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LadyK 04-04-2009 02:59 PM

Royal Coronation Pictures Poll
Welcome to the March 2009 Informal Picture of the Month Poll showcasing
Royal Coronation Pictures

In this month's poll we have pictures of Royal Coronations, Enthronements, Pronouncements, and Investitures.

The monthly informal polls will highlight the un-official/historical and rarely seen side of royalty as opposed to the formal side of royalty.

The informal polls will consist of pictures that show a royal or some aspect of royal life historical or present that is more candid than our formal polls.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for future polls you can contact Dazzling, LadyK or Empress.

This month, our Picture of the Month representatives had help in selecting their images with a small committee of their choosing. Below, you can see each royal house's representative (in bold) followed by their chosen committee members.

Belgium: - Marengo, stephanievl, LadyLeana

Britain: TheTruth - jcbcode99

Brunei/Malaysia/Dubai/Morocco: Humera - Warren

Denmark: GlitteringTiaras - Jessrulz, Princess Robijn, Madame Royale

Greece: Rhapsodybrat - Odette

Japan: Dragonsfire8, Al_bina

Jordan: Humera - Little_star, salma

Liechtenstein: HRH Kerry

Luxembourg: Jessrulz - grim_lady, kyansaunt20

Monaco: Iceflower - radker18,

Norway: Her_Majesty - Kikkib, Carlota

Spain: Paty - Lula

Sweden: Iceflower, HRH Kerry

The Netherlands: The Watcher, Marengo, Lucien

The poll will be open for three weeks. It will close on 22 April 2009. During these three weeks, we ask that NO ONE STATE WHOM THEY'VE VOTED FOR so as not to influence other members as they make their choices. For the final week of the month, you can discuss as much as you'd like about which image you voted for and why.

Please note that the links in the above poll have been posted in random order and do not reflect the opinions of the moderating team.

Enjoy and have fun!

Dazzling, Empress & LadyK

LadyK 04-04-2009 03:03 PM

A. Belgium

Picture Link
Source: Hollandse Hoogte

9 August 1993: King Albert II takes the oath in the Belgian Parliament.

B. Japan

Picture Link
Source: Daylife

25 December, 1926, Japan's Emperor Hirohito is pictured on the left wearing traditional clothing for his coronation and his son Emperor Akihito, also in traditional costume on 12 November, 1990, is pictured walking to a Shinto sanctuary inside the Imperial Palace to attend an early morning private ceremony to pray and report the enthronement to his ancestors and imperial deities.

C. Iran

Picture Link
Source: LIFE

October 26, 1967 - An official coronation portrait of Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, his wife Empress Farah and son Crown Prince Reza.
Behind them is the Naderi throne, studded with 26,733 gems including diamonds, emeralds, rubies and emeralds, all encrusted in gold.
Empress Farah's magnificent coronation robe is likewise encrusted with precious jewels.

D. Greece

Picture Link
Source: The Greek Royal Family official website

Against the backdrop of the Greek flag and the crown, King Constantine II gives his first public address upon his succession to the throne, 1964.

E. Luxembourg

Picture Link
Source: Corbis

The new Grand Duke (centre) is surrounded by his family; (left-right) Princess Alexandra, Prince Felix, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Prince Louis and Prince Sebastien; following his swearing-in ceremony on October 7th, 2000.

F. Norway

Picture Link
Source: Scanpix

Official portrait showing the new Royal Couple of Norway, King Harald V and Queen Sonja, with their children Prince Haakon and Princess Märtha Louise on the king's coronation day. King Harald V became King in 1991 after his father's death.

G. Jordan

Picture Link
Source: Queen Rania Image Gallery

An official portrait marking the investiture King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan on June 9, 1999.

LadyK 04-04-2009 03:04 PM

H. Spain

Picture Link
Source: Fuenterebollo

This picture, it is not the photography of a Proclamation, but the representation of an indisputable success in the Spainish history, not only admitted for all the spaniards also for the international community. The picture represents the end of 30 years of dictatorship and the beginning of a new age of democracy for Spain.
On November 22, 1975 the King spoke to his country in this way:
"Today begins a new era in the History of Spain. This phase, which we must to go together, begins in the peace, the work and the prosperity, result of the common effort and of the delicate collective will. The Monarchy will be a faithful guardian of this inheritance, and will try to support at all time the close relation with the people"

I. Monaco

Picture Link
Source: Corbis

Coronation of Prince Albert II of Monaco - Prince Albert holds up the keys to the Principality of Monaco during a celebration with the people of Monaco and his family following his coronation mass held in the morning in Monaco, July 12, 2005. His proud sister Princess Stephanie is watching him.

J. Great Britain

Picture Link

Queen Victoria, in her royal regalia upon her coronation.

K. The Netherlands

Picture Link
Source: ANP

On 30 April 1980, Beatrix became Queen of the Netherlands when her mother Juliana abdicated. Beatrix swore allegiance to the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Constitution at her investiture in Amsterdam.

L. Sweden

Picture Link
Source: dpa

The coronation of King Carl XVI. Gustaf of Sweden - 27-year-old King Carl Gustaf holds his first speech from the throne on the day of his coronation, September 19, 1973, saying: "My beloved and admired grandfather was the symbol of a modern monarch. I am determined to follow his good example."

Her_Majesty 04-08-2009 02:36 PM

Don't forget to vote here, too ;)

Vanesa 04-14-2009 11:38 PM

Another hard choice! I wish I could vote for more than one pic, for at least three of them are important for me for some historical reason. Of course, I've finally picked one photo, but I should choice two. These two are not European ones...Just guess ;DVanesa.

Her_Majesty 04-22-2009 05:04 PM

The Poll is closed!

And the winners are....

1. Iran

2. Norway

3. The Netherlands

Thanks everyone for your votes! :flowers:

White Princess 04-25-2009 05:47 AM

Iran won because of the jewels?

crownprincessrhey 04-25-2009 10:51 AM

hard to vote

dazzling 04-28-2009 06:30 AM

Iran's picture was the winner from the start. It was a very nice portrait. The gown/the jewls and the setting

Ducii 05-01-2009 04:27 AM

All pics are beautifull.....Especially I like Spanish picture

Turkish Delight 05-01-2009 11:30 AM

I think Iran's portrait is the most beautiful. The jewelleries dazzles me.

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