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ang 06-03-2010 07:50 AM

King Amir Yaqub Kahn
Hi,just joined this site as I am the great great grandaughter of King Amir Yabub Kahn ,I need help doing a family tree...can anyone help please.Treaty of Gandamak was signed by my great great grandfather.

The TREATY between the British Government and His Highness Muhammad Yakub Khan, Amir of Afghanistan and its dependencies, concluded at Gandamak on the 26th May 1879, by His Highness the Amir Mahommed Yakub Khan on his own part and on the part of the British Government by Major (afterwards Sir Louis) P. L.N. Cavagnari, C. S. I.

ziainfos 02-24-2015 01:10 PM

Hi Ang,

Just joined this forum and saw your post. I am a great, great grandson of Amir Muhammad Yaqub Khan (please note his correct name and spellings).

His daughter was married to my great grandfather, Sardar Muhammad Yusuf Khan who was also his cousin, being the son of his uncle Sardar Muhammad Sharif Khan. The entire family settled in Dehra Dun, India.

Amir Yaqub Khan had a large family but it would be great to know who your direct ancestors were and what links we may have in common.



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