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isabella_ 10-17-2005 08:12 PM

Letizia's Maternity Leave with Leonor
Letizia has been admitted to the Rúber hospital two hours ago because she has felt some contractions. The doctors are verifying if everything with the baby is OK.

Juanita 11-17-2005 08:44 AM

Here is an article about Princess Letizia

pollyemma 11-17-2005 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by ...JuAnItA...
Here is an article about Princess Letizia

what does this mean?

oskana 11-17-2005 08:59 AM

can someone translate article please.

xicamaluca 11-17-2005 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by oskana
can someone translate article please.

Basicly the article talks about things that CP Letizi must do to lose the weight that the gain with the pregnancie :rolleyes: How she must take care of the hair, things that she should eat, the kind of exercice that she must do, etc...

Emily 11-17-2005 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by oskana
can someone translate article please.

...and the article is an opinion by someone who appears to have no personal contact with Letizia.

lula 11-17-2005 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by Emily
...and the article is an opinion by someone who appears to have no personal contact with Letizia.

They are only commentaries done supposedly by a doctor, general ideas on how it is necessary to to be the recovery of a Caesarean ... nothing more. It is a general article applied to Letizia, but of nobody that they have no contact with her

rchainho 11-20-2005 01:40 PM

The body after the childbearing Two weeks, after being a mom, the Princess starts putting oneself in form with diet and exercise Letizia during the first trimester of his pregnancy.

It is sure that to Mrs Letizia, as, it worries any woman in these moments to lose weight after the birth of the small Leonor.

Doctor Conchita Vidales, director of Nutrimédic, tells us how it can recover the line after the pregnancy and put itself in form after happening for a Cesarean section.

“Bearing in mind that Conchita is giving him the breast –apunta – Mrs Letizia it should not diet up to finishing the lactation. It has to take care that his feeding is balanced and are not deprived of nutrientes that include iron (vegetables, vegetables of green sheet) and calcium (milk), that get lost after the Cesarean section. In his state it can reduce the ingestion of fats, azúcares, fried food, muffled up and bakery ”.

The princess of Asturias, of thin constitution, does not need to resort to drastic diets as the famous ones of Hollywood, which risk his health to show figure to only two weeks of having given birth.

It will have to continue a diet rich in vegetables and milk

Fortunately voices have already risen, as Catherine Zeta Jones, against these ‘dietas miracle ’

That's why, doctor Vidales recommends to the Princess a diet adapted to his needs.

“After the lactation, yes it will be able to continue a diet. I advise him to take liter and a half of water a day. And to eliminate liquids retained in the pregnancy, there must be allied by food diuretics, like the pineapple and the broths of artichoke and celery to take in any moment of the day.

The contribution of calcium must keep on being a constant: milk in the breakfast, yoghurt for the evening and cheese after the dinner.

Although Letizia is a woman who rarely takes meat, it should incorporate it into his menu. And, when I took fruit, better that they are citric ”.

The Princess will have noticed that his abdomen has lost steadfastness due to the changes of volume.

</SPAN> only fattened nine kilos during the pregnancy and it has recovered immediately..

rchainho 11-20-2005 01:41 PM

Part 2

To reaffirm and to strengthen the silhouette will have to spoil his hair during these weeks.

The creams you antiflute and reaffirmants are now essential.

Although in the skin it does not have visible spots, there is not of any more that it uses revisers of the tone and moisturizing bases.

Of course, it must keep on being protected from the sun

During the postchildbearing, the hair of Mrs Letizia can weaken.

The best thing is to resort to capillary products to strengthen the hair. Princess of Asturias with the small Leonor in arms.

Soft exercise in the first months

The small Leonor was born for Cesarean section. For this motive, the Princess of Asturias will have to keep rest at least for one month.

Past this time, Mrs Letizia will be able, little by little, to start doing exercise

After giving birth, and if the scar of the Cesarean section does not bother him too much, it will be able to walk, the least harmful and comfortable exercise that exists.

After the lactation or spent two months of the intervention, the abdominal soft massages are very advisable to lower intestine and those of lymphatic drainage to eliminate liquids with rapidity.

Spent four months of the intervention, Mrs Letizia will be able to do any type of aerobic sport, as to mount in bike, to swim or to run

sara1981 11-21-2005 01:44 AM

she looks so great after birth of Princess Lenor but im hope she would have exercise after birth but im not sure when she will return to public?

Sara Boyce

Eliza 11-21-2005 04:57 AM

I'm envious how well she looks during her pregancy and after child birth. I'm sure given that fact that she lives in the public eye and her pre-pregancy slim frame, she'll look stunning when she returns to the public eye. I can't wait for pics of the batism!!!

carlota 11-24-2005 06:49 AM

summary: letizia didn't want to miss the reception in honor of king juan carlos' 30th anniversary as king in the palace of orient. this was her first appearence since she gave birth. she only stayed in the banquet for a bit as she had to go back to her obligations as mother. this appearence is exceptional and does not mean that she will take again her obligations because of the same reason.

from el mundo

La Princesa Letizia reaparece en p&#250;blico en el homenaje al Rey

MADRID.- La Princesa de Asturias no ha querido faltar a la recepci&#243;n institucional que ha tenido lugar en el Palacio Real con motivo del trig&#233;simo aniversario de la llegada al trono del Rey Juan Carlos. &#201;sta ha sido la primera aparici&#243;n de Letizia desde el pasado 7 de noviembre, cuando abandon&#243; la Cl&#237;nica Ruber tras dar a luz.
Letizia s&#243;lo permaneci&#243; durante breves instantes en el c&#243;ctel ofrecido en el Sal&#243;n de Columnas, ya que ten&#237;a que atender sus obligaciones de madre.
La aparici&#243;n de la princesa es excepcional y no supone una vuelta a la actividad p&#250;blica, porque seguir&#225; atendiendo personalmente a su hija, la Infanta Leonor, seg&#250;n inform&#243; la Casa del Rey.
La Familia Real ha recibido en el Palacio de Oriente a los representantes sociales, en el &#250;nico acto institucional organizado con motivo del XXX aniversario de la Proclamaci&#243;n del Rey, que ha querido de esa manera ceder el protagonismo a los espa&#241;oles.
Los Reyes, los Pr&#237;ncipes de Asturias, y los Duques de Lugo y de Palma de Mallorca saludaron a los m&#225;s de cien invitados y a sus acompa&#241;antes en el sal&#243;n del Trono del Palacio Real.
En sus dos &#250;ltimas intervenciones durante la visita oficial de dos d&#237;as a Canarias, acompa&#241;ado por la Reina, y que termin&#243; el martes, fecha del aniversario de la Proclamaci&#243;n, Don Juan Carlos expres&#243; su respeto, admiraci&#243;n y gratitud hacia el pueblo espa&#241;ol.
"Verdadero protagonista de la transformaci&#243;n y modernizaci&#243;n" de Espa&#241;a en los &#250;ltimos 30 a&#241;os, dijo el Rey, quien ya se hab&#237;a expresado en este mismo sentido cinco a&#241;os antes, con motivo del XXV aniversario.
Horas despu&#233;s de pronunciar esas palabras, en Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Don Juan Carlos no pudo evitar unas l&#225;grimas al escuchar la ovaci&#243;n de los asistentes al concierto organizado en su honor, cuando la orquesta interpret&#243; el "cumplea&#241;os feliz".
En el Palacio Real el presidente del Gobierno, Jos&#233; Luis Rodr&#237;guez Zapatero, inici&#243; la l&#237;nea de saludos, seguido de su esposa, Sonsoles Espinosa, y el resto de los miembros del Ejecutivo, salvo los titulares de Defensa, Agricultura y Administraciones P&#250;blicas, que est&#225;n de viaje.

lula 11-28-2005 11:19 AM

Letizia presumes of figure to three weeks to be a mom

The Princess did not want to get lost 30 anniversary of the King Juan Carlos in the Royal Palace, but she moved back soon

Less than one month after having her first daughter, Letizia returned to the work to come, close to the rest of the Royal Family, the celebration of 30 anniversary of Don Juan Carlos' reign.
The Princess of Asturias stopped open-mouthed to the presents for the rapidity with the one that has recovered her figure. Dressed by Felipe Varela, with a blue set royal turkey, 32-year-old Letizia, got the congratulations of the attendees for her recent maternity. In spite of her assistance, Letizia will not resume still her activities, since she takes charge personally of the care of the girl. In fact, last Wednesday she left the Royal Palace before time to return together with her small Leonor, whom she itself raises.

Nevertheless and given the importance of the act, the Princess did not want to get lost one so special day for the Royal Family

" I Am very nice ", she answered without stopping smiling at the guests at the receipt. During a few minutes, Letizia chatted with Mariano Rajoy, whom she asked about his wife Elvira. It is necessary to remember that the leader of the opposition and his wife have been parents for the second time last June, of a boy.

Elsa M. 12-08-2005 09:23 AM

Do&#241;a Letizia is wholly dedicated to her daughter, Infanta Leonor, whom she has constantly by her side, in a cradle that is settled in the main hall of their residence. The princess of Asturias has already expressed her desire to be mother again. The girl, who is also cared by a nanny, is only in her bedroom, when she’s asleep and when her mother is breastfeeding her.
The Princess wants to follow all the maternal breastfeeding, as long as it is possible for her, reason why she will not regularly reassume her official activities until February, when the girl turns three months of life.

In the middle of January, the baptism of Infanta Leonor will take place and it may be celebrated at the Royal Palace of Madrid, rather than at La Zarzuela, taking into account that the girl is going to be the future Princess of Asturias.

Do&#241;a Letizia spends her whole time with her daughter and, to all the effects, she is taking a license, in the same conditions as any other working woman who has given birth, although in her case, she is not subject to any labour rule. In fact, the Princess doesn't quote to the Social Security, nor does she receive an income, since the only amount she receives for her ordinary expenses comes from the general budget of the Royal House, which is administered by the King (a total of 8 million euros, in 2005).

lula 12-08-2005 02:10 PM

Certainly I am puzzled for knowing that Letizia is going to do this year with the trips, how she is going to be organized by the girl, if they will take her to them or not. The certain thing is that they are going to have many trips to Latinoaméricas, because there is change of government in several countries, and the trip to be long. We will see how they are organized.:p

carlota 12-08-2005 03:22 PM


Originally Posted by lula
Certainly I am puzzled for knowing that Letizia is going to do this year with the trips, how she is going to be organized by the girl, if they will take her to them or not. The certain thing is that they are going to have many trips to Latinoaméricas, because there is change of government in several countries, and the trip to be long. We will see how they are organized.:p

i don't think they are going to leave leonor in madrid. what all the couples do is taking their babies and children with them, not only because of breast feeding but because it would be bad for the child if they just leave him/her for 5 or 6 days, no matter how many nannies they have. children need to arrive home and know there will be someone they can share experiences with or just have the company of. nannies are normally ok, but it's quite impersonal. i think that was the attitude many long-ago princesses, now queens, took when they had their children and the actual children (now princes and with babies themselves) realised it's not the best way to raise a child. for example... frederik told once how lonely he felt when their parents went somewhere else on official visits...

lula 12-08-2005 03:31 PM

The problem is that they are many trips and very lengths, I imagine that they were organizing it and when only they are 2 or 3 days the girl will remain in Madrid, because they are very heavy trips, with hourly big differences. While do not go to the college and the trips are comfortable I imagine that she travels with them.;)
About the Prince of Denmark, I had listened to it ... in Spain it has never happened, the Queen (when she was A Princess and later also) always dealt with her children, though later babysitters needed.
The Princes have to the grandmothers nearby and assurance that ready to take charge of the girl when it is necessary. The Queen Sofia lives to 1 kilometre and she is charmed with enjoying her grandsons. And Paloma Rocasolano takes charge often taking care of Carla when her parents work.

Larzen 12-08-2005 05:35 PM

Ths situation with Frederik and Joachim is different, the boys lived in their own part of the palace with nannys, were not allowed to eat with the parents until they were older and Henrik was very strict. Margrethe has also sais she was not exactly a model mum. When they were still quite young Henrik sent them away in boarding school in France. We must also remember Margrethe was very young when she was Queen

The thing about brining a smal child on an official trip is that they are attention stealers. Imagine if Felipe and Letizia brought Leonor to one of theese South American president acts. All the Spanish press would care about is Leonor. "Where is she now, will we get pictures, is Letizia with her, why cant we see her, can we have pictures, still no pictures, pictures of Leonor anyone?"

Oldish presidents simply can not compete with little cute royal babies. This happened when Haakon and MM brought Ingid to Iceland, the press started immediatly to complain they did not get to see her until they posed for some pictures, not a very good solution because it distracts from the purpose of the visit.

Obiously Letizia now breastfeeds Leonor full time and will probably do until the christening atleast, maybe after that they can mix it up a little, save some milk in bottles and use some formula, and the nanny can take care of her for a couple of days. She is still very small and wont notice much difference as long as she gets food, sleep and clean diapers, certainly better than long plane trips and her parents will be very busy anyway and must still bring a nanny

bigheadshirmp 12-08-2005 06:41 PM

i wish the prince and princess can bring leonor to some of their trips...then we get more chance to see Leonor to grow up....u grow FAST!

carlota 12-08-2005 06:47 PM

yes, probably staying in the palace with the nannies would be a good option. after all, leonor is too little to notice.

i didn't know any of those things of joachim and frederik. why couldn't they eat with their parents? that's so bad... were there any other measurements that henrik/margrethe set up for them?
wow, i always thought henrik was really smily and funny all the time. that kind of ideal dad to go with him to have a walk or play football with.

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