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micas 01-13-2004 09:45 AM

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Lady Jean 01-14-2004 03:47 PM

In 1991 Diana started wearing very beautiful ruby and diamond earrings.

She sometimes wore her very wide pearl choker w/small pearls and the spacer bars of small rubies and diamonds along with them.

The earrings are a more contemporary design. I don't know how to explain them.

She wore them quite frequently in her later life. They had interchangeable drops of diamonds and rubies, or large pearl drops.

Some of the occasions she wore them:

Hot Shots movie premiere, with red and gold ruched dress
Pink lace over red short evening dress, Dec. 1991
Tartan skirt w/black velvet top, Feb. 1991
Burgundy lace Valentino dress, Jan. 92
Tokyo tour, fuschia silk off-shoulder gown
Trip to FRance, short red cocktail dress, Sept. 1995
Visit of President of Italy to London, October 25, 1990

If anyone can post pictures of these events that would be great. The earrings are beautiful.

micas 01-17-2004 08:47 PM

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Lady Jean 01-20-2004 12:06 PM


Originally posted by micas@Jan 17th, 2004 - 8:41 pm
Tell me if this are the correct dress and events. I belive the earrings are this. :lol: :lol:
Yes , Micas, those are the earrings! THank you for the great pictures.

The other way they were worn was a ruby and diamond three strand "drop" (I don't know how to describe it) mirrored the look of the top part of the earring.

Fireweaver 01-20-2004 04:15 PM

Basically you can add on to the earrings so they're bigger.

micas 01-20-2004 07:55 PM

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Ok, i very confuse. Ad what? You are sepiking in the same earrings? Is the rubi isnt it? I am sorry but sometimes my inglish let me stay bad and i never saw other events when Diana wear him in other way. Tell me the date of the events that gona make everything esier. :( :(

I found this. I belive is the same earrings but withot the pearl and witha pendents. It semes that they have the forme of a burtefail. Well, they are the same but i don't now if is this you refere. I hope so.

Lady Jean 01-21-2004 09:11 AM

YES, the last picture shows the earrings the other way they can be worn.

Good research Micas! You found the correct thing! :rolleyes: :flower:

Lady Jean 01-23-2004 08:39 AM


Originally posted by micas@Jan 17th, 2004 - 8:47 pm
Some1 have a better look for this?
The crystal and black earrings were also worn with:

Orange satin tuxedo jacket, black bow tie, and black taffeta skirt, Portugal 1987

White satin and black, off-shoulder tuxedo dress, black bow in front. Velvet skirt.
1989 London City Ballet event and 1990 British Lung Foundation event.

Aquamarine / teal blue suit w/large black buttons, at wedding in London, Summer of 1987 (?). Wore a matching blue hat.

I think these earrings are a good example of her appreciation of nice costume jewelry.

Lady Jean 01-23-2004 11:04 AM


Originally posted by micas@Jan 23rd, 2004 - 10:10 am
The pic have bad quality but we can see the earrings

Micas, you are an excellent detective, great photos of the crystal and black earrings. :flower: They are not a piece of jewellery that look so good in photos, though - the details are hard to see. :cry:

The choker - the black band she wore w/the red and black was a black velvet band with a flag pin. I believe she only wore it that one time - it honored the hosts.

Gabriella 01-23-2004 03:07 PM

By the way, does anyone know, what happened to Diana's engagment ring? Did William or Harry inherit it?

micas 01-27-2004 09:47 AM

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micas 01-27-2004 10:14 AM

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micas 01-27-2004 10:33 AM

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Lady Jean 01-27-2004 11:14 AM


Originally posted by micas@Jan 27th, 2004 - 10:28 am
This grupe of jewels belong to Queen Elizabet II.

I love these but I remember at the time (and have since read in Suzy Menkes' book, that they were borrowed from the jewelers Collingwood for the photo shoot, done in around April 1981. I don't know why she didn't borrow something from the Queen.

Lady Jean 01-27-2004 11:16 AM


Originally posted by micas@Jan 27th, 2004 - 10:36 am
Diana wedding earrings belong to her or are a wedding gift? I don't remember saw her with them again after the wedding
These gorgeous earrings belong to her mother, Frances. They were the bride's "borrowed" item. There are photos of her mother wearing them at other occasions, like the royal christenings and I think even Diana's funeral.

Lady Jean 01-27-2004 11:19 AM


Originally posted by micas@Jan 27th, 2004 - 10:26 am
:lol: Other choker
This three-strand choker she had as a teenager. This time she is wearing it with the clasp in back. Usually she wore it with the turquoise and pearl clasp in front. In July 1982 at a service in St. Paul's Cathedral it broke. After that she replaced the clasp with pearls only.

I love this, the epitome of the "Lady Di Look." :flower:

Lady Jean 01-27-2004 11:51 AM

Yes, as she enters the Cathedral she is wearing it and when she is leaving she is not! Apparently it was embarassing, during the service, all of the pearls scattered on the floor! :blush: Poor Diana! This was during the Falkland War service, she wore a small black hat and royal blue and black patterned silk dress with a belt. It was her first public appearance since Williams' birth.

Lady Jean 02-04-2004 01:22 PM


Originally posted by micas@Jan 29th, 2004 - 6:04 pm

This is the front of the choker, isn't it?

Yes, that's the 18th birthday choker.

wymanda 02-05-2004 06:47 AM


Originally posted by Lady Jean@Feb 4th, 2004 - 1:31 pm
Maybe she borrowed this emerald necklace from a jeweler. I haven't seen it listed as part of the Queen's official collection, either. I am quite sure this state occasion was after the marriage separation was announced. That may have had some influence over her being allowed to borrow jewels from the Queen.
That emerald necklace is part of the Cambridge Suite which was inherited from Queen Mary's family. The queen gave Diana the two necklaces as a wedding gift. The other one was the one Diana wore as a headband.

Lady Jean 02-09-2004 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by wymanda
That emerald necklace is part of the Cambridge Suite which was inherited from Queen Mary's family. The queen gave Diana the two necklaces as a wedding gift. The other one was the one Diana wore as a headband.

According to Suzy Menkes, The Royal Jewels, 1989:
The Cambridge Emeralds "family jewels consisted of eight large cabochon emeralds set as a necklace , to which Queen Mary added an emerald drop and the marquise pendant of the Cullinan diamond given to Queen Alexandra by Edward Vll." [Queen Elizabeth wears this occasionally] "The rest of the suite was made up of emerald and diamond earrings , a brooch with pendant drop, a stomacher and two bracelets There were also some loose emeralds which Queen Mary later used as interchangeable drops for the diamond circle tiara she acquired fromt he Russian Grand Duchess Vladimir." The stomacher contains five oval emeralds of graduated size and one square shaped emerald and one drop emerald. (See in the current "Queen Mary of Teck" LTR photo thread, the post by gaoshan1021 on 12/23/03 at 7:46 pm).

Queen Elizabeth's other emerald necklaces are:
- The Godman necklace, which has one oval and square shaped stones in a delicate setting.
- A necklace which was a gift from the city of Victoria, British Columbia,of emeralds and diamonds in the shape of dogwood flowers. This has never been seen in public.

I also checked Leslie Field's book to verify this information.

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