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Jacqueline 02-05-2003 03:28 PM

Princess Haya current events 1: February 2003-February 8, 2006
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Her Royal Highness Princess Haya of Jordan (Haya Bint Al-Hussein) was born to King Hussein bin Talal and Queen Alia Al-Hussein on May 3, 1974. When Haya was three years old her mother, Queen Alia, died in a helicopter crash. When Haya was four her father remarried an American, Elizabeth Halaby. Queen Noor (Elizabeth Halaby) raised Haya and her brother, Ali. In addition to her brother, Ali, Haya has four half brothers- Abdullah, Fiesal, Hamzah, and Hashim. She has five half sisters- Alia, Aisha, Zein, Iman and Raiyah. And one adoptive sister, Abir.

Haya attended boarding schools in England along with that of Oxford Univeristy. She graduated from Oxford in 1995. She eventually moved to Ireland to focus on her passion, horse riding which she began at age six. During the 2000 Olympics Haya represented Jordan as a member of the country's equestrian team.

Haya has lived in Jordan, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain and France. She speaks Arabic, French, Spanish, English, German and knows sign language in both English and Arabic.

Julia 03-03-2003 12:16 AM tall HRH Princess Haya is? She looks petite.

niki 03-04-2003 06:43 PM

I think she's about 5 foot definitly not more. She's very small.


valentina 06-17-2003 08:48 PM

Princess Haya's height is 5' 2". She declared in an interview.

Bubbette 10-06-2003 09:53 PM

I'm so confused. I thought Haya was one of Noor's kids. I understand now that she was a child of Queen Alia. Did Noor raise her? Why does she live in Ireland now? Is she close with Alia's relatives? And who are the twin sisters? Children of Hussein? Or of Alia?

lilydale 10-06-2003 09:54 PM

Thanks for the beautiful photos! She's definitely a very pretty young woman. Rania is still tops in my book, but Haya is very attractive.

nicole 10-06-2003 10:05 PM

Bubbette--to answer your question.

1) King Hussain and Queen Alia had 3 children: Haya and Ali, and they adopted Abeer. The queen died when Ali was 1 year old. The King remarried Noor shortly after and Noor "raised" Abeer, Haya and Ali.

2) Haya now lives in France and Jordan, but spends most of her time in Paris. She lived in Ireland and Germany before Paris b/c of her training.

3) Haya is pretty close to her mother's relatives, but b/c she lives far way she doesn't see them as much as she would like. She's very close to Ali though.

4) The twin sisters are Princess Aisha and Zain. They're King Abdullah full sisters--their mother is Princess Muna.

I hope this answers your questions. ;)

paulette 11-14-2003 10:22 AM

Princess Haya is indeed a very beautiful woman. Not just beauty but with brains.

Even though her family has a vast amount of wealth yet she never neglects those who are in great need. Just look at the charity works she has done and a number of organizations she supports. She is one of the remarkable and challenging woman in our times.

paulette 11-14-2003 10:41 AM

The size of their family is really big.

King Hussein I had 4 wives.

1. He married first Queen Dina who was born in the year 1929. But they were
divorced in 1957. They have one child named Princess Alia and she was born in

2. He married Princess Muna who was born in 1941. Then they were divorced in
1972. They have 3 children namely King Abdullah who was born in 1962 then
married Rania Al-Yassin who was born in 1970. The second child is Prince Feisal
who was born in 1963 and married Alia Tabaa. The third child is Princess Zein
who was born in 1968 and married Majdi Saleh. The fourth child is Princess
Aisha who was also born in 1968 and married Zeid Juma.

3. He married Queen Alia who was born in 1948 and died in 1977. They have three
children namely, Princess Haya who was born in 1974, Prince Ali who was born
in 1975 and adopted Abeer Muhaisin in 1976. She was born in 1972.

4. His fourth and final wife is Queen Noor who was born in 1951. They have four
children namely the Crown Prince Hamzah who was born in 1980 and married
Princess Noor this year. The second child is Prince Hashim who was born in
1981. Followed by Princess Iman who was born in 1983 and Princess Raiyah who
was born in 1986.

This doesn't include his grandchildren. :)

nicole 11-14-2003 12:12 PM

Abeer is a girl's name in Arabic. I think they adopted her after her parents were killed when a helicopter or plane fell on their house. Very ironic that only a couple of years later queen alia died in a helicopter crash. Really sad. I think she was the love of king hussain's life.

paulette 11-15-2003 09:28 AM

It's really true Nicole. It was sad on the royal family's part but also on Abeer's side. But it is good that they had adopted her so that she also felt the love of her siblings and parents.

Humera 11-19-2003 04:17 PM

recent images of Princess Haya in Jordan



karolinabraganza 11-20-2003 07:19 PM

Amman-Jordan. November 19, 2003. Princess Haya of Jordan organises a ramadan dinner (iftar) at McDonald's in Amman for children, at the occasion of the Universal Children Day (20/11/2003).

Dennism 01-21-2004 07:48 AM

"Royal princess Haya al-Hussein, the half-sister of King
Abdallah II of Jordan, will skipper the first Pan-Arabic women's team
in a one-off match against the women's team of English Premiership
side Chelsea.

The match has been pencilled in for February 5 in Dubai and is the
brainchild of the soccer-mad princess who has already made a name for
herself by representing Jordan in horseriding at the 2000 Olympics in
Sydney. The 30-year-old Princess Haya is the daughter of the late
King Hussein. Her love of football is well known and the princess
openly encourages the sport in Jordan, where she has also recently
announced the forming of the first women's national football team.
The team to face Chelsea women will be composed of players from the
surrounding Arab countries."

Yes, a team in Jordan. Quatar was working on one last summer. Soon women will be playing football all over the Middle East! Yes! Brava to Haya!

Dennism 02-04-2004 05:24 PM

Princess Haya of Jordan talks on the phone as she takes a stroll with Emirati women during a training session of female players of the All Women Arab soccer team in Dubai 04 February 2004. The princess was supposed to take part in the training and upcoming match, but had to back out due to a foot injury. The team, the first ever made up of women from all over the Arab world, will play 05 February against the British female Chelsea soccer club as part of events held during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Princess Haya of Jordan poses with female players of the All Women Arabian soccer team prior to a training session in Dubai 04 February 2004

And with members from Chelsea. For those of you who don't know, Fly Emirates is their regular sponsor. No doubt one of the reasons they were picked. That and them being a successful team that can afford to send their players to Dubai. Last weekend a bunch of games in English women's soccer was cancelled due to the bad weather. Looks good in Dubai. Ironically, the Chelsea women are not one of the top teams for women's soccer though in England.

queenkat101 02-06-2004 02:14 AM

Princess Haya with the Jordanian women's soccer team

Banadoora 02-06-2004 02:28 AM

She's so pretty :) I wonder why she's wearing a head scarf. I don't think that she has to wear one in Dubai.

Dennism 02-06-2004 04:04 AM

Thanks for that photo, Queenkat. I'm quite proud of her. She is a woman to admire.

Bubbette 02-06-2004 10:47 AM

She's wearing a traditional outfit, so maybe it's part of that?

queenkat101 02-06-2004 01:06 PM


Originally posted by Dennism@Feb 6th, 2004 - 3:04 am
Thanks for that photo, Queenkat. I'm quite proud of her. She is a woman to admire.
You're very welcome! I too admire her.... she is very understated and dignified. I also love that she wore that traditional dress too.

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