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dee4855 04-17-2009 11:22 AM

Future Queens and their choice of clothing
I was looking at pictures of Maxima at her last outing. I am so shocked at the way that she and MM have presented themselves lately. I see Maxima sitting in a chair, slouching down to one side looking nothing like a future Queen of her country. MM was slouched so far down in her chair in one past photo you could see her underwear. Do you think you would ever see Queen B or Queen Sonja sitting this way in public. Maxima and her of choice of clothing is lovely for a cocktail party, even though it would not be my choice. Someone needs to remind these ladies they took on a job, responsibility to be the represenatives for the Queen. This is not proper behavior or the way to present themself.

We see other future Queens looking every inch of what is expected of them. What has happened with these beautiful women? Is boredom kicking in? You would think the few times they make appearances anymore they could take the time to dress and act properly.:nonono:

Maxima-scroll down

MM-scroll down
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queenofthelight 04-17-2009 12:23 PM

I'm sure that Princess Victoria and Princess Mary will be perfect future-to-be Queens. They have everything for this: beauty, kindness, scholarship and taste in fashion.

Lumutqueen 04-17-2009 01:53 PM

You are very correct queenofthelight.
I think even royalty have slip ups with their outfits, we have to understand they make bad choices too as all of us woman do. Posture on the other hand, they are royalty the should understand that the camera are always watching them. Like the picture of Princess Marie taken at the Opening of Parliament last year, and of Queen Margrethe who was asleep. Yes I understand it is a boring ceremony but still they are royalty, the shouldn't just fall asleep or look bored in front of the cameras.

dee4855 04-18-2009 04:07 AM

I agree about the bored and sleeping part for sure. MM and Maxima have been in the "business" long enough they should know how to sit properly for goodness sakes. I see the Queens now, how they carry themselves, see some of the future Queens and wonder what in the world is it going to be like in a few years. I guess I am from the old school and a Royal should be Royal. Not what we are seeing now from some of the future Queens to be. It is not like they are all new to this. They get all the perks of the business now act like you should act.

MissSaga 04-21-2009 03:14 PM

Very interesting and I completely agree.
It chocks me to se how for example MAXIMA dresses and behaves, it's quite frightening, on the contrary to CP Victoria and CP Mary who are every inch future queens. Letizia is also always groomed and nice looking.

I think for ex. Maxima has gotten a little too comfortable, that's the issue but I also think boredom has kicked in, as you say.

MelinaB. 10-18-2009 11:06 AM

I agree that Victoria and Mary are both ideal future Queens.They seem ready for that role,no doubt :flowers: But I also think that CPs,like Maxima or Letizia,who dress in their own unique way,which may seem inappropriate or not regal to some people,will eventually change their style dramatically,when that time comes.They are all smart women,I don't think they will make mistakes as Queens.And this is just a thought of mine:perhaps these women view their current status,as Princesses,as their last carefree days/years ;) :flowers:

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