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Marengo 09-12-2008 04:59 AM

The Counts of Holland & Zeeland

The county of Holland was created in the 10th century for Count Dirk of Holland who came from a noble family in Aquitania who said they could trace their anscestery back to Troy.

The county of Holland was ruled by several dynasties and formally existed until the peace of Westphalia in 1648. The counts of Holland became Counts of Zeeland too in 1299.

- 922 - 1299; Dynasty of Holland
- 1299 - 1354; Dynasty of Avesnes (Counts of Hainaut)
- 1354 - 1432; Dynasty of Wittelsbach
- 1432 - 1482; Dynasty of Valois (Dukes of Burgundy)
- 1482 - 1648; Dynasty of Habsburg (Holy Roman Emperors, Kings of Spain)

Marengo 09-12-2008 05:00 AM

From wikipedia:

The first count of Holland, Dirk I, was the son or foster-son of Gerolf, Count in Frisia (Dijkstra suggests that Dirk may have been the son of a sister of Gerolf and that his own father died while he was still an infant). He received land around Egmond from Charles the Fat at a place called Bladella (modern day Bladel near Eindhoven, The Netherlands) in 922. This is seen as the beginning of the county of Holland. However, until about 1100, the usual names for the county were West-Friesland, Frisia or Kennemerland; in spite of this the counts from Dirk I onwards are named of Holland.

Note that the chronology of the first few counts is uncertain. The existence of a count between Dirk I and Dirk II was only recently suggested, since it is thought that the references to counts named Dirk between 896 and 988 refer to three, not two, different counts. This third Count Dirk is placed between Dirk and I and II and numbered as Dirk I bis to avoid confusion with the already established numbering referring to the other counts of Holland named Dirk.
  • Gerolf (r. 880 – 896)
  • Dirk I (r. 896 – 931)
  • Dirk I bis (r. 931 - 939), son of Dirk I
  • Dirk II (r. 939 – 988), son of Dirk I bis
  • Arnulf (r. 988 – 993), son of Dirk II
  • Dirk III Hierosolymita (r. 993 – 1039), son of Arnulf I
  • Dirk IV (r. 1039 – 1049), son of Dirk III
  • Floris I (r. 1049 – 1061), brother of Dirk IV
    • Gertrude of Saxony (regent), widow of Floris I
    • Robert the Frisian (regent), second husband of Gertrude
    • Godfrey the Hunchback, Duke of Lower Lorraine (regent)
  • Dirk V (r. 1061 – 1091), son of Floris I
  • Floris II the Fat (r. 1091 – 1121), first to be called 'Count of Holland', son of Dirk V
  • Dirk VI (r. 1121 – 1157), son of Floris II
  • Floris III (r. 1157 – 1190), son of Dirk VI
  • Dirk VII (r. 1190 – 1203), son of Floris III
  • Ada (r. 1203 - 1207), daughter of Dirk VII
    • Louis II of Loon (r. 1203 - 1207), husband of Ada
  • William I (r. 1203 – 1222), brother of Dirk VII
  • Floris IV (r. 1222 – 1234), son of William I
  • William II (r. 1234 – 1256), King of Germany, son of Floris IV
  • Floris V the Peasants' God (r. 1256 – 1296), son of William II
    • John III, Lord of Renesse (r. 1296, regent)
    • Wolfert I, Lord of Borselen (r. 1296 - 1299, regent)
    • John II, Count of Hainaut (r. 1299 as regent, inherited the county after John I's death, see below)
  • John I (r. 1296 – 1299), son of Floris V

Marengo 09-12-2008 05:08 AM

The family tree, from wikipedia and free of use:

Marengo 03-04-2010 05:55 AM

For Dutch posters: the next issue of the 'Historisch Nieuwsblad' will have an article about Countess Jacqueline of Holland & her eventful & tragic life.

An Ard Ri 10-21-2013 07:07 PM

The Countdoms of Holland and Zeeland

Count of Holland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

County of Zeeland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CyrilVladisla 03-13-2014 07:58 PM

Floris V was the Count of Holland from 1256 to 1296.
He was nicknamed "God of the Peasants".
He behaved "as if he were the Good Lord himself with his peasants".

An Ard Ri 03-13-2014 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by CyrilVladisla (Post 1648576)
Floris V was the Count of Holland from 1256 to 1296.
He was nicknamed "God of the Peasants".
He behaved "as if he were the Good Lord himself with his peasants".

Floris V,Count of Holland & Zeeland

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