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Warren 04-04-2009 08:18 AM

Royal Jewels empty posts, single-link posts and fashion commentary
Recently many threads in the Royal Jewels forum are attracting what are termed empty posts.
Empty posts are those which don't contribute to or advance a line of discussion. Although these posts are routinely removed from other forums across TRF they have, by and large, been allowed to remain in the Royal Jewels forum. However, the increasing number of empty posts appearing in these threads means that henceforth they will be removed.

In the Royal Jewels context empty posts are those which are statements with no attempt to expand, eg "Beautiful sapphires!", "I love sapphires!", "Yes, these sapphires are beautiful.", "I agree the sapphires are beautiful.", "I would love to own those sapphires.", "I love the necklace!", "I don't like those earrings.", "Lovely bracelet." etc etc, as well as the standard "I agree", "me too", "lovely pics" and "thanks for the pics" posts.

TRF is a discussion forum. That means that an opinion or statement should be accompanied by a reason for that opinion or statement. Wading through a succession of posts by a number of members which state nothing more than, for example, "the sapphires are beautiful" does not make for very interesting reading, and the level of discussion is non-existant.

The other issue is single-link posting.
Over the past few months there has been an increase in single-link posting. This is a post which contains a link to a single photograph with little or no text.
Some are being drip-fed at one post per day, and some are being posted two or even three times a day in the same thread.

Members who have a store of photographs or sources aren't expected to post links to all of them at the same time, but there is no reason why several links can't be included in the same post. The only times where single-link posting can be justified is in the course of a royal tour or visit where each day different jewellery is worn. From now on single-link posts of "old" pictures made by the same member will be progressively merged into a single post.

As this forum is for jewellery and the Royal House of Fashion forum is for fashion, could all fashion comment and questions be posted in the Fashion forum.
Please note that posts raising fashion issues will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators.

Thanks for everyone's cooperation in making the Royal Jewels Forum a more interesting place for discussion of royal jewels.
If any member requires further clarification of these issues, please PM either LadyK or myself.

for the Royal Jewels moderators

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