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michelle 03-16-2003 09:21 AM

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Most people think in one simple way: Daniel cheated on Stephanir. he's the bad guy...and that's all.
I don't know if anyone of you ever read the book he wrote foe her, if so tell me about your thoughts on it. I read it once or better even twice. I knew Stephanie and Daniel when they were still wonderful they got along and how much they loved each other and their little family, how much they fighted for their happiness. At the end all that was destroyed by Daniel, no doubt all of the misery was his fault....and that's why Steph left him....she could't trust him anymore after what he did. ....But the whole thing hasn't been as easy as it seems. Both sufferd so much from the seperation...him as well....They had finaly found their happiness....Stephanie was happy with him, he knew that...and he was so happy with her. His terrible mistake broke it all....and he knows that as well. There wasn't any chance to go back for chance to make it ok again.
Whan I was about 14 or 15 I spend a day with them.....they were so good together....they made me beklieve in love.........when I was 20 reading that book made me cry..................
There are passages in this book that explain their feelings and thoughts....the way they really were....... :heart: ............

Daniel wanted Stephanie to read the book before it was she did...accepted it...confirmed it to be true...and it was published.....

I'll probably post some quotes out of it later...just to explain what I mean.
The close and strong relation that Daniel descibes in the book...the way both knew each other inside -out gives a reason for the close and friendly relation they still share today...for their kids....and for themselves.
After all that is good to see them laughing together.... :heart: :heart: :heart:

Love , Michelle :) :heart:

What Daniel wanted to say at first...(how he starts the book):

michelle 03-16-2003 11:29 AM

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......for his kids.....

michelle 03-16-2003 11:50 AM

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Very often, without any obvious reason, you came to me and I took you in my arms. I held you tide and we stayed this way for long minutes, not moving, not speaking in silence. You've sufferd in your younger days and I knew that your woons would still take a long time to heal. You were missing your mother. You often told me about her, about your childhood and about your mothers life.You didn't want to remember the hurtfull moments of the you prefered to think of happier days. I could have been listening to you for hours.(...............................) you prefered her in her role as your mother. You always said that if she would have been here with us during our hard fight to be accepted she would have been understanding and helping us for sure. I believe that, Stephanie. Especially during the hard times you missed her the most. When the children were old enough to understand you told them about her. I remember theese special moments when we were a together, just the four of us and we showed Pauline and Louis through films and pictures the womwn who is their grandmother. I have to smile if I think about the fact that even though they never happen to know her, never met her, they call her "Mémé"....
"Lettre à Stéphanie" , Daniel Ducruet 1997

When little Louis was born..........

michelle 03-16-2003 12:07 PM

I absolutely go along with you. I don't excuse him or support hom. He betrayed her, her love , her trust. I don't point him out as to be the good guy. I just wanted to show that all they had wasn't just crab (sorry :) ) was real love. Daniel is still a good father and he always was. That doesn't make ok what he did to Steoh...and no, she never bought the book...but the fact that she read it before he published it makes clear to me that he can't be telling lies in it. The excuse he gave never convinced me neither, nor Steph....That's why she left him...He hurt her...he was the idiot....but still there was a true love story behind it all.

Jacqueline 03-16-2003 12:28 PM

I don't support Daniel either. He betrayed her in one of the worst ways. I agree with Galisteo in that I don't believe the story that he was "drugged." He was just being a jerk IMO and was caught. I think that he and Stephanie definitely loved each other, but he couldn't have loved her that much. I think that truly great love would have kept him away from that other woman and doing things that would have hurt Stephanie. There are many unfaithful people in the world, however Daniel had to make the decision: Do I really want to betray Stephanie (my wife, mother of my children in such a way?) He decided to do it anyway. He is definitely and idiot Michelle. ;)

michelle 03-16-2003 05:07 PM

1 Attachment(s)'s still not what I wanted to point out. Yes he was an idiot in that situation, a real one ,a big one, the absolute idiote. But he is not an idiot in general. He made his mistake, the greatest mistake he could make....and yes, it was his fault.! He could have been staying away from that girl...he should have been staying away...but he didn't. Why? I don't know, Stephanie doesn't know...even he doesn't know. Probably just because he was to stupid to see that it was just sex...and not in any way worth it (he could have been waiting until the evening come and he's alone with is wife....and everything would have been ok... B) ). But he didn't. And that what Steph blames him for: "Why did you go to see her at all?" , she asked.....and he has no answer. And that's what made her sick...that's what made him sick, too. A real blood-sweat-and tears-lovestory found its ending nobody wished for.
But that's the tragedy of life....He could have been...I even still believe he was the right one, at least the one who came close to be the right one for her. Too bad he wasn't strong enough to resist phisical attraction!!! Most of all I'm sorry for her 'cause their lovestory was so nice, so deep, so good.........Steph was so happy, she didn't deserve to fall. She still doesn't.............
I hope she'll find someone who can make her as happy as she once was with Daniel....or even happy as she deserves to be...the happiest of all!!! :heart:


I loved you like I would have never believed to be able to love. I did for you what I would never do for anyone else and I'd do it again if I had to, I wouldn't hesitate one second. We lived unforgettable moments, we fighted like crazy, we sufferd. I payed the prize for my mistakes, and even if I lost everything I say to myself that at least one time in my life I had the chance to live a lovestory like it only exists in books. Be ready all the three of you: No matter where I'll be I'll continue to look after you and protect you. I know that our story is over and out. I simply ask you, Stephanie: not to forget what we had and to forgive me one day. Knowing that finaly you'll always be the greatest love of my life.
Daniel Ducruet, Lettre à Stéphanie 1997

I guess ahe forgave..but couldn't forget.........

michelle 03-16-2003 05:26 PM

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Close friends they are today...that's the best they could ever do ...for the kids. If only every divorced couple would be that way!!!

michelle 03-16-2003 05:31 PM

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Maybe theese pics help to understand what I wanted to say. This would not be possible without really strong ties that keep holding together no matter what matter who was the idiot....

...a proove for Stephanie's brave and sweet soul....She understands.... :)

Jacqueline 03-17-2003 01:51 PM

I remember reading or hearing about the girlfriend and the baby. Does anyone know what happened to her and the baby? I never heard anything about this again.

Stephanie may have been very much in love with him, but your're right Galisteo. That should have been a definite clue.

Jacqueline 03-18-2003 01:44 AM

Hi Galisteo! :)

Thank you for the articles. You're right. It is much worse. :blink:

His ex-girlfriend...six months pregnant at the time? :o :o I guess that one should take solace that she was apparently his ex-girlfriend and they had parted ways. :rolleyes:

I can't believe that he said that Mol-Houteman needed directions driving. That isn't very original. :D ;)

michelle 03-18-2003 07:54 AM

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Well, all you describe are just circumstances in peoples life...and things that happen. It is, in my point of view, nothing special to find love with another woman even if you have an ex-girlfriend who's having your baby. As for Mrs. Martine Malbouvier and her and Daniel's son Michael, they are doing quite fine...and during theri common years Stephanie and Daniel cared about Louis and Pauline's brother a lot. He even had his own room in Stephanie's house.
As for Daniel going to meet that woman Fili....well, he shouldn't have een going there, and I guess he knows that quite well now, ....if he was trapped or not doesn't make much of a difference. His mistake was to go to see a woman he didn't really know well just because she wanted to talk to him or needed his advice. Stephanie always confirmed that fact as the point in thier relation were he broke her trust. Why does a loving husband and father go to have a talk with a woman he doesn't know well????
As for Stephanie and Franco...they just met..and they fell in love ...theese things happen! You don't plan those things! And it cirtainly wasn't Steph's purpose to hurt Franco's little son Anthony....who btw got along with her very well. And then there was Franco's frustrated wife who shot every kind of dirt on Stephanie afterwords, behaving like a furious kindergarten-girl......

Sometimes life doesn't ask you which way you wanna just takes you somewhere! :) !

Louis and his brother Michael at his christianing in April 1995

hrhcp 10-19-2003 07:00 PM

It occurs to me ... is there a pattern here?

Did / does Stephanie deliberately go out with guys (she knows) who will two-time her ?

montecarlo 12-20-2003 06:39 PM

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Stephanie & Daniel

michelle 07-23-2005 08:37 AM

A qote from Daniel's book ' Lettre à Stéphanie' ' :


One of the memories the most marking of our official life was the one and only appearance that we made together on the balcony on the occasion of Monaco's National Day in 1995. Two grand windows opend directly to the big Palace Place where there was the parade of firemen, police, Carabiniers and all official deligations of the Principality. When the parade was over the monegasque people gatherd on the Palace's square under those windowsto watch all members of the princely family appear. When we were still inside I could hear the crowed shout your name: 'Stephanie' Stephanie....' several times. This day it was the first time we officially appeared together....At this ocasion I was able to access to the private appartments of the Palace. Two things were the most striking: First, the uncountable portraits and photos of your mother which made her seem enormously presentand second, you teenage-child-room and that photo of one of your former boyfriends:)...I didn't make any comment on that, but you see, I remeber that :)"

monaco70s 07-23-2005 12:30 PM

Very interesting quote Michelle :)

sebastian 07-23-2005 03:59 PM

Wonder which former boyfriend that photo was of ????

monaco70s 07-23-2005 06:52 PM

I think it was Paul since he was always next to her in the hardest moment of her life.

michelle 07-23-2005 07:08 PM


Originally Posted by monaco70s
I think it was Paul since he was always next to her in the hardest moment of her life.

Think so too
( thanx forever, Paul :) )

Beate 07-23-2005 10:32 PM

Thank you so much Michelle for starting this thread. I had never heard about the book before and the quotes were quite touching..They sound even nicer in French..:) How sad that this relationship had to end..:( Do you have any more excerpts? Je te remercie beaucoup..

monica17 07-24-2005 03:06 AM

Hey, Michelle! This new thread is very interesting. I don't like Daniel Ducruet, esp. since he keeps on spewing nasty stuff about the Grimaldis and talking about private matters. But yes, I believe that Steph was truly happy with him - she looked her best (at least for me) during the years with him. I'm glad that they're friendly to each other - not all persons can manage that.

Keep it coming! I love those tidbits. Thanks!


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