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lucys 06-16-2004 09:35 AM

We spend a lot of time on this board talking about clothing and hair...judging these princesses by how they look (usually a very subjective topic if ever there was one) and not what they do, so I thought it might be interesting to think on a more substantial topic.

Princess Diana was known for her compassion with the sick and, later in life, her connection to such things as land mine activism. Princess Caroline of Monaco is very active with the Red Cross. Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has become involved with maternity issues. The Infantas Elena and Cristina have long been associated with the Special Olympics.

What activities or charities, if any, are the current crop of princesses known for, or, for those not yet settled into their roles, what do you guess they will become involved with?

Freedom 06-16-2004 10:06 AM

Although I don't have any answers to contribute, I just wanted to chime in and say what a great question this is !! Thanks Lucys. :flower:

tiaraprin 06-17-2004 12:29 PM

This is a good question!!

I think Diana will be known and remembered for bringing controversial world issues into view such as AIDS, Leprosy, and Land Mines. She will also be remembered as the woman who finally blew the whistle on the hypocracy that a royal wife just shut up and look the other way when her husband betrays her, as so many royal ladies did before her (Queen Alexandra comes to mind).

I think Queen Margarethe will be remembered for her down to earth style, her intelligence, and artistic talent.

Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered as the devoted monarch who stayed above the fray and did her job no matter what.

renats 06-18-2004 12:53 PM

That's a very good question Lucys! I really appreciate that you added here a more substantial topic. But unfortunatelly, the pratical side of it won't work out. All royals and all public people will be remebered by their "public image of life/work" and not by their real life/work.

Freedom 06-18-2004 07:53 PM

...unless they make it a point to highly publicize their good deeds.

Asma2 06-18-2004 08:38 PM

King Mohammed VI of Morocco is already called the greatest reformist of Middle East. :heart:

joytotheworld 06-20-2004 04:51 PM

Princess Alexandra of Denmark is very involved with UNICEF.

sara1981 06-20-2004 11:25 PM

Princess Diana would still known as Diana,Princess of Wales because she is divorces but she would carry of her duty to trip.

she been trip to Angola visit people who are lose legs and Bosnia also.

she been attend to New York or Washington D.C. for Red Cross funds dinner with mrs. Dole

Sara Boyce

gogm 06-21-2004 03:10 AM

The Lady of my avatar has been described by UNESCO as:

"Her Royal Highness Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg has been a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the education of girls and women the world over since 1997. She has relentlessly fostered efforts contributing to their empowerment and to enabling them to defend their rights..."

Some of the newer arrivals, especially CP Mary and CP Letizia, will need to carve out some niches. Princess Alexandra of denmark seems to be a hard working (and gorgeous and stylish) servant of the Danes. That is probably what CP Mary and CP Letizia will need to do. Just do whatever is asked and maybe serve on blue ribbon panels with distinction to show they're up to the job. This goes double for CP Victoria who will be Queen rather than Queen Consort.

Following up on tiaraprin's posting, I believe Queen Sofia ranks right up there with Queen Elizabeth II as a monarch who did her job splendidly!

wymanda 06-21-2004 03:18 AM

I think that King Hussein will long be remembered as a peacemaker in the middle east. He got out of his sick bed when he was having chemotherapy to try and assist in brokering a peace deal between Palestine and Israel. The number of world leaders who attended his funeral is testement to how highly the world respected him.

tiaraprin 06-21-2004 04:44 PM


Originally posted by wymanda@Jun 21st, 2004 - 2:18 am
I think that King Hussein will long be remembered as a peacemaker in the middle east. He got out of his sick bed when he was having chemotherapy to try and assist in brokering a peace deal between Palestine and Israel. The number of world leaders who attended his funeral is testement to how highly the world respected him.
This is a very rare time I agree with Wymanda!!

Josefine 11-17-2004 06:39 AM

do you got more thoughts on this

what about the members of the royal families of Sweden and Norway

MoonlightRhapsody 11-17-2004 07:36 PM

Personally, I think Prince Joachim of Denmark will be known as the idiot who let the great woman get away.

Marengo 11-18-2004 04:55 AM

Queen Beatrix will be known for her perfectionism and sense of duty (and the helmet hair), Queen Juliana for her warmth, Prince Claus for his work in africa, Prince Bernhard (who has cancer now :() for his 'joie de vivre' (the maker of James Bond had him in mind when they created 007). Queen Wilhelmina is remembered as 'mother of the fatherland' (which is now also used for her daughter Juliana sometimes) for her stubborn courage during & inspitational leadership WWII (Sir Winston Churchill called her the only man in the dutch gouverment and Franklin Delano Roosevelt insisted on rising from his wheelchair whe the Queen spoke at Capitol Hill).

King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola of the Belgians will be remembered for their moral guidence & their great love for each other.

HMQueenElizabethII 11-19-2004 02:55 AM

Yes,Queen Elizabeth II will be rembered as a hard-working Monarch.
Princess Diana will be rembered as "The Queen of Heart".
Princess Alice of Gloucester will be remembered as the longest-lived British Royals.
King George VI and Queen mother Elizabeth will be remembered a lot,because their friendly,their smile always in public and The Royal Family during War,not left country.

princess olga 08-06-2005 06:14 PM

Great question indeed!

*Queens Elizabeth of the UK, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Sophia of Spain will undoubtedly be remembered as the professionals that they are.
*King Juan Carlos of Spain will be fondly remembered and admired for his diplomacy and amazing courage during the transition days of Spain after Franco.
*Prince Charles, who is reviled and laughed at by so many at the moment, will in my opinion, be remembered not only for divorcing a great girl named Diana, but also for his pushing the envelope on issues like architecture (defending beautiful old buildings against greedy developers building ugly monstrosities) and organic and nature-friendly farming.
*King Constantine of Greece, will be remembered mostly for losing the Greek throne. too bad as he seems a very sympathetic person.
*King Baudewijn of Belgium will be remembered not only for his love for his wife and his friendlyness, but also for his consistency regarding his conservative view on life, like when he refused to sign an abortion bill
*Queen Margarethe will be remembered for her artistic abilities.

And the current crop of's certainly too early to tell, however, I believe that

*Willem Alexander and Maxima, if they're not careful, rather than being admired, will be remembered as the expensive tax money-sucking cost post that they currently are, with their 10-plus-vacations a year, and Maxima not particularly having a very full agenda..they really would do well to take a page from British princess Anne' book, who works her tail off..
*Felipe and Letizia: I think they will surprise adversities in the future with hard work and dedication. Certainly Felipe's parents are setting a plum example.
*The current king and queen, and CP's of Belgium: to my mind, they will be remembered for their lack of arrogance. Especially the King and Mathilde are sympathetic.
*Princess Alexandra of Denmark will be remembered as the hardworking professional princess, who managed to smile and march on even in the face of terrible adversity, her divorce. I hope for Denmark that it will keep an interest in this royal, as she is, in my opinion, more of an asset for the country than Mary.
*Victoria: her friendliness definitely will be remembered fondly, no matter what turn her private life will take.
*The Wessexes: sorry but they will be remembered for leading a cushy life without having to do much.
*wills and harry: too early to tell.
*Diana: even though she got kindof annoying towards the end of her life, when she gave all her secrets away in an interview and became a commodity, will be remembered for the asset that she was: a friendly and charming girl with a genuine knack for being great with people.

ElisaR 08-07-2005 12:04 PM

I'm afraid they will not be remembered at all. :(

Toledo 07-12-2006 11:04 PM

What Will They Be Known For?
My post # 999...reset to # 996: some old posts are gone changing the count backwards, if only we could do that with birthdays!:rolleyes:

What Will They Be Known For?
King Juan Carlos I of Spain: for been a survivor and being, along with Sofia, the greatest King and Queen team Spain ever had.

Queen Elizabeth II of Britain: For keeping the dignity of institution of monarchy despite the British Empire falling apart after WW II and her children and grand children becoming the daily menu for the tabloids. Prince Phillip will be remembered for being one of the funniest and odd characters in the Windsor family, capable of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time but still, saying it like none other.

Charles, Diana and Camilla: for what they did in life and what they did to each other, until the end of time one name will always bring up the other two.

The King and Queen of Thailand: For being themselves and showing how the monarchy can stay away from politics.

The Monaco Family: For their scandals. It's never a boring day with that family! :rolleyes:

The Royal families of Sweden, Luxemburg, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Spain and Netherlands: for being able to join past and present with a new generation of commoner Queen/Grand Duchess/Crown Princesses that revitalized the monarchy.

The Imperial Family of Japan: for trying hard to do the above but finding there are still people and intitutions with minds stuck in other centuries.

The Princely Family of Liechstenstein: for being Europe's best kept secret, an ancient family that did not hesitate to make one of their own the lovely Princess Angela.

The Royal Family of Jordan: For trying to bring peace in the middle east and improve the lives of women.

The King of Nepal and the King of Swaziland: For their lack of sight. They both had the opportunity to use their power for good and chosed not to, thus giving a bad name to the term Monarch. What happened in Nepal this year will be the story we will read in the future in Swaziland. And let us hope with less bloodshed.

The Kings of Bhutan, Lesotho and Cambodia: for being in the same position as the two above, and chosing the path to a democratic Constitutional monarchy.

The King and Consort Princess of Morroco: For being on the crossroad between the last two sets of Royals I mentioned.

royaltywatcher 07-12-2006 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by Moonlightrhapsody
Personally, I think Prince Joachim of Denmark will be known as the idiot who let the great woman get away.

Thank you.

royaltywatcher 07-12-2006 11:35 PM

Diana, for being the innocent young girl that got caught up in the promise of a remarkable future, but was dumped by her husband who loved an unattractive woman of his own age.

I think history will remember this Diana, and not the land-mine Diana, sadly.

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