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Marengo 03-12-2008 07:17 AM

'Secret' Airshelter for the Royal Family, Layout for all to see
As posted by Joris on the Benelux Royals MB:


34 x 22 m big airraidshelter for max. 42 persons (Head of State, Royal Family and Staff) was built near Huis ten Bosch Palace when the Palace was restored for The Queen back in the early '80s. Magazine HP/De Tijd now publishes this week the fact that the detailed drawings/plans of this subterranean shelter could be viewed at the City Archive by everyone. According to the rules these drawings/plans were supposed to be kept topsecret. Not so it appeared. They could be viewed and taken photos of. They were even on-line at the Gemeentearchief internetsite... The Hague Alder(wo)man Jetty Klijnsma admitted that this stupid blunder was made. The drawings have been locked behind closed doors until 2057 (?). When this was discovered a quick search was done siumultaneously whether other highly sensitive files, not meant to be public, regarding the Royal House could be read at the City Archive by anyone interested.
The RVD expresses it regrets that the magazine has published some parts of the drawing in their latest issue. National Terrorism Co-ordinator Tjibbe Joustra had requested the magazine not to publish it beforehand. HP/De Tijd saw no reason to refrain from publication, for it seemed that years ago the exact location of the airraidshelter got known by a leak.
Read an article in Dutch here.

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