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acdc1 03-14-2009 04:44 PM

Who is this fellow?
On this 20/20 (American news show) feature, they are talking about the happiest country in the world- Denmark. They mention a young fellow named Joseph who is a carpenter's apprentice but is also a prince- he is a great-great grandson of a Danish king- they didn't say which one, though. Does he actually hold the title of prince?

YouTube - Denmark happiest place on earth

Fashionista100 03-14-2009 05:22 PM

He is not royalty. I believe he is most likely the son of a count or such. Generally, the only Prince and Princesses in Denmark are in the Royal House. He probably is the decendant of a Danish King, but that does not make him a prince.

EmpressRouge 03-14-2009 05:24 PM

Hmmm...that is a mystery. I agree w/ Fashionista100 and think he's probably not entitled to call himself "Prince." Maybe someone might recognize that painting they showed? My best guess is he's a descendant of Prince Valdemar, youngest son of Christian IX. The guy in the bust and portrait looks like Christian. Christian IX of Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also, they mention he's related to the Houses of France and Spain, i.e. Bourbon, and Valdemar's wife was a Bourbon, Marie of Orleans.

Henrik 03-17-2009 11:35 AM

I think I have found the young man in the Parma files on


19f) René Charles Maria Joseph (Schwarzau 17 Oct 1894-Hellerup 30 Jul 1962); m.Copenhagen 9 Jun 1921 Margrethe Pss of Denmark (Bernstorff 17 Sep 1895- Brodrehoj 18 Sep 1992)

1g) Jacques Maria Antoine Robert Waldemar Charles Felix Sixte Ansgar (Longwy, France 9 Jun 1922-nr Roskilde 5 Nov 1964); m.Ledreborg 9 Jun 1947 Birgitte Komtesse af Holstein-Ledreborg (b.Ledreborg 29 Jun 1922)

1h) Philipp Georg Karl Valdemar René Joseph Marie (b.Copenhagen 22 Jan 1949); m.Ledreborg 5 May 1979 Annette Smith (b.Koge, Seeland 24 Apr 1955)

1i) Jacques Carl Christian Marie (b.Roskilde 3 Jan 1986)

2i) Joseph Axel Alain Eric Marie (b.Roskilde 6 Jun 1989)

Source: Paul Theroff's Royal Genealogy Site

This Joseph is a prince of Bourbon-Parma and he indeed is a descendant of prince Valdemar of Denmark. His father's mother is a countess of Holstein-Ledreborg from Ledreborg Manor, the interview is filmed in the park at Ledreborg.

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