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Josefine 02-16-2003 04:59 PM

Princess Madeleine Jewellery
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Princess Madeleine

George 08-12-2003 04:14 AM

She could always do what HRH The Princess Marie-Christine "aka Michael" of
Kent did in the 1970s: place the tiara against a black velvet and wear it a la
Russie style!

It can be taken apart and worn converted as a necklace--the "fringe" style--
and there is as lower added silver bar (usually they are made out of silver-
even if the tiara is gold , gold/silver. or platnum--the silver bar you see-
look carefully under it is another with wrapped around brown pipe cleaner--
this is to blend into the hair, and give a firm foundation to hold into hair with
long hair pins. Ah, I'm giving the secrets away....

In the 1920s alot of women would wear a tiara and return to a top jeweller like
Cartiers, VC&A, etc.: and ask them to recommission as new design and
the piece would be taken apart! so alot of beauty was lost that way....

George 08-12-2003 04:16 AM

the measurements on that tiara for diademas is standard: ie. 6" across and
three to 4 inches in height at the front top.

That tiara is lovely and very practical and light weight--no headaches!

Helen88 09-06-2003 03:50 PM

Well, how many watches does Madeleine have?
And who made them? I heard Silvia had a Cartier watch, what about Madde?

Yennie 09-07-2003 07:00 AM

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hmm, thats a hard question.. I have no idea =)
But I´m sure she has a couple of different watches. One sporty, one evening style etc...

here´s one of her watches:

Yennie 09-07-2003 07:02 AM

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in this picture from ´99 she has another watch

Yennie 09-07-2003 07:05 AM

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and one from London 2001

Yennie 09-07-2003 07:07 AM

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and here´s one with more "evening style"...

Helen88 09-07-2003 11:38 AM

I thought she had only that evening style one and the other one which she wear quite often...(in the first picture)

Josefine 09-12-2003 05:39 PM

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15 and 16-04-2000

Josefine 09-14-2003 06:32 AM

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Many did not like this necklace they thought she looked like a southern bell

Josefine 09-14-2003 06:34 AM

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here is an other necklace and earrings

Alva 09-14-2003 05:34 PM


Originally posted by Josefine@Sep 12th, 2003 - 4:24 pm
The necklace that Madeleine has worn in the pictures posted in this thread, has any other of the royal family worn them?
I think that Queen Silvia has worn it some years ago, but I don´t know when and I don´t have a picture either.
If you look close I think that you can se that the"drops" are the pendants from the Connaught Tiara!

Josefine 10-08-2003 08:34 AM

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October 2003

Josefine 11-03-2003 06:27 AM

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June 19, 2001

Josefine 11-03-2003 06:28 AM

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June 18, 2001

royal_sophietje 11-03-2003 07:43 AM


Originally posted by Josefine@Oct 8th, 2003 - 1:34 pm
October 2003
I really like her style in this picture.

Josefine 11-16-2003 04:30 AM

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November 15, 2003

sara1981 11-16-2003 11:18 AM

im sure im honest Princess Madeleine used choke same as Princess Diana's because Diana had different than her!

Sara Boyce

Yennie 11-19-2003 06:23 AM

I dont really like the tiara Madeleine wore at the ball this weekend. IMO she looks almost like Lucia when she´s wearing it. ¨
I think she looks better in "smaller" tiaras such as the one she wore at the wedding in Norway in 2001

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