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dazzling 02-13-2009 04:52 AM

Important Notice - please read before posting
We appreciate members participating in the fashion forums but lately a few posters have used the Fashion forum to continue their crusades in favor of or against their favourite royal, which leads to tons of posts to be deleted and a few threads were closed. We would like to remind you all of several of our rules:

1) Repetitive posts will be deleted

For example; going over & over on Maxima's messy hair, Victorias ponytail & Mette Marit in dark cloths

2) Speculation is not allowed


Whenever possible, opinions should be based on factual information obtained from reputable sources and should be backed up by references to those sources. The moderators reserve the right to delete posts containing the more fanciful types of gossip and speculation, whether they originate in gossip magazines and websites or are simply fabricated.
3) Insults are not allowed

Sine there have been a few posts insulting members and different royals, we would like to remind you of the following rules on insults


Insulting comments about other posters and royals are not permitted. Criticism is acceptable; insults and flames are not. We expect our members to treat each other with respect.

Why aren't I allowed to criticise any of the royals? I thought freedom of speech was a right.

You are allowed to criticise royals, and you do have the right to freedom of speech; both positive and negative opinions about royals are welcome. However, this is a privately owned forum, and participation is contingent on accepting the Social Knowledge Terms of Service, which forbid the use of obscene, vulgar, threatening, abusive, or defamatory language, and the Community Rules, which also forbid unsubstantiated gossip, spamming, and empty posts. Therefore, it's important that you express your criticism carefully. Please note that name-calling and defamatory statements are not made acceptable by the addition of 'IMO' ('in my opinion') or similar expressions. If one of your posts has been removed by a moderator because of the content, it will have been removed because of how you expressed yourself, not simply because you were critical. You're welcome to reword your post to express your opinion within the limits set by our rules.

You can find the above examplesand more in the FAQ's thread and dont forget to read through the community rules

Posts that do not follow the forum rules will be deleted without notice!

I hope if we keep the rules in mind we can have a great & friendly place with different ideas discussing fashion in the different royal houses.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact one of the administrator or a member of the fashion moderating team. If you are bothered by a post please contact one of the fashion moderators instead of replying and creating a fight in the thread.

Thank you & enjoy posting:flowers:
TRF Administrators and the Fashion Moderator team

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