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iceflower 11-17-2010 12:04 PM

Fashion Suggestions for the Duchess of Cambridge
According to the members' request here's a thread for Fashion Suggestions for The Duchess of Cambridge

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PrincessofEurope 11-17-2010 03:25 PM

is this a thread for wedding dress suggestions or just general fashion suggestions for Kate?

As a general suggestion i would like to see her experiement with what way to wear her hair - i am sure it has been suggested many times by other members.

Zonk 11-17-2010 03:26 PM

I believe its general suggestions...if you have wedding suggetions you can make them in the weddings suggestions and musings thread.

4Pam 11-18-2010 05:06 PM

Oscar de la Renta*-*Collage Dress*-*Neiman Marcus

I'd love to see Kate in this Oscar de la Renta for Trooping of the Color or Ascot.

Some dresses for Kate:

REDUX CHARLES CHANG-LIMA*-*One-Shoulder Mermaid Gown*-*Neiman Marcus

Alexander McQueen*-*Cap-Sleeve Sheath Dress*-*Neiman Marcus

JASON WU*-*Twist-Front Flecked Dress*-*Neiman Marcus

Carolina Herrera*-*Prince of Wales Plaid Dress*-*Neiman Marcus

dazzling 11-21-2010 05:42 AM

I'd love to see the below on Kate

Collette Dinnigan Pre Spring 2011

Printed dress - The bat sleeves & print is the ideal choice for spring & summer, Kate would look in these colors
Coral strapless dress - Ideal for a cocktail party. The color is quite young & fresh.
Sleeveless navy/grey lace dress - The lace is quite pretty, I think she could look good in this dress at an official event with hair pulled up.

Issa Spring 2011

One shoulder blue dress - This would be great on Kate, the one shoulder would work perfectly on Kate.
Light blue strapless - Lovely dress for a wedding matched with a coat & a hat or even for a cocktail or official event.

Marika86 11-21-2010 04:16 PM

Some suggesstions for Kate

Tadashi Shoji*-*Asymmetric Satin Cocktail Dress*-*Neiman Marcus - a choice for a cocktail
Tadashi Shoji - Sequined jersey dress - nice colour and style
Tadashi Shoji - Asymmetric-neck sequined dress - good for a gala dinner or a wedding

Midnight blue Shoshanna dress - for a daytime to wear with a jacket maybe
Multicolor printed David Meister dress - nice round neckline
Ruby red David Meister dress - a choice for a daytime official event

dazzling 11-27-2010 02:52 AM

Monique Lhuillier

Spring/Summer 2011
Strapless white dress - This would look really good on Kate for a cocktail, the smooth ruffle/detailing is a young effect.
Printed dress - I could imagine this dress pulled off lovely with a hat for a wedding or an official event.
Lace one shoulder dress - Great color for summer, the lace is quite elegant & with her dark hair this IMO would be perfect.

Pre-Spring 2011
Black one shoulder dress - I think the one shoulder suits Kate and the belt embellishment is very pretty.
Gala dress - Amazing color for Kate which is an eye catcher in a way, the cut is princess perfect.

Alberta Ferretti Pre-Spring 2011

Evening dress - The style is quite flattering & Kate could pull this style off very well. The color would be a nice choice as well for her.
Sleeveless dress - The color combination is lovely, would look great at a polo match or an event.
Top & skirt - Amazing style & cut of the skirt, would look great almost with anything, could be dressed up and down. Its lovely with this top as well.
Orange dress - Great piece for almost any event.

princess gertrude 11-28-2010 09:46 PM

Love Diane von Furstenberg for Catherine. He wrap dresses would be fantastic on her figure.

dazzling 01-17-2011 02:11 AM


Originally Posted by princess gertrude (Post 1167796)

DVF would be great on Kate, especially wrap dresses, the almost flatter everyone :smile: I also like her tops, colorful but yet very elegant.

dazzling 01-24-2011 07:18 AM

A few outfits from Hobbs, a brand the Kate does go for.

Green dress - This is a lovely simple dress yet timeless, the 3/4 sleeves make this dress be worn without a jacket or cardigan. The buttons add a fun detailing to.
Green jacket - This is a lovely jacket, looks quite fitted & Kate would pull this off well. This would look good as a suit with a matching skirt or even matched with a printed skirt/dress.
Pink dress - Perfect for spring or summer, this looks quite cool & the color is very eye catching.
Blue coat - The cut is lovely and could be dressed up or down IMO. The color would look good on Kate.

Lumutqueen 01-24-2011 07:23 AM

I can't open the pink dress link?

dazzling 02-11-2011 05:30 AM


Purple trench coat - Every person needs a trench coat especially in rainy UK, this is ideal and fun, the color is young & will add color to Kate's wardrobe. She can use this for official events & private outings. The color makes it very different from all the classic trench coats out there.
Jacket & Skirt suit - Color is great for spring & summer could also use it in Autumn. This is very classic and would be nice matched with a nice top. The skirt & jacket would also look good if mixed with other stuff.
Lime skirt - This is ideal for any official event, the color is fun yet it is an elegant piece.
Cardigan - This cardigan can be matched with any of the above skirts or even with a pair of pants. It's a fun cardigan yet quite elegant.

gfg02 02-13-2011 09:10 PM

That's how to be a style queen!

That's how to be a style queen! LIZ JONES shows Kate what she should REALLY be wearing | Mail Online

Could Victoria Beckham be Kate Middleton's new ‘royal dressmaker’?

Could Victoria Beckham be Kate Middleton's new

Zonk 02-13-2011 10:28 PM

Let it be said, that more often than not...I usually totally disagree with Liz Jones's opinions BUT I actually like some of her suggestions for Kate. Color me surprised!

Well, I think Kate looked lovely, a mum from Somerset emailed me on Friday, after my piece in the Mail dissecting our future Queen’s lunchtime outfit.

I had criticised the black woolly tights that mean Kate can never be taken seriously, the hideous zipped straitjacket, the too-short print DVF dress, the reliance on black and the clutch that is too small for a busy young woman. Oh dear. It’s a wonder Kate will ever emerge again. What on earth am I doing for her self-esteem?

Read more: That's how to be a style queen! LIZ JONES shows Kate what she should REALLY be wearing | Mail Online

MARG 02-14-2011 03:11 AM

:previous: I am not a fan of the Mail or indeed of Liz Jones but, in this case, she's got it right. The first thing I noticed . . . gone was the cheap looking black eyeliner which, let's face it, didn't look that crash hot in the 1960's and while it may give a little dutch courage, it makes her look hard instead of self-confident.

Her use of subtle colours and softer styles was very flattering and much more romantic, especially with the lighter stockings and fabulous shoes, and those beige suede ankle boots are to die for.

To be honest, Kate could do worse than read the article and take it on board.

marigold 02-14-2011 09:39 AM

I like Victoria Beckham's daywear, and I can see those dresses on Catherine. I don't know if, as the DM reports, Beckham is sending a batch of dresses to Catherine . . .

I actually have NEVER liked Diane von Furstenberg (sp?) wrap dress; I didn't like it in the 70's, I don't like it now, or in it's Issa incarnation. I'm not sure why not. I suppose the dress was made for the tall, slender, and small-waisted, like Catherine, and she can pull it off nicely. (I thought the bluee Issa in the engagement pictures was fine.) I just don't think it's a particularly elegant design.

Sternchen 02-14-2011 09:41 AM

Yeah right, as if anyone should listen to Liz Jones... She was also the one who wrote, that Royals shouldn't wear opaque tights... And taking older photos to show how to "improve", what a cheap trick...

vittoria 02-14-2011 10:23 AM

I can't say I think Liz Jones's own wardrobe argues well for her fashion expertise. But that's just me.

Susanna Wynne 02-14-2011 11:01 AM

Again I agree with you, Vittoria! Liz Jones's picks for Catherine are not particularly convincing. And it was a bit of a cheap trick to use photos that were (at least most) quite out of date. In particular, the winter wedding outfit seemed positively dowdy. And the lunch outfit looked quite springy to me for a mid winter lunch date, and "felt" cold.

IMHO, dark tights, like denim, will always be at least somewhat "in," perhaps not to be worn ubiquitously, but for certain outfits in winter, they can be the ideal thing.

agami.pearl 02-14-2011 12:47 PM

About Victoria Beckham - I like her projects, she improved her own style a lot and now designs elegant simple outfits; I hope that Catherine will wear something in the future, I'm curious how it will be look on her.

About Liz Jones advice - honesty I only like maxi dress and floral dress for girls dinner; the rest is ok, but I'm not impressed; I agree that Catherine should stay away from the eyeliner and maybe try different hairstyle but I'm glad that she have her own style and the fact of being prince's fiancee doesn't change it
I don't expect new fashion idol, I hope she will stay yourself and will be happy in the marriage, the outfits are less important

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