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Jacqueline 11-19-2002 10:20 AM

Prince Rainier Current Events 1 : Nov.2002 - Apr.2005
Welcome to the forum Leyla! We look forward to you keeping us updated. :) ;)

I am sure that some of you heard about Prince Rainier's health scare, but don't worry as he is getting better and the illness is not said to be extremely serious.


Photo from October 19, 2002. Prince Rainier arriving at Louis II Stadium to Attend a soccer match between Monaco and Lille.

Prince Rainier's condition improving, palace says
Mon Nov 18,12:19 PM ET

MONTE CARLO, Monaco - The health of Prince Rainier, Monaco's long-reigning monarch hospitalized since the weekend with a lung infection, is improving, his palace said Monday.

The 79-year-old Rainier was taken Saturday to a heart and chest clinic in this tiny Riviera principality, suffering from a bronchial infection, the palace press service said.

The palace said he was expected to remain there several days, despite an improvement in his condition.

"He's doing better," a source close to the palace said Monday, speaking on condition of anonymity. He said Rainier's life is not in danger.

"We are not worried more than need be," he said.

Rainier was receiving regular visits from his children, the palace said in a statement. He also directed that festivities to mark Monaco's national day Tuesday should go ahead as planned, the statement said.

His health "continues to improve," the statement said. His doctors "are confident."

Rainier spent nearly a week in the same hospital in May due to fatigue and bronchitis.

He had heart surgery, including a bypass, in December 1999.

Rainier was married to the film star Grace Kelly, who was killed in a car crash in 1982. He has ruled Monaco, seat of his royal Grimaldi family since 1297, for the last 53 years.

Monaco, smaller than New York's Central Park, was once a sleepy resort favored by European royalty. Now it is a tax haven popular with celebrities, financiers and sports figures.

Jacqueline 11-21-2002 10:34 AM

HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco has returned home.

Monaco Prince Rainier Returns Home
Monaco Prince Rainier Returns Home After Five Days in the Hospital

The Associated Press

MONTE CARLO, Monaco Nov. 20 Prince Rainier, the 79-year-old ruler of Monaco, returned to his palace Wednesday after five days in the hospital recovering from a chest infection.

Doctors will continue to treat Prince Rainier for several days before he resumes his activities, the palace press service said.

The prince was hospitalized Saturday at a heart and chest clinic in Monaco, suffering from a bronchial infection. He spent nearly a week in the same hospital in May for treatment of fatigue and bronchitis. In December 1999, Rainier had heart surgery, including a bypass.

Rainier, Monaco's ruler for the past 53 years, was married to film star Grace Kelly, who died after a car crash in 1982. His tiny seaside principality known for its casinos and beaches is smaller than New York's Central Park and has a population of under 32,000.


Julia 12-07-2002 02:10 PM

Hello girls!

A question that continually arises in the press is when Albert will marry to secure the future of the Grimaldi family. Of course a seemingly nervous Rainier and Monegasque government passed a law that will allow Caroline's son, Andrea, to become heir to the throne if his uncle dies unmarried and without offspring.

If the press is spot on about the upcoming engagement of Alicia to Albert do you all think that this romance has progressed more quickly because of Rainier's failing health? Perhaps his father's health has made Albert more conscious of his duty to the oldest reigning house in Europe.

What say you all? ;)


Jacqueline 12-07-2002 02:26 PM

I have always heard that Rainier is still uneasy about turning things over completely to Albert because he would like to see Albert married before he becomes Sovereign Prince. I guess that the amendment to the Law of Succession still did not restore his faith. However, it is clear that Albert is replacing his father in many ways and that marriage has little to do with his being a good head of state. Albert is obviously very competent. I think that it is an instance in which Prince Rainier is thinking about his health and would like to see his son married and perhaps see he's son first child before his health becomes worse and he passes on. Albert may want to put his father's mind at ease with this engagement. I don't think that Albert really has to prove himself to his father as a head of state or diplomat. He has what it takes and does it very well. If the upcoming engagement is a fact, then perhaps Albert really loves Alicia more than the other women that he has had in his life and he may also have found that woman he believes that he can put on that wonderful pedestal with his mother. Alicia may be the closest that Albert has found that reminds him of Princess Grace. Alicia, unlike some of his other girlfriends may be willing to deal with being the wife of the Head of State of Monaco and being under public scrutiny constantly. So, she may be the one and it may also be a way to put his father's mind at ease.

Prince Rainier is very intelligent and I doubt that he thinks that marriage and family would make Albert a better head of state. He is honestly serving as head of state in my opinion already, only as Hereditary Prince and not Sovereign Prince.

I think that Prince Albert is very conscious of his duty to Monaco. It's very obvious as he has willingly and graciously replaced his father on many occassions. He makes all of the trips abroad and has done a wonderful job of keeping Monaco in good relations with many countries since his father's health has begun failing. Albert and his sisters have both served Monaco very well. Albert has replaced his father on many occassions, and Caroline has stepped in and served in a capacity as First Lady of Monaco for quite some time. Stephanie is a completely different story, but I think that she does what she can (leftovers) and she shows up when she is needed and expected.

In all actuality the principality will exist as long as there are Grimaldis. Albert's sisters have ensured this and the change in the Law of Succession enables Albert to remain single while leaving Monaco safe and within the hands of the Grimaldi family. Now all legitimate descendents of Louis II can inherit the throne of Monaco. Al doesn't have to marry for the sake of the principality. It also isn't necessary that he marry to serve as Sovereign Prince of Monaco after his father's death. If he doesn't marry he will still function as a figure head for his father until Prince Rainier's death. So, if he is intending to marry Alicia it may because he truly loves her or for the sake of his father's mental well-being. If they are going to marry, I only hope that it is for the right reasons and that no one ends up miserable one day. I wish that they can have a long and happy marriage. They both seem to be very nice people and they deserve it.

Julia 12-07-2002 02:33 PM

As always, Jacqueline, you are so well-spoken! I agree with what you have said. I think that Albert was really willing to search for the true love as opposed to just marrying immediately to soothe nervous relatives.

Albert is, in my opinion, one of the more reliable heirs. He does have age on his side, but he was never wild like some of the other princes in Europe. I think he is very sensible and level-headed. Definitely a prince of a guy! ;)


Rick 12-08-2002 07:18 AM


There was never any need to change the succession laws to enable Andrea to succede his uncle as soverign prince. Until march of this year, there was a clause in the constitution that allowed for the reigning prince to adopt a child and for that child to have complete succession rights, until such time as the reigning prince had taken the necessary steps to make a biological child legitmate in the eyes of the Monogasque law and the catholic church (Andrea was not in line to the throne until Caroline got the papal annulment).

On 2 March 2002 the succession law changed so that all legitmate biological descendants of the previous soverign prince (Louis III :question: :question: :question: ) had rights reinstated and kept for life. As it is now, the only member of the family that is not in line for succession is Camille, Stephanie's youngest child. Carloline is the one who will succed Albert should he not produce an heir

Julia 12-08-2002 02:21 PM

Hello Rick!

Thank you for correcting me...sometimes I am not as thorough as I should be. So Monaco's Bill of Accession has changed? A female Grimaldi's husband need no longer be a Grimaldi in order for her to inherit the throne?

Thanks Rick!
Julia ;)

Lorraine 12-09-2002 03:07 AM

Thank you Julia, Jacqueline, Rick and Galisteo,

Howa re you all doing? I don't understand anything about Monaco Royal succession laws so thank you fo the info, great Royal lessons for me and lots of fun reading about it. I appreciate it so much and great topic Miss Julia. ;)

Have a nice day, take care and love you! :heart:

Rick 12-09-2002 08:07 AM


It used to be only the descendants of the reignig prince that had succession rights, (ie,Rainers sisters could succede when he was hereditary prince, currently all Rainers children and grandchildren, then it would have been only Alberts descendants, Caroline and Stephanie were set to loose succession rights). Now it is the same as British with the exception that marriage to or being a non-catholic didn't mean you lost rights (British royals loose rights when marrying catholics). HRH Alexandra of Hannover has succession rights eventhough she is being raised protestant (so she can have rights to the UK throne)

michelle 01-22-2003 01:44 PM

2 Attachment(s)
..... :) ...presented by Prince Louis, Princess Pauline and Princess Camille...his grandchildren...... are the pix.....

....sooooo cute.....


.....isn't that sweet????

samitude 01-22-2003 01:49 PM

It is sweet, but Stefanie's dress isn't. It's rather low don't you think? Is that a tatoo or just what is holding her dress together?

michelle 01-22-2003 02:00 PM

....I think this isn't tatoo...I mean I know it isn't's holding her dress together...or however. I like her's kind of 'extra' as we french people would say.....

Julia 01-22-2003 03:06 PM

4 Attachment(s)
Thank you for the pictures, Michelle! Louis, Pauline and Camille are adorable and Stephanie's gown may be a little low cut, but it is much better than usual. Anyway, to each his own....tous les gouts sont dans la nature.... ;)

Umm, perhaps a cowl-necked, sleeveless shift in black might be better for Stephanie...:blink: And NO leather jacket :blink: but then again I was the one who said: "to each his own", eh? :blink:

Caroline and Rainier

Invitation to Grace and Rainier...

Grace (in one of her turbans) and Rainier...

Quite a hat!

Grace, Caroline, Rainier and Albert...

Alexandria 05-30-2003 08:14 AM

1 Attachment(s)
From Hello magazine:

Prince Ranier's 80th Birthday to Be a Family Affair

30 MAY 2003
Prince Rainier of Monaco is planning to mark his 80th birthday quietly this Saturday, with his children and grandchildren the only expected guests at the celebrations.

"There will be nothing official – it's a private and family birthday," a spokesperson revealed. "All the members of the family will be present." Joining the popular monarch at a royal palace luncheon will be his three children, Prince Albert, Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie, as well as his seven grandchildren, who range in age from four to 18.

Last year, Prince Rainier was still recovering from illness as he rang in his 79th, having been hospitalised for several days suffering from fatigue and bronchitis two weeks before his birthday. In November, the ailing septegenarian missed Monaco's National Day festivities for the first time in his more than 50-year reign, as he was in hospital once again, recovering from a respiratory infection.

However, the head of the Grimaldi clan is in improved health these days – in addition to his subdued birthday party, he's expected to attend the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

michelle 05-31-2003 07:29 PM

Yeah..happy birthday Papa Rainier...I hope you had a great day with all your sweethearts..... :heart:

Michelle :heart:

sara1981 06-04-2003 06:06 PM

I wishes he have nice birthday ! he become 80th celebration he strong man, Prince Ranier.

like as Queen Mother the Great Britian who still strong woman still 100th birthday celebration make honour her birthday.

Sara Boyce

Fireweaver 08-12-2003 01:25 AM

the New York post is reporting that the Red Cross Ball may be his last appearance for a while, as he's very sick.

monaco70s 09-21-2003 11:52 AM


Some state visits that the Grimaldi family has made to other countries are:

Prince Rainier and Princess Grace visited U.S.A in the early 60s when JFK was president.
In 1992 Prince Rainier, Prince Albert, and Princess Caroline visited Spain
Late 60s Prince Rainier and Princess Grace visited the kings of Belgium
In 1981 Princess Grace, Prince Rainier, and Princess Stephanie visited Japan.
Prince Albert was in Panama earlier this year.

State visits made to Monaco:

Recently the President of Panama visited Monaco this year.

I'll post some more later ;)


Alexandria 10-05-2003 11:07 AM

5 Attachment(s)
Polfoto 04-10-2003 ABACA. 50700-5. Monaco, 04/10/2003. Closing ceremony of the 18 th Monte-Carlo Magic Stars at Princess Grace Theatre with Prince Rainier.

monaco70s 10-05-2003 09:59 PM

It's nice to see Prince Rainier looking happy in these pictures.


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