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Asma2 02-17-2004 10:31 PM

King Mohammed V (1909-1961)
In 1927, Moulay Youssef was succeded by his son Mohamed V, aged 17 years old. It was not until after World War II that the independence movement really gathered momentum. The troops Moroccans provided for the French army had conducted themselves with honor. At that time, an official independence party was formed called Istiqlal,whose first act was to send a memorundum to the sultan and the French authorities asking for independence and a democratic constitution. The immediate reaction to this request was the arrest of several Istiqlal leaders , whereas the sultan refused to sign any more decrees concerning his people.

In August 1953 the royal family was deported to Corsica and Madagascar, and another person was designed by the French to sit on the throne. Violence towards the French officials was the reaction of the Moroccan people, who claimed the return of the king.

In December 1956, The king was taken to France , where he signed a declaration promising that there would be a constitutional monarchy which would move towards ademocratic state.

In March 1956, the French signed an agreement in which they granted full independence to Morocco. The Spanish did the same and Tangier lost its international status during the same year.

The Sultan formed a government and French Officials were gradually replaced by Moroccans.

Asma2 02-17-2004 10:35 PM

November 18, 1927
Enthronment of His Majesty Mohammed V at the age of 18. Under his rule, Morocco engaged in the decisive battle for independence.

July 9, 1929
Birth of His Majesty King Hassan II.

January 11, 1944
Presentation of the "Independence Manifesto", demanding recognition of the independence of Morocco, its territorial integrity and its national sovereignty as embodied by His Majesty King Mohammed V.

April 9, 1947 Trip by His Majesty Mohammed V to Tangier during which he delivered a historical speech which marked the revival of the national conscience and resistance to foreign occupation.

August 20, 1953
Exile of the late King Mohammed V and the Royal Family to Madagascar. Beginning of the "Revolution of the King and the People".

November 16, 1955
Return from exile of the late King Mohammed V and his family.

March 2, 1956
Signing of "Celle-Saint Cloud" agreements recognising the Independence of the Kingdom of Morocco.

April 7, 1956
Signing an agreements with Spain, putting the end of the Spanish protectorate over the Moroccan Northern provinces.

April 22, 1956
Morocco becomes a member of the United Nations Organisation.

Recovery of the Province of Tarfaya (under Spanish rule).

February 26, 1961
Death of His Majesty Mohammed V.
His Majesty King Hassan II received the
pledge of allegiance.

Asma2 02-17-2004 10:59 PM

King Mohammed VI, President Chirac dedicate Mohammed V Square in Paris

Morocco-France, Politics, 12/21/2002

Morocco's King Mohammed VI and President Jacques Chirac of France officially dedicated this Friday in Paris the Mohammed V Square in memory of the Late King Mohammed V, Grand-Father of King Mohammed VI.

Upon arrival to the venue of the ceremony, the king was greeted by President Chirac, his wife Mrs. Bernadette Chirac, Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe and President of the Arab World Institute, Denis Bauchard.

The "solemn homage of Paris to H.M Mohammed V helps France as a whole to celebrate the memory as well as the political and religious action of this enlightened king," said the Paris Mayor.

"It is in the very heart of Paris that the Mohammed V Square is located, near the Arab World Institute, a space of life and openness, dedicated to exchange and to the meeting of cultures," he said, adding that the dedication of the square is "a tangible testimony to the role and influence of Moroccan men and women living in Paris."

"On behalf of the population of Paris, I laud, with a real gratitude and an immense respect, the memory and destiny of an exceptional king," he said.

King Mohammed VI and President Chirac then unveiled the plate commemorating the memory of the great King Mohammed V.

After the national anthems were heard, President Chirac made a speech wherein he said "on August 20, 1953, the French Government divided and abused, let depose the legitimate King of a friendly country."

"Several voices were raised against this coup de force, among which, that of a minister, namely my predecessor, President Francois Mitterand," said Chirac for whom the late King Mohammed V, by going to exile in Madagascar () gained an immense stature, both moral and political. No matter how far from his country he was, the Late King Mohammed V was present in the hearts of all Moroccans. He became the symbol of a nation."

"On many an occasion, the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of France have marked their recent history with the stamp of uniqueness," said King Mohammed VI in a speech on the occasion of the dedication in Paris of the Mohammed V Square.

"This uniqueness of which we are so proud, has always characterised our attitude in all instances where liberties and rights were at risk or in jeopardy. whether on the battle fields during World War One, or during the fight to repel the onslaught of Nazism and Fascism on the world, or more recently, when it was necessary to take action in Africa, Bosnia and elsewhere to protect people from the scourges of oppression and discrimination," he said.

The king paid tribute to his Grandfather, the late King Mohammed V, that France today honours with the dedication of a Square carrying his name in the very heart of Paris.

"As I stand beside you this morning to inaugurate the Mohammed V Square, which is so close to Notre Dame Cathedral, to the Arab World Institute and barely a few hundred yards from the Paris Mosque, my primary wish at this very moment is for my late Grandfather, His Majesty King Mohammed V, may God bless his soul, to be remembered for his commitment to the universal ideals of human rights that I have just mentioned, and to the struggle to uphold justice and to protect human dignity," said King Mohammed VI.

The exceptional feature of Moroccan-French relations "reflects an intellectual and human closeness, so strong, so deep that it shows what "the art of the possible" is," said the king, adding this feature further illustrates what "the art of the best" means, especially in a period marked by the resurgence and the exacerbation of old fears which are reminiscent of an epoch long since gone and which belong to a world so alien to the cultural and spiritual ground upon which the Moroccans and the French have elected to build together their respective destiny.

King Mohammed VI recalled General de Gaulle's decision to make of the late King Mohammed V, along with Churchill, Eisenhower and few other foreigners, a full-fledged member of the Order of the Liberation Companions.

"By inaugurating the Mohammed V Square in Paris, we are not merely paying a debt of duty to his (King Mohammed V's) memory," he said, adding "our duty is also to remember the liberator of the Moroccan nation, the pioneer of African independence movements and the architect of modern Morocco which stands united, free and independent."

Asma2 02-17-2004 11:20 PM

King Mohammad V, Guy Mollet and Christian Pineau
King Mohammad V of Morocco (center) sits with French Prime Minister Guy Mollet (left) and French Foreign Minister Christian Pineau. The King was in Paris to begin negotiations for his country's independence from Spain.

King Mohammad V, Guy Mollet and Christian Pineau

Vice President Nixon Greeting King Mohammed V of Morocco
King Mohammed V of Morocco welcomes Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat, to a formal dinner held by the Moroccans in the grand ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC.
Date Photographed: November 27, 1957

King Mohammed V

Formal Dinner at Hotel Ballroom
The grand ballroom of the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC, is the site of a formal dinner held by King Mohammed V of Morocco during a visit to the United States. The king's guests of honor are Vice President Richard Nixon and his wife, Pat. Date Photographed: November 27, 1957


Mausoleum of Mohammed V
The Mausoleum of Mohammed V, who was king after Morocco gained its independence from France, stands in Rabat, Morocco.

Mausoleum of King Mohammed V

Mausoleum of Mohammed V
The Mausoleum of Mohammed V, who was king after Morocco gained its independence from France, stands in Rabat, Morocco.

Photo No. 1

Photo No. 2

Tomb of Mohammed V
Tomb of Mohammed V at the Mausoleum of Mohammed V, which also houses the grave of Hassan II, Mohammed's son and the former king.

Tomb of King Mohammed V

Morocco has the most beautiful architecture I cannot get enough. :flower:

Fountain at King Mohammed V's Mausoleum
Tilework decorates a ceremonial fountain within King Mohammed V's Mausoleum, Rabat, Morocco.

Fountain at Mausoleum

The official website for Late King Mohammed V:

gusto 05-16-2004 01:42 PM

circa 1942: Sidi Mohammed Ben Youssef, (1911 - 1961), Sultan of Morocco from 1927, returns from the mosque where he opened the festival 'Aid El Kebir' which dates back to the memory of he sacrifice of Abraham. He is under the umbrella, surrounded by his Black Guard.

1955: Jubilant Moroccans celebrating the imminent return of the reinstated Sultan Sidi Mohammd ben Yussef (Sultan Mohammed V) on the streets of Casablanca.

17th October 1959: Ferhat Abbas, chief of Algerian rebel Government (left) is received by King Mohammed V of Morocco, with whom he discussed General de Gaulle's peace offer, at Rabat Palace. In the centre is Prince Moulay Hassan.

27th February 1961: King Mohammed of Morocco (1910 - 1961) sits with his son, the Crown Prince, Moulay Hassan discussing matters of state.

at King Mohammed V's funeral

imane44 07-29-2005 11:06 AM

in the book stolen lives , malika oufkir describes the kings mother as a dark skin berber, she was the daughter of the chief of an influencial tribe. malika said that she wasn't beautiful but strong willed and charming.

Monalisa 07-29-2005 01:19 PM

You are talking about lalla latifa who was berber and daughter of a berber chief and mother of king MohammedVI.

I was talking about Lalla Abla mother of king Hssan II who was a half black slave from marakesh given as a gift from the Pasha of Marrakesh then Laglawi to king MohammedV;)

PS: I'v read the same book,M.OUfkir didn't say that she was dark skinned,exact word was that she was very dark haired with almond skin,not classically beautiful,but very charming:)

imane44 07-29-2005 01:46 PM

you are right!:rolleyes:
in morocco it is common knowledge that lalla Abla was of black slave descent

madonna23 07-30-2005 12:34 AM

if you check pg. 41 of oufkir's book it says that due to political reasons, all the king's wives had to be of berber origin like the queen mother, lalla abla, and also lalla bahia.

it could be she was a dark-skinned berber or perhaps of mixed origin...whatever the case, oufkir explicitly states that both lalla abla and lalla bahia were berber as was lalla latifa.

naima 07-30-2005 05:21 AM

Lalla Abla was a slave of a wealthy pasha from marrakech. She was given as a gift to sultan mohammed V who named himself later king. The family name of the wealthy family is Glaoui. Lalla Abla was a amazingly beautiful dark african lady with high intelligence. King hassan II looked a lot like his mother, while his brother Moulay abdullah took after his father. It is said that the two are from diffrent mothers because they don't look a like but I 'm not sure if that's true. King Mohammed VI and moulay rachid have diffrent mothers but many people say that that is not true but I know several people who are very close to them and they say they really have diffrent mothers.
But mona you're absolutely right. Lalla Abla was a descendant of slaves and she was given as a slave to the very popular king M V
Everyone knows that in morocco, absolutely everyone and it is no shame. Been born as a slave doesn't mean you are one. She became the mother of the rulers of morocco

madonna23 07-30-2005 04:09 PM

could it be that oufkir was mistaken in her book? because i think she also said that lalla bahia was stunning while lalla abla was not that big in the looks deparment but had very good diplomatic skills and was very maternal - even to lalla bahia's daughter.

naima 07-31-2005 08:22 AM

dear imane,

that is not true.
lalla abla was a slave by the family of glaoui a very wealty and powerful family from the south of morocco and lalla abla was known to be a very generous beautyfull woman but it's not true what malika said. Malika is very carefull about the things she writes.
if you don't believe me ask someone else who has close ties with the royal family. in my family many worked in the palace, several also as bodyguards of lalla abla many many years ago. They all loved her and her family

Roshanah 07-31-2005 03:12 PM

Dear Monalisa, The quotes:

"King Muhammed V father of King Hassan II had only one wife,Lalla Abla,who was a half black slave origin and not from a berber wealthy family,she was given to KMV as a gift from Glawi." and

"That's not true,all moroccan kings' wives wern't berber.King hassan II's mother was a half black slave originally from Marrakesh area!" Gave the impression that you were intimating that a person who was "Black" as you put it, couldn't be Berber unless they married into a Berber Family. If that's not what you intended, dispite the wording of the afore potsts, then appologies. It's true what you say about the Southern Part of Morocco indeed.

In addition, Senegal, Ghambia, Mauritania and 95% of Mali (as you may be aware) are where anchient Ghana used to be (we're neighbours yipeee.) The Sub and Super Sahara had trade ties and disagreements as they did and also mixed with Each other. The berbers of that particular area (during the time of ancient Ghana) were Brown skinned (I don't say Black because that was a derrogatory term used during the slave trade,) and mixed with ancient Ghanains. That's where my Berber roots begin. (addition evidence found in : The Ancient Kingdoms of Ghana, Mali and Songhay and Classical Splendour: Roots of Black History books. He he he Look forward to your picture of King Muhammad V's wife!

Let's start afesh, I'm Roshanah and love talking about Morocco and Ghanain Culture (pleased to meet a fellow Berber) and looking Bruniean Culture. Which forums are your favourite, apart from the Moroccan? :) ;)

imane44 07-31-2005 08:54 PM

dear naima
i never said that she was bad or anything i only stated that i knew that she was of slave descent. i don't really believe everything that malika said in her book because she's been trough a lot of trauma and in those cases it is hard to remember precise details and even if she did i am sure that she made some changes to her storie to make it more interesting and appealing for the readers.
i have nothing against lalla Abla it doesn't matter to me if she was a slave or not she must have been very special for the king to marry her.

shrifia 08-16-2008 08:26 PM

Mohamed V visit Alsace Lorraine 06/07/1945
YouTube - Roi du Maroc En Alsace Lorraine 06/07/1945
Mate Mohamed V at l'Arc de triomphe Paris after he return from exile 07/11/1955
YouTube - Le sultan Ben Youssef * l'Arc de triomphe 07/11/1955

Mademoiselle Lilo 09-03-2008 06:16 PM

death of Lalla Bahia the second wife of Late King Mohamed V
Maghreb Arabe Presse: Spouse of late king Mohammed V dies

Rabat, Sept. 3 - Lalla Bahia, spouse of late King Mohammed V and mother of princess Lalla Amina, passed away on Wednesday, the Ministry of the royal household, protocol and chancellery has announced.

my condolence to the family.

Mademoiselle Lilo 05-02-2009 05:10 PM

Late Mohammed V with his daugther Lalla Amina:smile:

Portrait of the Late king
photo with his son Late Hassan II

Mademoiselle Lilo 02-11-2010 09:16 AM

Some photos of Late Mohammed V

ikram 02-11-2010 10:27 AM

he was a very Handsome man, Moulay Hicham quite look like his grandfather

shrifia 02-11-2010 11:49 AM

yes he was very handsome,I quit like these pics very beautiful this one especially: Majestic:smile:

Funeral of the Late Mohammed V

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