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Marengo 05-17-2008 10:08 AM

Map to Prince Amedeo at TRF
Since the Belgian moderators received input from members who said they found it difficult to decide where they should post what about prince Amedeo, we want to provide this small map. We hope that it will be easier for you all to navigate this part of the forum and that the moderator decissions will be more clear.

The following points will be discussed below:
A. The present open threads about Amedeo
B. Deleted posts/threads
C. Moved posts
D. Closed threads about Amedeo
E. Final remark

Note that if there are still things unclear or you have additional remarks and questions on the matter, please notify any of the Belgian moderators (Empress, LadyK and Marengo) by personal message.

On behalf of the Belgian Moderators,


Marengo 05-17-2008 10:12 AM

A) At the moment there are 3 open threads about Amedeo, which are the following:

1. Prince Amedeo; News and Pictures, Part 6
2. Prince Amedeo FAQs
3. Princess Astrid, Prince Lorenz and Family; Picture Thread , Part 1

A1. News and Pictures thread
.....As the name says, this thread is for news and current pictures about/of prince Amedeo. Please note that this thread is ONLY for events and pictures that are recent. Since prince Amedeo only has a hand full of royal obligations a year and he leads a rather private life, I suppose not much will be posted here.

A2. Frequently Asked Questions thread
.....The FAQ thread will probably be the most active thread about prince Amedeo. Here you can post the more general questions about Amedeo, like information about his education, anscestors, Habsburg heritage, religion, militairy training, location, etc.

A3. Picture thread
.....Older pictures of Prince Amedeo can be posted in the picture thread for Princess Astrid and her Family, which you can find here. The reason that Amedeo does not have a picture thread of himself anymore is that on most older pictures you see his siblings and parents on the picture too, so the Family picture thread is fine for this matter.


B) Topics that will be deleted:

1. Facebook remarks
2. Empty posts
3. Repetitive questions
4. Speculation

B1. Facebook
.....In the past members have pointed out that prince Amedeo has a facebook profile and posted a link to it on this site. The discussion about this profile has been removed as the prince mainly leads a private life and he surely is entitled to his privacy. Any further discussion about the matter will be deleted instantly by the moderators.

B2. Empty posts
.....Most posts that we as moderators have to delete are the so-called 'empty' posts. Our rules say the following about it:


Empty posts are very short replies which add no value to the thread and do not contribute to or advance the discussion. Since these posts interrupt the flow of discussion, the moderators routinely remove them.
I will give some examples of the empty posts we remove: 'Oh, he is so cute' (and all variations on the sentense); 'Any new information of pictures yet?'; 'I agree' etc. As explained in the TRF FAQ these posts are usually well intended but they add nothing to the discussion and make a thread a bore to read to many.

B3. Repetition of questions
.....In Amedeo threads it happens quite often that the awnser to a posters question can be found just one page back in the page. To prevent a thread to become tedious due to a repetition of the same question over and over again we tend to delete these double (or more) questions. Please check the thread first before you post something.

B4. Speculation
.....At TRF we do not leave much room for speculation about royals. Our TRF FAQ's says explains why:


Our rule about speculation is intended to prevent tabloid-type flights of fancy which often slip into outright fantasy and sometimes even libel. While we realise that much of the information posted in the threads is based on reports in the media which we can't verify, we expect posters to base their statements on published reports rather than on wishful thinking or unsubstantiated hearsay. The forum moderators have the final say about whether posts are unacceptably speculative. Disagreements with moderator decisions must take place via private message, not by arguing in the threads and certainly not by reposting deleted material.
In Amedeo's case the speculation will most likely go about any girlfriends. Since the prince isn't likely to tell the press and since he is a low-key royal in who the press does not seem overly interested it is unlikely that any reliable information about the matter will be in the hands of the press or posters.


C) Posts that will be moved:

If pictures are posted in the wrong thread, (e.g. a discussion about Amedeo's christening is posted in the 'News and Pictures' thread) the moderators are free to move it to the appropriate thread (in this example the FAQ thread). If a discussion of several posts is started in the 'wrong' thread we tend to move the entire discussion to the correct thread, not only a few posts.


D) There are some older threads about him, which are the following:

1. Prince Amedeo; Picture Thread, Part 1
2. Prince Amedeo; News and Pictures, Part 1
3. Prince Amedeo; News and Pictures, Part 2
4. Prince Amedeo; News and Pictures, Part 3
5. Prince Amedeo; News and Pictures, Part 4
6. Prince Amedeo; News and Pictures, Part 5


E) Final Remark

Please also read ourTRF Community Rules & FAQs to get more information about our rules. If you have any further questions about the moderator decisions in the subforum about Princess Astrid and her family, please contact one of the moderators: Empress, LadyK and Marengo.

Marengo 08-25-2008 04:34 AM


F) Update: Social Group

A social group about prince Amedeo has been started at TRF. Look here. The empty post rule is not applicable in this social group so you can exchange all your thoughts about prince Amedeo there too.

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