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Toledo 06-16-2006 12:53 AM


Originally Posted by drcomet
This personality does exist, although little known to many people. Do you all know who she'll be surprised if I gave you the answer!:D

If you knew the answer why not post it from the start? :confused: I did not know either Andorra had an honorary princess but here is something more on it:

Royalist0007 06-01-2007 04:47 PM

The Seto Kingdom.
How many of you are aware that Estonia,although it is a republic,actually has a native monarchy? The native monarchy is that of the Seto people,whose distinctive culture & language (which is very close to the Estonian language) has been under threat,but there is a plan to revive this.

Here's is a link to the official website of the Seto Kingdom (in Seto only); Seto Kuningriik - Avaleht .

The current King (or Tsootskas valiti (Sootskas)) is Evar Riitsaar.

Here's a link from the B.B.C.'s website depicting some scenes from the Seto Kingdom; BBC NEWS | In pictures: The Seto people, A border people .

Here's another couple of links; Seto language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia & Setos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia .


maidmarion 06-03-2007 08:26 AM

This is such great info Royalist0007. I always wonder when I read stories like this how much of these similar stories the world has still yet to discover. Thank You for sharing this as it is truly facinating!

Royalist0007 06-04-2007 04:06 AM

I didn't even know about this myself until I saw this on the BBC's website.I wouldn't be too surprised if there were other native monarchies inside various European republican states today.

Unfortunately,I can't read what is on the Seto Kingdom's official website,as my command of Estonian,let alone Seto,is non-existent.


Karposh 03-16-2010 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Lalla Meriem (Post 102523)
There is no Andorran royal family. The Principality of Andorra does, however, have 2 Princes. The President of France and the Spanish Bisop of Urgal are the Co-Princes of Andorra.

In 20th century there was at least an attempt to create an Andorran dynasty. A white Russian emigree, Boris Skozyreff seized power and reigned as Boris I of Andorra for a few days or weeks in 1933/34. Recently a book has been published in Spain about his adventure. King/Prince Boris is still a popular legendary figure in Andorra. We do not know if he had any offspring to claim the Andorran throne.

RoyalistRiley 04-01-2010 04:04 AM


Originally Posted by lucien (Post 823295)
The Bishop of Urgel (Spain) and the French President are the Co-Princes of Andorra.

I have always found it odd that the President of France is also a Co-Prince. Isn't the idea of the President holding a royal post sort of going against the republican ideals that modern France is built on?

Duchess 07-27-2010 06:52 AM

Shambhala royals expecting child
Shambhala royals expecting child - -

Duchess 08-11-2010 12:49 PM

Shambhala king, queen have baby in Halifax
i know i started a thread about this back a little while ago but can't seem to find it. anyone that is interested in/practices buddhism might be interested in this:

Shambhala king, queen have baby in Halifax - Front -

Kasumi 08-11-2010 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Duchess (Post 1123538)
i know i started a thread about this back a little while ago but can't seem to find it.

Here it is.
Great news, Duchess!:smile: Thank you for the update.

The new princess, who was born at the IWK Health Centre, has been named Drukmo Yeshe Sarasvati Ziji Mukpo, which means Lady Dragon Wisdom. - CBS News

norenxaq 05-04-2011 02:14 AM

the president of france "inherited" his role as a ruler of Andorra from the French kings who were co-rulers before they were overthrown

Kasumi 05-20-2011 04:12 PM

New photos of a daughter of King and Queen of Shambala.
The princess Drukmo Yeshe Sarasvati Ziji Mukpo was born in Canada and is 8 months now.
The photos were taken in April 2011.
Lovely princess
Queen of Shambala (nee princess of Eastern Tibet) with her daughter - courtesy of this blog

Pindo 10-22-2011 11:52 AM

The Principality and the Grand Duchy was also known as Pindo or Pindos, sometimes Pindus and Moglena; Македонски - Пиндско - Македонско кнежевство , Aromanian: Printsipat di la Pind; Greek: Πριγκιπάτο της Πίνδου; Italian: Principato del Pindo) was an autonomous state set up under Italian and later German control in northwest Greece in the regions of Epirus, Thessaly and West Macedonia during World War II. It was proclaimed during the Italian occupation of northern Greece in the summer of 1941 as the fatherland of ethnic Aromanians(Macedon Armn )and the Endopi Makedonci , but was never able to assert itself over the local population until its de facto disbandment in 1944. The capital of the statelet was Metsovo (Aminciu in Aromanian), but the national assembly sat in Trikala.
After a long legal battle by the heirs of Prince Alcibiades, the titles of "Prince of Pindus" and "Duke of Macedonia" were reinstated. HRH Andres Ayala, Prince of Pindus and the Duke of Macedonia, direct descendant of the family Diamandi and the current owner of all titles and honors of the Princely House.
The Princely House of Pindus and Macedonia have no diplomatic relations with the current government and has no territorial ambitions on its former dominions, or seek any recognition of them.
There is no doubt that the Prince of Pindus and the Duke of Macedonia has the rights and Ius honorum majestatis, the right to grant titles of nobility and Honorary Orders of Knighthood of the Dynastic Heritage of Princely and Ducal House.

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