was the first indication that something was wrong".
The then princess Margrethe stood in for her father at the court which back then started at 09.00.

King Frederik's doctor had commited him to bed with flu like symptoms and a possoble pneumonia.
The King slept late on the 2nd january and initially it seemed like he had slept his illness away but on the way to the breakfast table he fell down with a heart attack.
He is then committed to Copenhagen Municipal Hospital, the prerunner to the present day Rigshospitalet.
The family is gathered.

11th January; the kings health is deteriorated, he wanders in and out of consciousness and the bloodflow in his brain is deminished.
The PM, Jens Otto Kragh, is kept informed.
The papers prepare for the death of the King.
The only TV-channel in DK, what is now DR1, prepare themselves for covering what will be the first television coverage of the death of a succession in DK.
Should they interrupt the normal TV-programme? How do you cover an official national mourning in that day and age?
Camera crews are rigging up equipment at Battery Sixtus, where artillerymen are preparing to fire 81 shots in mourning.

14th January. An announcement from the court says that the King is deeply unconsciousness and that his bloodpressure is falling, his condition is extremely serious.
The florist in Copenhagen are very busy, people send flowers to the court.
People gather at Amalienborg Square and outside the hospital.
Depsite 1968 and changes in the society, people felt an affillation with the cheerful sailor king. (And this was a time of almost 100 % employment rate).
The decorations in shops being changed to black drapes.

The politicians queue up to praise the king. Among them the the republican Gert Petersen: "Frederik IX has as a Monarch had the greatest understanding for the monarchy not interfering in politics in a democracy".
It was Gert Petersen who many years later said on US TV that he was still in favour of a republic but that he would very much like to see QMII as president).

The PM, Jens Otto Kragh, who is also republican says: "I can well say that I personally feel moved by that announcement, we now wait for and I will miss the King as a person".
At the same time he has prepared a statement to the press and he has recorded a brief speech at DR1.

14th January at 19.50. The king dies at the hospital. His family was with him when he died. They leave the hospital ten minuttes later.
At 20.24 the court announces: "His Majesty King Frederik IX, who since 01.00 has been without consciousness has quietly gone to sleep at 19.50. Copenhagen 14th January 1972".

Queen Ingrid takes care of all the details regarding the burial of the King, flowers, psalmes and so on.
The now QMII prepared her motto at the deadbed of her father. Until then she had considered such a thing inappropriate.

15th January. A busy day. The minsters are gathered for a meeting. The State Council is gathered. Kjeld Olesen remembers the mood as being a bit tense, how would she take it?
Before the announcement from the balcony of Christiansborg, there is also a tense atmosphere. How many would even show up at the square?
Despite the bitter cold 50-75.000 were present at the square. (Or a little more than 1% of the total population).

Kjeld Olesen remembers: "On one side of me I had an officer from the court (adjutant), on the other side I had Morten Lange, member of the Presidium of the Parliament and MP for Socialist People's Party. We stood there while people poured into the square. With a very reliefed tone of voice the officer exclaims: "Oh, thank God", at the sight of the many thousands of Danes. On the other side Morten Lange said in resounding Funes dialect: "Those are bloody hardcore, Kjeld". It was ordinary people who showed up at the square in large numbers, Social Democrat and Socialist People's Party voters". (From the working class).

At 14.59.30 QMII enters the hall with her consort. Kjeld Olesen recalls: "When she stepped in, you could tell from her face that she was grieving. But she was upright".
QMII and the PM, Jens Otto Kragh steps out on the balcony at 15.00.
The PM speaks: "It is with genuine sorrow that the nation has learned that King Frederik IX is dead. We will with gratitude remember King Frederik's deed as King of Denmark".
Kjeld Olesen: "It was completely silent outside. Utter silence. It was pretty fantastic".

The PM then proclaim the new Monarch: "King Frederik IX is dead! Long live Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II".
That is repeated three times and then followed by nine cheers.

QMII stood beside the PM without an expression on her face, then she started her speech, a bit too far away from the microphone: "My beloved father, our king, is dead and a great sorrow has hit us all. But greatest is the sorrow for my mother...".
A voice from the square shouts: "Louder".
She goes on: "The deed that for almost 25 years was my father's has now been placed on my shoulders, and I pray God to help me and give me strength to lift the heavy burden. - God's help. the love of the people. Denmark's strength". (Her motto).

She looks inside, is visibly moved, doesn't know what to do with her hands. Prince Henrik go out on the balcony, kisses her hand and smile to her and together they face the people on the square.

Later on Ekstra Bladet quotes QMII for saying to a guest at Christiansborg afterwards: "If I hadn't felt such a strong sympathy flow towards me, I wouldn't have had the intter strength to complete my speech".

Kjeld Olesen was impressed as well: "It was after all only a few hours after her father died that she had to go through all this. It was obvious that she for a long time had been prepared for this situation and that she no matter what had to retain her composure and that a responsibillity weighed on her".

gerry 12-28-2011 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by Muhler (Post 1351391)

This is the story about what happened in 1972 when QMII became Queen.
»Min elskede far, vor konge, er død« -
Told by people who experienced things close up.

Thank you for this Muhler. Your translation has helped understand how this time of year must be especially sensitive for the Danish Royal Family. I for one did not know about the King, Queen Margarethe's father, being ill over the Christmas holidays so that his death in the New Year must have been a cruel blow to the family. Your translation is also helpful in demonstrating how well the Prince Consort supported Queen Margrethe during this difficult time. As an experienced diplomat, the Prince Consort has highly developed social skills, it would seem! Mange tak and Happy New Year in which I look forward to reading about the Queen's Jubilee.:flowers::wave::daneflag2::queen::cheers:

Princess Robijn 01-02-2012 05:12 AM

King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia of Sweden will attend on January 14 and 15.

Närvaro vid H.M. Drottning Margrethes 40-årsjubileum som regent, Köpenhamn, Danmark
Deltagare: Konung Carl XVI Gustaf, Drottning Silvia

JessRulz 01-02-2012 05:27 AM


As will the King and Queen of Norway:


DD.MM. Kongen og Dronningen er til stede ved markerkeringen av H.M. Dronning Margrethes regjeringsjubileum, København 13. - 16. januar.
The Norwegians will attend the entire festivities though.

JessRulz 01-03-2012 01:15 AM

Several more events have been added in relation to the Queen's jubilee:

January 10th, 12:15: The Regent Couple, the Crown Prince Couple, Prince Joachim, Princess Benedikte and Prince Richard will attend a reception at Parliament to mark the jubilee.

January 10th, 16:00: The Queen will participate in a press conference in Christian IX's Palace. A photo call with the Prince Consort will take place before the press conference.

January 11th, 11:00: The Regent Couple, the Crown Prince Couple and Prince Joachim will attend the opening of the exhibition "Regent of 40 Years - Queen Margrethe 1972-2012" at Frederiskborg Slot in Hillerød.

January 11th, 15:00: The Regent Couple, the Crown Prince Couple and Prince Joachim will attend the opening of the exhibition "Royal Gala" at the Amalienborg Museum.

Marika86 01-03-2012 08:09 AM

"" has a large photogallery to celebrate Queen Margrethe's 40th jubilee

Kæmpe billedserie: Dronningens liv gennem 40 år - - Sjællands Nyheder - - Danmark

marine2109 01-03-2012 09:13 AM


To celebrate the DR and TV 2 Queen's jubilee
Billed-Bladet - Sådan fejrer DR og TV 2 dronningens jubilæum

Google Google Translate

Muhler 01-04-2012 03:11 AM

In connection with QMII's jubilee a large number of articles is written, including this one from the newspaper Politiken:

Forskere: Dronning Margrethe er et scoop for ligestillingskampen -
Forskere: Dronning Margrethe er et scoop for ligstillingskampen - Researchers: Queen Margrethe is a scoop in the struggle for gender egality.
Written by Elisabeth Astrup & Pernille Mainz.

QMII is aliving proof that it is possible to have a career, besides being a mother.
Researcher in gender egality, Karen Sjørup, form Roskilde University says:
"It always means something that it's a female figure who is regent or president. It is after all that person who has to manage a lot of power or authority. So in relation to the women we have today, who emacipate themselves through work and having a career, she is a rolemodel for the gender egality". She adds that QMII has never wished to be a rolemodel in that field:

"She has never wanted to unite with feminism. But she is nevertheless a scoop in the struggle for gender egality in Denmark. Her starting point has been that being a mother doesn't have to dominate all your life. And that you really can have a career without your children being harmed by that"

43% of the readers of Politiken agree in a poll that QMII has benefitted the struggle for gender egality.

Historian Lars Hovbakke Sørensen agrees:
"The Queen has definitely been a rolemodel for gender egality, because she came at a point when there weren't that many female heads of state in Denmark. (*) She came in as someone who took on a professional line of work in a different way, than women did at that time.

QMII has no doubt been an inspiration for other women, he believe:
"She wasn't just a family-person as there was a lot of tradition for the women being. From the start she signalled that she put a very, very high priority on her work. In some cases higher than the family".

Sociologist Martin D. Munk says that the path was cleared already before QMII became a Monarch:
"The legislation of 1953 (the Law of Succession being changed), has been a movement towards gender egality. In that there was a system behind the Queen, legally speaking. That is the decisive foundation she is standing on".
He will however not rule out that a female Monarch has helped women in general:
"It certainly hasn't made it worse. Being a female leader has become more accepted. But that should be seen in context with the development in the society in general, which made it acceptable for women to have an education could get an education and have a career at work". (**)

Q: Karen Sjørup, you say that the Queen did not wish to join the feminism. Should she to a higher degree have supported the rebellion agains the roles of the sexes?
Karen Sjørup: "She did it in her own way, indirectly and symbollically. It's difficult as a Regent to be in such a position, because you cannot speak out politically and be supportive of a political struggle".

Mary however, may damage the view of how the deal view on women should be.
Karen Sjørup: "I fear that Mary with four children and her slim figure and (being) an impossible female ideal can reverse a lot of what Queen Margrethe has contributed with.
Today it's a contradictory ideal for young women that they should be perfect, pick up the children at the daycare institution at 15.00, have a career and go to the fittness centre. For most people it's not possible to do all that at once. That's why Mary is adding fire to the conflict about getting a worklife and familylife to connect".

Q: But the Queen also had children and she has always been conscious about her style - what is the difference?
Karen Sjørup: "Come on, the Queen didn't have four children and she didn't come out with a decidedly mannequin figure, each time she gave birth. She hasn't been so perfect in all those areas as Mary is".

Q: But then what is Mary to do in order to be less perfect? Gain 20 kilos?
Karen Sjørup: "It simply becomes too perfect. She could turn down the perfectionism a bit and show more solidarity towards the possibillities and situation of ordinary women. She is always better looking than the best looking model and (she's) afraid of being captured by a camera and not smiling". (***)

(*) He means women in very senior positions of course. There usually is only one head of state at a time in DK.
The last time we had two heads of state in DK was around 1530 and that caused a lot of trouble!

(**) It's actually a little less than 100 years ago that women in Denmark had rights that surpassed the legal rights women had in early medieval times. I.e. up to around 12-1300's.

(***) Hudahej! Der er godt nok dømt betonfeminist! Hun har med garantrisse et tre centimeter tykt lag støv på møbassen. :tongue:

- Nowadays, the table has turned. Women are now on top, and in about two generations from now we will seriously discuss how men can obtain gender egality.
So hopefully in about three generations from now we will have true gender egality.

AnnaNotherThing 01-04-2012 04:47 AM

I love the fact that QMII is celebrating her 40th jubilee the same year Mary turns 40...I (romantically/foolishly) sometimes think that Mary is in fact King Christian reincarnated...he passed in Jan 1972 and then found a couple in Scotland to rest his spirit...then the family (and Mary) moved to Australia and then fate bought Frederik to Sydney where they met...And I believe that is why some say Mary has a regal quality about her...Silly I know, but the dates are so close between Christian's death and Mary's birth?

American Dane 01-04-2012 04:51 AM


Originally Posted by AnnaNotherThing (Post 1353963)
I love the fact that QMII is celebrating her 40th jubilee the same year Mary turns 40...I (romantically/foolishly) sometimes think that Mary is in fact King Christian reincarnated...he passed in Jan 1972 and then found a couple in Scotland to rest his spirit...then the family (and Mary) moved to Australia and then fate bought Frederik to Sydney where they met...And I believe that is why some say Mary has a regal quality about her...Silly I know, but the dates are so close between Christian's death and Mary's birth?

Do you perhaps mean Frederik (as in Frederik IX, the Queen's father)? :flowers:

Muhler 01-04-2012 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by AnnaNotherThing (Post 1353963)
I love the fact that QMII is celebrating her 40th jubilee the same year Mary turns 40...I (romantically/foolishly) sometimes think that Mary is in fact King Christian reincarnated...he passed in Jan 1972 and then found a couple in Scotland to rest his spirit...then the family (and Mary) moved to Australia and then fate bought Frederik to Sydney where they met...And I believe that is why some say Mary has a regal quality about her...Silly I know, but the dates are so close between Christian's death and Mary's birth?

A kind of soul family perhaps?
Funny, you should mention that. Mrs. Muhler firmly believes souls are connected in lifetime after lifetime.
If you are right, it's almost appropriate that Queen Ingrid died just as Frederik got to know Mary.

- Just for the record; I don't believe in reincarnation but I'm pretty familiar with the subject by know.

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