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nmj99 08-01-2008 08:10 PM

Hello from Oz!
Hi everyone, just introducing myself. I'm new to this forum, and it's also the first forum I've ever joined a forum so I'm a little nervous... But I have enjoyed browsing this forum for some time now and am very interested in what it has to offer.

I like following all the royals but in particular the Swedish royals - because I spent a year in Sweden and it is an awesome country and culture, and the British Royal Family. The Brits have gotten a bit stale since Diana died but I really like Kate Middleton and think she'd make a great princess and Queen and I hope her and William end up tying the knot.

However, mostly I'm fascinated by the Danes, and specifically Princess Mary because she is from Australia and because I think she is absolutely gorgeous. I'm caught up in the fairytale and I love seeing what she's doing and what she's wearing and seeing her children grow up. I hope everything works out for them, and I enjoy this forum for all the updates on her.


Elspeth 08-02-2008 01:52 AM

Welcome to the forum, nmj99! :ausflag:

Sounds as though there's plenty of threads here to keep you busy, and I hope you'll enjoy taking part.:britflag: :daneflag: :swedenflag:

marmi 08-02-2008 02:25 AM

nmj99 Welcome to the Forum, it was the first one I joined too!
I also gained my interest in the Danish royal family by way of Mary...
I look forward to seeing your contributions to the various threads :flowers:

nmj99 have just checked out your profile, and it turns out we have more in common than I realised - I am a New Zealander and lived in Australia for some years as well, but not Sydney, further north.

nmj99 08-02-2008 04:49 PM

Thanks. It might take me a while to get caught up, so many great posts.

Odette 08-02-2008 05:13 PM

Welcome aboard!

Menarue 08-02-2008 05:40 PM

Melbourne born. Swedish daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

hummingbird3 08-06-2008 07:30 PM

Hello!! I've been interested in royalty since I was a little girl The family joke was that I was going to marry Prince Charles and live in Buckingham Palace. Looking forward to finding my way around.

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