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Warren 05-03-2008 11:29 AM

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Current Events 18: May-October 2008

Welcome to part 19 of the thread to discuss the current events of the
Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Part 18 covering the period January - early May 2008 can be found here.

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giov 05-04-2008 02:03 PM

From Mediumphoto and Abaca Press
Britain s Queen Elizabeth II unveils a bronze statue of herself at the Scout Association Activity Centre at Baden-Powell House London, 2008-05-02.
Abaca Press Americas Search Results

BeatrixFan 05-04-2008 02:15 PM

Oooh. I like it. It's a good likeness and HM seemed taken with it.

blondie28 05-04-2008 07:53 PM

Okay , this is funny.:lol:
Who's that girl? Incognito Queen enjoys steam train trip in headscarf and mac | the Daily Mail

ghost_night554 05-04-2008 11:01 PM

^that is funny nice to see HM smiling.

giov 05-05-2008 04:09 AM

That is really funny!
She seems to have a great fun!
Thanks for the linK!:flowers:

Warren 05-05-2008 07:16 AM

This is a glimpse into the private life of HM we see very rarely.
From the above article:

With a head- scarf to keep coal dust and smoke out of her hair - and a beaming smile - the Queen appeared as much a steam enthusiast as the driver, her friend Leopold de Rothschild. The Queen travelled to Exbury Gardens, in Hampshire, which is owned by the Rothschild family, for a private ceremony in which she named her friend's new train.

With a little curtain-unveiling no less!

QueenMaharet 05-06-2008 12:44 AM

She is so adorable! I bet she had a ton of fun.

Royal Fan 05-06-2008 03:26 PM

She is The UK Atits best.

Kezza 05-06-2008 08:32 PM

The Queen has tonnes of class to get on that train.:cool:

I love the pictures in the online newspaper websites of the Queen enjoying herself.

Prince Daniel Vincent 05-06-2008 09:45 PM

Her Majesty seems happy. Could it be that she is pleased with the new Governor General of Australia?

chaimae 05-07-2008 05:50 AM

giov 05-07-2008 05:55 AM

Pics from Mediumphoto
Britain s Queen Elizabeth II receives celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall during a reception she hosted for the British Hospitality Industry at Buckingham Palace in London, 2008-05-06.

chaimae 05-07-2008 05:56 AM

ooooh my god !! she is amazing !!! she is soooooooo beautiful !!!
god save the queen !!!

magnik 05-07-2008 06:38 AM

Agree chaimae!
And she has some fun during those receptions.

Warren 05-07-2008 10:23 AM


Originally Posted by giov (Post 762741)
Britain s Queen Elizabeth II receives celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall

Now this is a bow. :smile:

giov 05-07-2008 10:25 AM

Britain s Queen Elizabeth II receives His Excellency Mr Kamalesh Sharma on his appointment as Commonwealth Secretary-General at Buckingham Palace in London, 2008-05-07 .

iceflower 05-08-2008 11:35 AM

Pics 8.5.2008
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip attend the second day of
the Royal Windsor Horse Show on May 8, 2007 in Berkshire, England.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

Emperor Wilhelm IX 05-08-2008 12:17 PM

For me that 3rd picture really demonstrates how good the queen looks at her age.

ElisaR 05-08-2008 05:24 PM

She looks amazing.

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