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JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:26 AM

2010 Calender of Royal Events
This calendar lists major royal events for 2010, along with links to blog entries and forum threads.

If anyone has suggestions for events that should be added, please let one of the blog editors (JessRulz, Marengo, and TheTruth) know.

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:30 AM


:daneflag2: 1st: New Year's Court for the Order of the Elephant (thread, blog)

:japanflag2: 1st: Imperial Family celebrates the New Year (thread, blog)

:swedenflag2: 3rd-4th: Visit to Swedish Troops in Afghanistan by Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: :germanyflag2: 4th: Engagement of Princess Nathalie and Alexander Johannsmann (thread, blog)

:luxflag2: 5th: Grand Duke Jean's 89th birthday

:spainflag2: 5th: King Juan Carlos's 72nd birthday

:daneflag2: 5th: New Year's Court for the Diplomatic Corps (thread, blog) 5th: New Year's Reception hosted by Queen Beatrix (blog)

:daneflag2: 6th: New Year's Court for various parties (thread, blog)

:spainflag2: 6th: Pascua Militar (thread)

:japanflag2: 7th: Anniversary of the accession of Emperor Akihito (1989)

:spainflag2: 8th: Inaugural Gala for the Spanish European Union presidency (January-June 2010) (thread, blog)

:luxflag2: :bahrainflag2: :uaeflag2: :qatarflag2: 11th-14th: Official Visit to Bahrain, the UAE and Qatar by Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume (thread)

:daneflag2: 14th: Anniversary of the accession of Queen Margrethe (1972)

:swedenflag2: :omanflag2: 14th-20th: Visit to Oman for World Scout Foundation events by King Carl Gustaf (thread)

:monacoflag2: 14th-24th: 34th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo (thread)

:daneflag2: :saudiflag2: :qatarflag2: 15th-21st: Official Visit to Saudi Arabia and Qatar by Prince Frederik (thread, blog)

:britflag2: :nzflag2: 17th-19th: Official Visit to New Zealand by Prince William (thread, blog1, blog2, blog3)

:germanyflag2: 17th: Engagement of Duchess Tatiana of Oldenburg and Count Axel de Chavagnac (blog)

:qatarflag2: 18th-27th: Tour of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela and Costa Rica) by Sheikh Hamad and Sheikha Mozah (thread, blog1)

:britflag2: :ausflag2: 19th-21st: Official Visit to Australia by Prince William (thread, blog1, blog2)

:uaeflag2: :daneflag2: :spainflag2: :monacoflag2: 19th-21st: World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi attended by Prince Frederik, Prince Felipe and Prince Albert (thread)

:belgiumflag2: 20th: Princess Mathilde's 37th birthday

:norwayflag2: 21st: Princess Ingrid Alexandra's 6th birthday (thread, blog)

:germanyflag2: 21st: Death of Count Christian of Castell-Rüdenhausen (blog)

:uaeflag2: :jordanflag2: 22nd-23rd: Visit to Haiti to assist in disaster relief by Princess Haya (thread, blog)

:monacoflag2: :germanyflag2: 23rd: Princess Caroline of Hanover's 53rd birthday

:monacoflag2: :germanyflag2: 23rd: Princess Caroline and Prince Ernst-August of Hanover's 11th wedding anniversary

:monacoflag2: 26th-27th: Festival of Saint-Dévote (Monaco) (thread)

:bahrainflag2: 28th: King Hamad al Khalifa of Bahrain's 61st birthday

:jordanflag2: :norwayflag2: :bahrainflag2: 28th-31st: World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland attended by King Abdullah & Queen Rania, Prince Haakon and Prince Salman (blog1, blog2, blog3, blog4)

:kuwaitflag2: 29th: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Sabah al Sabah of Kuwait (2006)

:britflag2: 29th-February 1st: Official Visit to Barbados by Prince Harry (thread, blog)

:jordanflag2: 30th: King Abdullah II's 48th birthday

:spainflag2: 30th: Prince Felipe's 42nd birthday

:dutchflag2: 31st: Queen Beatrix's 72nd birthday

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:34 AM


:japanflag2: 1st-3rd: Official Visit to Japan from Mexican President Calderon (thread)

:dutchflag2: 2nd: Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima's 8th wedding anniversary

:austriaflag2: 3rd: Death of Archduchess Regina (thread, blog1, blog2, blog3)

:daneflag2: 4th: Princess Mary's 38th birthday

:britflag2: 6th: Anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth II (1952)

:jordanflag2: 7th: Anniversary of the acccession of King Abdullah II of Jordan (1999)

:spainflag2: 8th-9th: Official Visit to Lebanon by King Juan Carlos (thread, blog)

:italyflag2: :austriaflag2: 9th: Death of Prince Alexis zu Windisch-Graetz (thread, blog)

:uaeflag2: 10th: Crown Prince Sheikh Saud al Qasimi of Ras Al-Khaimah's 54th birthday

:thaiflag2: 10th: Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and Princess Srirasmi's 9th wedding anniversary

:crown: 12th-28th: XXI Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada (thread, blog1, blog2, blog3, blog4)

:luxflag2: 14th: Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's 29th wedding anniversary

:liechtensteinflag2: 14th: Prince Hans-Adam's 65th birthday

:jordanflag2: 16th-17th: Visits to Spain and Italy by Queen Rania (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: 16th: Visit to Denmark by German President Koehler for the opening of a German art exhibition (thread)

:bruneiflag2: 17th: Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah's 36th birthday

:spainflag2: 17th-18th: Working Visit to the USA by King Juan Carlos (thread, blog)

:norwayflag2: 21st: King Harald's 73rd birthday

:saudiflag2: 22nd: Visit to Saudi Arabia by Yemeni President Saleh (blog)

:japanflag2: 23rd: Prince Naruhito's 50th birthday

:bruneiflag2: 23rd: National Day (Brunei)

:bahrainflag2: 23rd-24th: State Visit to Bahrain by Yemeni President Saleh (blog)

:kuwaitflag2: 25th: National Day (Kuwait)

:jordanflag2: 28th: Visit to Egypt by Queen Rania (thread, blog)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:36 AM


:walesflag2: 1st: St David's Day

:spainflag2: 1st: Visit to Berlin, Germany by Princess Letizia (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 3rd-5th: State Visit to Britain by President Zuma of South Africa (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: 3rd-6th: Working Visit to Mexico by Prince Joachim and Princess Marie (thread, blog)

:bahrainflag2: 6th: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Hamad al Khalifa, King of Bahrain (1999)

:greeceflag2: 6th: Anniversary of the accession of King Constantine (1964)

:japanflag2: 7th-10th: Official Visit to Ghana by Prince Naruhito (thread)

:commonwealthflag: 8th: Commonwealth Day

:norwayflag2: :malaysiaflag: 8th-10th: Official Visit to Malaysia by Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit (thread, blog1, blog2, blog3)

:jordanflag2: 8th-10th: Working Visit to London by King Abdullah (thread)

:spainflag2: 10th: Official Visit to Cyprus by Queen Sofia (thread)

:jordanflag2: 10th-11th: Official Visit to Russia by King Abdullah (thread)

:swedenflag2: 12th: Princess Victoria's Name Day (thread, blog)

:jordanflag2: 12th-14th: Visit to the USA by Queen Rania (thread)

:monacoflag2: 14th: Prince Albert of Monaco's 52nd birthday

:britflag2: 15th-23rd: Official Visits to Central Europe {Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic} by the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall (thread, blog)

:germanyflag2: 15th: Death of Hereditary Grand Duchess Elisabeth of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (blog)

:bruneiflag2: 17th: Prince Abdul Muntaqim's 3rd birthday

:liechtensteinflag2: 18th: Opening of Parliament by Hereditary Prince Alois

:dutchflag2: 19th-20th: NL Doet {formerly Make A Difference Day} (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: 19th-20th: Official Visit to Hungary by Prince Frederik and Princess Mary (thread, blog)

:belgiumflag2: 20th-27th: Economic Mission to India by Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde (thread)

:moroccoflag2: 21st: King Muhammad VI and Lalla Salma's 8th wedding anniversary

:luxflag2: 22nd: Grand Duchess Maria Teresa's 54th birthday

:swedenflag2: 23rd-26th: State Visit to Brazil by King Carl Gustav and Queen Silvia (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: :germanyflag2: 24th: Princess Nathalie announces pregnancy (thread, blog)

:monacoflag2: 27th: Rose Ball (Monaco) (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: :swedenflag2: 28th: 100th Anniversary of Queen Ingrid's birth (blog)

:dutchflag2: 28th: Christening of Eliane van Vollenhoven (thread, blog)

:romaniaflag: 31st: Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills is made a Prince of Romania by King Michael I (blog)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:43 AM


:britflag2: 1st: Royal Maundy service (thread)

:italyflag2: 2nd: Death of Prince Edouard von Lobkowicz (blog)

:crown: 4th: Easter

:monacoflag2: 6th: Anniversary of the accession of Prince Albert of Monaco (2005)

:britflag2: :qatarflag2: 6th-9th: Official Visit to England by Sheikha Mozah (thread)

:spainflag2: 7th-9th: Queen Sofia's co-operation trip to Kenya and Ethiopia (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 9th: The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall's 5th wedding anniversary

:bruneiflag2: 9th: Princess Sarah's 23rd birthday

:japanflag2: 10th: Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko's 51st wedding anniversary

:uaeflag2: :jordanflag2: 10th: Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai and Princess Haya's 6th wedding anniversary

:norwayflag2: :qatarflag2: 11th-14th: Official Visit to Qatar and the UAE by Prince Haakon (thread, blog)

:liechtensteinflag2: 14th: Princess Marie of Liechtenstein's 70th birthday (blog)

:belgiumflag2: 15th: Prince Philippe's 50th birthday (thread)

:daneflag2: 16th: Queen Margrethe's 70th birthday (thread, blog1, blog2)

:luxflag2: 16th: Grand Duke Henri's 55th birthday

:britflag2: 21st: Queen Elizabeth II's 84th birthday

:englandflag2: 23rd: St George's Day (announcement of Knights of the Garter)

:swedenflag2: 23rd: Princess Madeleine and Jonas Bergstrom call off their engagement (thread, blog)

:qatarflag2: 23rd-24th: Official Visit to Cyprus by the Emir (blog)

:norwayflag2: 26th-27th: State Visit from President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia to Norway (thread, blog)

:dutchflag2: 27th: Prince Willem-Alexander's 43rd birthday

:daneflag2: 27th-28th: State Visit from President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia to Denmark (thread, blog)

:thaiflag2: 28th: King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit's 60th wedding anniversary

:dutchflag2: 29th: Unveiling of the Memorial commemorating the Koninginnedag 2009 Tragedy (thread, blog)

:dutchflag2: 30th: Anniversary of the accession and investiture of Queen Beatrix (1980)

:swedenflag2: 30th: King Carl Gustaf's 64th birthday (thread, blog)

:dutchflag2: 30th: Queens' Day celebrations (The Netherlands) (thread, blog)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:47 AM


:uaeflag2: :jordanflag2: 3rd: Princess Haya's 36th birthday

:dutchflag2: 4th: Remembrance and Liberation Day (thread, blog)

:spainflag2: 6th-9th: Official Visit to Costa Rica for the Presidential Inauguration by Prince Felipe (thread)

:moroccoflag2: 8th: Prince Moulay Hassan's 7th birthday

:spainflag2: 8th: King Juan Carlos undergoes lung surgery (thread, blog1, blog2, blog3)

:moroccoflag2: 10th: Princess Lalla Salma's 32nd birthday

:monacoflag2: 13th-16th: 68th Monaco Grand Prix

:daneflag2: 14th: Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's 6th wedding anniversary

:spainflag2: 14th: King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia's 48th wedding anniversary

:austriaflag2: 15th: Death of Archduke Rudolph (thread, blog)

:belgiumflag2: 15th-22nd: Economic Mission to Brazil by Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde (thread)

:dutchflag2: 17th: Princess Maxima's 39th birthday

:norwayflag2: 17th: National Day (Norway) (thread, blog)

:dutchflag2: 18th: Visit to Shanghai, China by Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Máxima (thread, blog)

:spainflag2: 19th-20th: Visit to Greece by Queen Sofia (thread)

:greeceflag2: 20th: Prince Pavlos's 43rd birthday

:swedenflag2: 21st-23rd: Official Visit to China by King Carl Gustaf (thread, blog)

:spainflag2: 22nd: Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia's 6th wedding anniversary

:liechtensteinflag2: 24th: Prince Joseph Wenzel's 15th birthday

:jordanflag2: 24th: Wedding of Prince Faisal Al Hussain & Sarah Qabani (thread, blog)

:jordanflag2: 25th: National Day (Jordan) (thread, blog)

:uaeflag2: 25th: Sheikh Hamad al Sharqi of Fujairah's 62nd birthday

:britflag2: 25th-29th: Chelsea Flower Show (thread)

:daneflag2: 26th: Prince Frederik's 42nd birthday

:norwayflag2: :britflag2: 26th: Visit to Norway by the Prince of Wales for the Conference on Climate and Deforestation (blog)

:qatarflag2: 28th: Visit to Brazil by Sheikha Mozah for Alliance of Civilisations Forum (thread, blog)

:norwayflag2: 29th: Norwegian Royals at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest (thread, blog)

:austriaflag2: 29th: Funeral of Archduke Rudolph (thread, blog)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:49 AM


:norwayflag2: :dutchflag2: 1st-3rd: State Visit to Norway by Queen Beatrix (thread, blog1, blog2)

:moroccoflag2: 1st-15th: 16th Fez Festival of World Sacred Music (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 2nd: Anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (1953)

:greeceflag2: 2nd: King Constantine's 70th birthday (thread)

:daneflag2: 3rd-7th: Visit to Washington, DC by Prince Frederik and Princess Mary (thread, blog1, blog2)

:daneflag2: 5th: National Day (Denmark)

:belgiumflag2: 6th: King Albert II's 76th birthday

:swedenflag2: 6th: National Day (Sweden) (thread)

:kuwaitflag2: 6th: Sheikh Sabah Al Sabah's 81st birthday

:norwayflag2: 7th-9th: Annual County Visit to Oppland by King Harald and Queen Sonja (thread, blog)

:moroccoflag2: 7th-10: Special Olympics Global Congress in Marrakech (thread)

:monacoflag2: 8th: Andrea Casiraghi's 26th birthday

:japanflag2: 9th: Prince Naruhito and Princess Masako's 17th wedding anniversary

:norwayflag2: 9th: Princess Ragnhild's 80th Birthday (blog)

:britflag2: 10th: Prince Philip's 89th birthday

:daneflag2: 10th: Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik's 43rd wedding anniversary

:jordanflag2: 10th: King Abdullah II and Queen Rania's 17th wedding anniversary

:belgiumflag2: 11th: Queen Fabiola's 82nd birthday

:daneflag2: 11th: Prince Henrik's 76th birthday

:liechtensteinflag2: 11th: Prince Alois's 42nd birthday

:britflag2: 12th: Trooping the Colour (thread) 12th: Civil Wedding Ceremony of Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma and Annemarie Gualthérie van Weezel (thread, blog)

:norwayflag2: 12th: Official Visit to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany by Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 14th: Garter Ceremony (thread)

:daneflag2: 14th-15th: Visit to South Africa by Prince Frederik (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 14th-19th: Visit to Botswana, Lesotho & South Africa by Princes William and Harry (thread)

:britflag2: 15th-19th: Royal Ascot (thread)

:swedenflag2: 19th: King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia's 34th wedding anniversary

:swedenflag2: 19th: Wedding of Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling (thread1, thread2, blog1, blog2, blog3, blog4, blog5, blog6, blog7)

:bahrainflag2: :omanflag2: 20th: Visit to Bahrain by Sultan Qaboos (blog)

:britflag2: 21st: Prince William's 28th birthday

:luxflag2: 23rd: National Day (Luxembourg)

:monacoflag2: 23rd: Engagement of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock (thread, blog)

:monacoflag2: 24th-26th: 15th International Jumping of Monte-Carlo (thread)

:monacoflag2: 24th: Engagement of Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 25th-27th: Visit to New York by Prince Harry (thread)

:saudiflag2: 26th-27th: King Abdullah in Canada for G20 Summit (thread, blog)

:qatarflag2: 27th: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Hamad al Thani (1995)

:daneflag2: 28th-30th: Visit to Shanghai, China as part of the EXPO 2010 delegation by Prince Frederik (thread)

:belgiumflag2: 28th-July 1st: Official Visit to the Democratic Repubic of Congo by King Albert II and Queen Paola (thread, blog)

:britflag2: :canflag2: 28th-July 6th: Visit to Canada by Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (thread)

:saudiflag2: 29th: King Abdullah visits the US (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 30th-July 4th: Henley Royal Regatta

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:51 AM


:walesflag2: 1st: Anniversary of Prince Charles's investiture as Prince of Wales (1969)

:britflag2: 1st: Princess Diana's birthday

:greeceflag2: 1st: Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal's 15th wedding anniversary

:belgiumflag2: 2nd: King Albert II and Queen Paola's 51st wedding anniversary

:uaeflag2: 2nd: Sheikh Sultan al Qasimi of Sharjah's 71st birthday

:qatarflag2: 3rd: Crown Prince Sheikh Tamim al Thani's 20th birthday

:liechtensteinflag2: 3rd: Prince Alois and Princess Sophie's 17th wedding anniversary

:jordanflag2: 3rd: Engagement of Prince Rashid and Zeina Shaban (thread, blog)

:norwayflag2: 4th: Queen Sonja's 73rd birthday

:britflag2: 6th: Visit to New York City, USA by Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh (thread)

:britflag2: 8th: Announcement of Autumn Phillips' pregnancy (thread, blog)

:qatarflag2: 13th: Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa's official visit to Yemen (thread, blog)

:swedenflag2: 14th: Princess Victoria's 33rd birthday

:franceflag2: 14th: Bastille Day

:saudiflag2: 14th-16th: King Abdullah visits France (thread, blog)

:bruneiflag2: 15th: Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah's 64th birthday

:britflag2: 17th: Duchess of Cornwall's 63rd birthday

:uaeflag2: 17th: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Saqr al-Qasimi of Ras al-Khaimah (1948)

:norwayflag2: 18th-19th: Princess Mette-Marit attends 18th AIDS Conference in Vienna (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 19th-23rd: Swan Upping

:norwayflag2: 20th: Prince Haakon's 37th birthday (thread, blog)

:belgiumflag2: 21st: National Day (Belgium)

:uaeflag2: 22nd: Sheikh Mohammed of Dubai's 61th birthday

:moroccoflag2: 23rd: Anniversary of the accession of Mohammed VI (1999)

:omanflag2: 23rd: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Qaboos al Said (1970)

:daneflag2: :germanyflag2: 24th: Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg gives birth to a son (thread, blog)

:thaiflag2: 28th: Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn's 58th birthday

:liechtensteinflag2: 30th: Prince Hans-Adam and Princess Marie's 43rd wedding anniversary

:monacoflag2: 30th: 62nd Red Cross Ball (thread, blog)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:56 AM


:bruneiflag2: 1st: Anniversary of the coronation of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (1968)

:saudiflag2: 1st: Anniversary of the accession of King Abdullah al Saud (2005)

:saudiflag2: 3rd: Anniversary of the enthronement of King Abdullah al Saud (2005)

:daneflag2: 6th: Announcement of Princess Mary's twin pregnancy (thread, blog)

:belgiumflag2: 9th: Anniversary of the accession of King Albert II of Belgium (1993)

:thaiflag2: 12th: Queen Sirikit's 78th birthday

:liechtensteinflag2: 15th: National Day (Liechtenstein) (thread) 18th: Death of Prince Carlos Hugo of Bourbon-Parma, the Duke of Parma (thread, blog)

:jordanflag2: 18th: Visit to Scotland by King Abdullah and Queen Rania (thread)

:norwayflag2: 19th: Princess Mette-Marit's 37th birthday

:norwayflag2: 19th: Princess Ingrid Alexandra's first day at school (thread, blog)

:moroccoflag2: 21st: King Mohammad VI's 47th birthday

:jordanflag2: 23rd: Queen Noor's 59th birthday

:norwayflag2: 25th: Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit's 9th wedding anniversary

:greeceflag2: 25th: Wedding of Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik (thread, blog1, blog2) 28th: Funeral of Prince Carlos Hugo of Bourbon-Parma, Duke of Parma (thread)

:norwayflag2: 29th: King Harald and Queen Sonja's 42nd wedding anniversary

:greeceflag2: 30th: Queen Anne-Marie's 64th birthday

:britflag2: 31st: Anniversary of Princess Diana's death (1997)

:jordanflag2: 31st: Queen Rania's 40th birthday

:daneflag2: 31st: Concert in Celebration of Queen Ingrid's 100th birthday (thread, blog)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 07:58 AM


:swedenflag2: TBD: Opening of the Swedish Parliament

:scotflag2: 4th: Braemar Gathering

:japanflag2: 6th: Prince Hisahito's 4th birthday

:uaeflag2: 6th: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Humaid al-Nuaimi of Ajman (1981)

:belgiumflag2: 11th: Queen Paola's 73rd birthday

:daneflag2: 12th-16th: Official Visit to Brazil by Prince Joachim and Princess Marie (thread)

:daneflag2: 14th-16th: Queen Margrethe & Prince Henrik's Summer Tour on the Dannebrog (thread)

:spainflag2: 15th: Princess Letizia's 38th birthday

:swedenflag2: 15th: Prince Daniel's 37th birthday

:britflag2: 16th-19th: State Visit by Pope Benedict XVI (thread)

:greeceflag2: 17th: Princess Marie-Chantal's 42nd birthday

:dutchflag2: 21st: Prinsjesdag (thread, blog)

:swedenflag2: 26th-28th: Visit to Paris by Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: 27th-28th: Visit to Meckleburg-Vorpommern, Germany by Prince Frederik and Princess Mary (thread)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 08:00 AM


:norwayflag2: TBD: Opening of Norwegian Parliament

:daneflag2: TBD: Visit to Ghana by Prince Joachim as patron of CARE (thread)

:dutchflag2: Cancelled: State Visit to the Netherlands by the President of Indonesia (thread)

:monacoflag2: 3rd-9th: Visit to India and China by Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock (thread, blog)

:bruneiflag2: 4th: Anniversary of the accession of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah (1967)

:daneflag2: 5th: Opening of Danish Parliament (thread)

:spainflag2: 12th: National Day (Spain)

:norwayflag2: 14th-15th: State Visit to Norway by the Swiss President (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: 15th: Prince Christian's 5th birthday (blog)

:belgiumflag2: 17th-20th: Econonic Mission to Liberia by Princess Mathilde (thread, blog)

:japanflag2: 20th: Empress Michiko's 76th birthday

:bahrainflag2: 21st: Crown Prince Sheikh Salman al Khalifa's 41st birthday

:spainflag2: 22nd: Prince of Asturias Awards 2010 (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 22nd-23rd: Visit to Tatarstan by Princess Michael of Kent (thread, blog)

:germanyflag2: 23rd: Death of Princess Irmingard of Bavaria (thread, blog)

:belgiumflag2: 25th: Princess Elisabeth's 9th birthday

:norwayflag2: 26th-28th: State Visit to Slovakia by King Harald and Queen Sonja (thread, blog)

:britflag2: :qatarflag2: 26th-28th: State Visit to Britain by the Emir of Qatar (thread, blog1, blog2, blog3)

:uaeflag2: 27th: Death of Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi (thread, blog)

:monacoflag2: :japanflag2: 27th-November 1st: Official Visit to Japan by Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock (thread, blog)

:liechtensteinflag2: 28th: Princess Sophie's 43rd birthday

:norwayflag2: 28th-29th: Visit to New York City by Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit (thread, blog1, blog2)

:spainflag2: 31st: Infanta Leonor's 5th birthday (blog)

JessRulz 12-25-2009 08:02 AM


:swedenflag2: November 1st-2nd: Official Visit to Finland by Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel (thread, blog)

:spainflag2: 2nd: Queen Sofia's 72nd birthday

:uaeflag2: 3rd: Anniversary of the accession of Sheikh Khalifa of Abu Dhabi (2004)

:britflag2: 5th: Anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot (1605)

:spainflag2: 6th-7th: Visit to Spain by Pope Benedict XVI (thread, blog)

:daneflag2: 7th: Tenth Anniversary of Queen Ingrid's Death (blog)

:britflag2: 11th-14th: Visit to Bermuda by the Duchess of Gloucester (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 14th: Remembrance Sunday (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 14th: Prince William in Afghanistan for Remembrance Day (thread, blog)

:luxflag2: 11th: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume's 29th birthday

:japanflag2: 12th: Anniversary of the enthronement of Emperor Akihito (1990)

:uaeflag2: 13th: Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan of Dubai's 28th birthday

:liechtensteinflag2: 13th: Anniversary of the accession of Prince Hans-Adam (1989)

:britflag2: 14th: Prince Charles's 62nd birthday

:belgiumflag2: 15th: King's Feast (thread, blog)

:britflag2: 16th: Engagement of Prince William and Catherine Middleton (thread, blog1, blog2, blog3)

:spainflag2: 17th-19th: Visit to New York City by Queen Sofia (thread, blog)

:omanflag2: 18th: Sultan Qaboos al Said's 70th birthday

:monacoflag2: 19th: National Day (Monaco)

:britflag2: 20th: Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's 63rd wedding anniversary

:scotflag2: 30th: St Andrew's Day

JessRulz 12-25-2009 08:04 AM


:japanflag2: 1st: Princess Aiko's 9th birthday

:belgiumflag2: 4th: Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde's 11th wedding anniversary

:thaiflag2: 5th: King Bhumibol's 83rd birthday

:dutchflag2: 7th: Princess Catharina-Amalia's 7th birthday

:japanflag2: 9th: Princess Masako's 47th birthday

:thaiflag2: 9th: Princess Srirasmi's 39th birthday

:norwayflag2: 10th: Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in Oslo

:swedenflag2: 10th: Nobel Prize awards ceremony in Stockholm

:greeceflag2: 13th: Anniversary of the declaration of the Greek republic (1974)

:japanflag2: 23rd: Emperor Akihito's 77th birthday

:swedenflag2: 23rd: Queen Silvia's 67th birthday

:crown: 25th: Christmas Day

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