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Baroncabodifalco 12-14-2009 05:01 AM

Royalty of the Kingdom of Laos
I came across this excellent book entitled "The Last Century of Lao Royalty: A Documentary History" by Grant Evans and decided to start this thread to explore more visual info and documentation on their court dress and customs.

ortiz 07-04-2011 08:45 AM

^^I'll have to check that book out.

I came across this insightful video that highlights the Royals of Laos

YouTube - ‪Royal Laos‬‏

ortiz 07-04-2011 08:52 AM

Here is an additional video of the Royal Palace in Laos...I was awed at the beauty of all that gold seen between the 2:10 mark and the 2:17 mark!

YouTube - ‪Royal Palace, Laos‬‏

Kasumi 12-10-2011 03:23 AM

Sheboygan Hmong New Year celebration filled with tradition | Sheboygan Press |
One of Saturday's big events was an appearance by Prince Sauryavong Savang, a member of the Lao Royal Family, which ruled Laos before communist forces seized control in 1975.
Savang now lives in France, but was brought to the United States for the Hmong New Year in a joint effort by Hmong communities in Sheboygan and Madison, said Vang Vue, president of the Hmong Mutual Assistance Association of Sheboygan County, which sponsors the event.

CyrilVladisla 06-24-2016 10:00 PM

Royalty of Laos: The pictures from the past

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