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leahteresa 07-26-2005 02:22 AM

I read on another board that DD had done an interview on Alberts' love child that had not yet been published. Purely gossip but I thought I'd pass it on.

michelle 08-02-2005 01:09 PM

Lettre à Stéphanie , 1997


With time I started to ask myself what made you fight for me. Was it a challenge. ....Before me you have known men who were rich, famous, men who would have been able to offer you all you need - a life suitable for what you were used to. These men would have been easily accepted by your family. But it was me you chose. ...You wanted to build up something stable and authentic. Altough the ties which united you and your family were extremly strong you sufferd because of the obligations and duties that caused seperations. You dreamed of a very simple life....Ýou said that you liked my franckness and simplicity....Me, I was to melt in front of you, your fragility, your little-girls voice and your permanent need to be protected. I never stoped protecting you.

michelle 08-02-2005 01:35 PM

How Stephnaie met Daniel's mother for the first time:


It was one night in winter 1991. It was really cold and my mom was alone in her appartment. She still lived in that small appartment in the H.L.M ( district with appartments for the working class). We didn't want a meeting that was too of any official caracter. So I called her to announce that we would pass by ...the two of us.I remember that I told her not to prepare anything special and above all to stay natural. I wanted that you get to know her the way I love her. She paniced a bit but I said: ' Maman, forget about that she's a princess, just think of her as the woman I love and live with'.....I was curious to see how she would adress you . Would she call you ' Highness' ( Altesse) or ' Miss' ( Mademoiselle )?... I feared she would use the obligatory ' Bonjour Altesse' ( because he knows Stephanie was not that fond of it )...But when we arrived you headed towards her and kissed her saying : ' Bonjour Madame' ...before my mother had the time to respond I said: ' Maman, this is Stephanie. I don't want any special manners between you two so please adress her by her first name...just call her Stephanie'.

budge9 08-02-2005 02:03 PM

Thanks Michelle! I love hearing extracts from the book.

michelle 08-02-2005 02:38 PM

How things were with Stephanie's father:


...Several times I was up to call your father or your brother to tie some kind of nod.....One day I did it. I admit that today , Stephanie, because you never knew.I called the Palace and asked to speak to your father. I couldn't cope with the rejection anymore. I wanted to explain to him that I loved you and that we were happy together and above all that I wasn't that kind of worthless person he imagined me to be. Just because I wasn't the kind of son-in-law he had hoped for didn't mean that I was worth nothing at all. ...Believe me, I had to bring up a lot of courage to dial this number. The first time they told me he wasn't at home, the second that he was in a meeting...I understood then that he didn't want to talk....
Stephanie pregnant with Louis:


You were marvellous.You never felt sick or something.Your physical condition was incredible. I adred your fuller figure. The more your tummy got rounded the more you were beautiful to me. I found you even more attractive. I would even say that my desire for you didn't stop growing :p;)...

monaco70s 08-02-2005 03:08 PM

Thanks Michelle :)

michelle 08-02-2005 03:12 PM

November 26th 1992, Louis' birth :


I never forget the moment you realized it was time to leave for the hospital.It was about 6 o' cock in the morning You woke up and you went into the bathroom while I was still some kind of asleep.Coming back from the bathroom you woke me up. Your hands posed on your tummy you said in a calm voice: ' I think it's time.' I jumped out of the bed....we arrived at the Princess Grace Hospital maternity at about 10 a.m. A special service was installed for you. Your room was prepared ( it was the same room were Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre were born some years before) and the nurses were ready for it as well. They conected you with the monitor that examined your labours, their intensity as well as the beating of the babys heart. I held your hand and put the other and on your tummy. You sufferd terribly and the labours / pains got more and more unbearable....the nurses suggested that I should go and have a cup of coffee but I didn't want to move. I started to fear for you because during the last hour the controling monitor showed that Louis' heart beat got weak The umbilical cord was winded around Louis'body which made it impossible for him to come out in the normal way. The doctors gave you an anesthesia and brought you to the operatinary block of the hospital. I hoped for them to let me get in there with you but I had to wait in front of the door....I was so afraid of that something could happen to you during the operation....Finally after around half an hour, which seemed like an eternity to me, a nurse appeared holding Louis in her arms. I don't know how to describe what I felt at that moment. It wasn't only the undescribable feeling of a father who discovers his own son but above that Louis represented the coronation of our love and our combat. He became the symbol of our first victory. It was November 26th 1992....You were not completely out of the anesthesia yet, so very slowly and softly I layed our son close to you and held you two close in my arms. At this moment you opend your eyes and looked at me. We didn't talk. Words, I think wouldn'thave been strong enough to express what we felt at the bottom of our hearts. As I caressed your face I realized that a tear was running down your cheek, I started crying like a child....

RADKER18 08-02-2005 04:17 PM

More Please post more .

budge9 08-02-2005 05:06 PM

Please post more Michelle. I would especially be interested in any stories that Daniel says about Caroline. Thanks again!!!

michelle 08-02-2005 06:05 PM

After Louis' birth:


Your sister came to visit when I was present as well. It was the first time I met her since we lived together. I thought that at this moment I didn't have anything to hide. I was the father of her nephew. When she came into the room she directly went towards you to kiss you without paying attention to me, then she turned to Louis who was patiently sleeping in his bed...I stood up and left the room. i could hear you talk without knowing what you were talking about. I wondered what it was you were talking about. A few minutes later Princess Caroline came into the room I waited in and said to me:' Excuse me, I think I didn't say hello yet.' She shoke my hand and then she returned to you. I went for a walk for about an hour leaving you two alone...

monaco70s 08-02-2005 11:26 PM

Thanks for posting them Michelle :)

monica17 08-02-2005 11:26 PM

Thanks for the new installments on the book, Michelle. Daniel seems to be quite sensitive, given these letters. I don't know why or how he's changed, considering that he keeps on talking about private Grimaldi matters lately. But it's nice to know this sensitive side of him. Most men don't bother with writing letters.

I think it was really nice of Caroline to visit Stephanie after she gave birth to Louis, considering that she was vehemently opposed to S & D's relationship. It was also nice of her to greet/acknowledge Daniel. I think she did it for Steph and Louis, which makes it all the more endearing. She's known to be "tough" but was willing to bend for the sake of those she loves.

As for Prince Rainier, it was said that distancing himself from Stephanie at that time was the only way he could deal with her choices. A close friend of Princess Grace remarked that Grace would've been proud that Rainier didn't totally close the door on Stephanie at that difficult phase. Daniel felt rejected by Rainier, but maybe he didn't realize then how much the whole situation was hurting Rainier.

lashinka2002 08-03-2005 12:40 AM

Thank you for all of the posts Michelle.
I loved reading all of the interesting details...

michelle 08-03-2005 08:11 AM

You're all very welcome...I'll continue with more later.

'Bunte news' reports once again that Stephanie and Daniel will be 'reuniting' ( are they a band, or what? :p:D ) ....but they use to make this up every once in a while ;)....

...anyway here's the link:

Stephanie and Daniel 'reunited'

michelle 08-03-2005 09:39 AM

Pauline's birth:


It's for sure that our little Pauline played an important role in our combat to be accepted because it was shortly after her birth that I met your father for the first time since we lived together. We were just about to be very comfortable in your room in the hospital as a police officer entered the room to announce the arrival of the prince. I asked you if you wanted me to leave you alone with your dad. You refused.I was a little afraid of my own reaction as well as of his....I didn't take me long to realize that this hours would turn out very nice. He arrived, kissed you tenderly and then he turned to me shaking my hand he said' Bonjour ' and I said: ' Bonjour Monseigneur' ( Monseigneur =Highness ) I always adressed him this way even after our mariage. Only very few people even of his very close 'entourage' (team) were allowed to call him differently. I think this is a mark of respect everyone shows towards him. You, you have the privilige to call him 'Papoune' ....

iceflower 08-03-2005 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by michelle
You're all very welcome...I'll continue with more later.

'Bunte news' reports once again that Stephanie and Daniel will be 'reuniting' ( are they a band, or what? :p:D ) ....but they use to make this up every once in a while ;)....

...anyway here's the link:

Stephanie and Daniel 'reunited'

Couples that "reunite" are always a good-selling story, seems to be a magical theme ;) Thanks for taking the time and quoting that many parts of Daniel's books, Michelle!

sm1939 08-03-2005 11:45 AM

I think it is rather sad that he has written this book about their private life
isnt anything sacred, I suppose its all about money .

lashinka2002 08-03-2005 12:42 PM

You know if they reunited I wouldn't be surprised.
I think Rainier pushed for the divorce of Stephanie and Daniel. I think Stephanie would have rather taken time to reflect and maybe work it out. Like Grace I don;t think she was a quitter. After the divorce Rainier's presence alone may have kept them apart. Now they may be free to do as they choose.

budge9 08-03-2005 07:24 PM

Thanks Michelle. I can remember reading in a book that Caroline disapproved of Stephanie and Daniel's relationship so much that she didn't visit Louis in the hospital but that by the time Pauline was born she had become more tolerant of Daniel and did visit Pauline. This therefore seems to be untrue if what Daniel has written is correct. Interesting! I wonder why they lied in the book. Maybe Caroline's visit was very low-key and not many people knew about it? Any ideas???!!!

michelle 08-04-2005 12:26 PM

I think, well, Stephanie read the book before it was published and then obviously agreed with the I think it was alright.

About the kids:


...Michael knows that his mother is Martine. Louis and Pauline don't have the same mother, their mom is Stephanie...when they were little the children didn't really understand that if they had different mothers how on earth could they have the same daddy. Sometimes little arguments between them happend and the started to hout: ' He's my daddy'...'No he's mine...' I eplained that having two different mommys but the same daddy is perfectly possible and the seemed to understand....When we lived together Martine wanted to visit us before leaving Michael with us for the weekend. She wanted to know how the conditions would be like for her son. For you this estimation was totaly normal. You thought that it was perfectly understandable that the simple fact to be a Grimaldi is not enough to have peoples confidence without limits.....My three children are very different charecters. Michael is is very sensible and reserved, alittle solidary which is due to the fact that he is the only child with his mom. He's very polite and almost never nasty....Louis is a turbulant kid, who is filled with life. He is a bomb,choleric,open and communicative. He loves or he hates, there's nothing in between for him. He's able to do the worse and then he transformes himself into a little angel, who calls me at night when he needs attention, then he takes me into his armes and whispers': 'Papa, I love you very much.' ... Pauline, I call her ' ma petite chipie'. She has a very strong personality. She would never agree to stand behind. When Louis takes me into his arms ahe wants the same and repeats word for word : 'Papa, I love you very much.' The more I look at her,the more I feel like she resembles you. She has your eyes, that#s for sure.

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